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Are you a more experienced or intermediate athlete hoping to gain muscle growth as quickly as possible? Welcome to the Muscle Growth Page. This page provides exercises for Muscle Growth to gain muscle mass as possible. These exercises suit men and women of all ages. The right exercises provide the stimulus for muscle gain and health. Therefore provide fresh content monthly on new and familiar exercises. Check regularly to discover new ways to speed up your muscle growth. Jay Cutler once said there are no secrets to muscle gain. Therefore it comes down to planning and execution.

Diet is the key to muscle growth. Let’s keep it simple. If you eat cheap food, you will not build a quality body. Because you are what you eat, eat like you want to look. Some are the best foods to eat are beef, steak, buffalo, salmon, oysters, eggs, and avocados. You must eat like a lion or a bear to build big muscles. Have you ever seen a bear or lion eating chickens? Cats and foxes eat chickens. Lions and bears eat red meat and big game fish.

When you eat a quality diet, you don’t need supplements. But a quality diet costs money. Steak and other red meats are more expensive than chicken. There are only a few proven supplements that help you to build muscle. Creatine happens to be one of them. The supplement industry is a billion-dollar industry for good reasons. Many supplements are a waste of money and add little value to helping you build muscle. Therefore choose one are two proven supplements and stick with them. After all, you don’t want to become a pill factory. Therefore, we provide insight into some of the best supplements and the research that supports or rejects them. The best supplements have been around for years, and science supports what they can and cannot do.

Exercise causes muscle growth, but muscles grow away from the gym, not in the gym. Also, muscles need rest in the gym to work at the highest level. In addition to muscles growing while you rest, your body also produces the hormones that make your muscles grow. Rest also allows you to recover from a workout that breaks down muscle and can lead to injury without proper recovery. Everyone is different; therefore, the recovery and rest period for each individual is different. It’s important to listen to your body and plan accordingly.

We all know the cliche “by failing to plan, you plan to fail.”Because your body is so much different in size, shape, ability, genes, age, diet, and history, to name a few, you will need a plan just for you. However, you need a blueprint to take advantage of some of the best principles and laws of muscle growth. In the end, it comes down to execution because, as Jay Cutler, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, and Dorian Yates say, there are no secrets. It comes down to hard work and discipline.