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This tag provides articles discussing how to build and improve endurance through exercise and dieting. Endurance, speed, power, and strength determine a person’s fitness and overall health. Also,  stamina is a good indicator of life expectancy and longevity.

The body has three energy pathways that it can use for energy. You can access energy pathways through endurance, power, or strength. You can activate the oxidative pathway with endurance activities. This is an essential connection because the oxidative energy pathway is the one that burns stomach fat.

Most people don’t realize it, but you simultaneously use speed, power, stamina, and strength all day. But not to the same degree as when you exercise or perform rigorous activities. A task as simple as walking requires a small amount of speed, and picking up a chair requires minor power. Unfortunately, it is not enough to build muscle or burn fat immediately, but it accumulates over time to improve your health and fitness. TF Clark Fitness Magazine provides the latest exercises and activities for endurance training.