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Author: Talha Ahmad RDN

  • Teenagers Weightlifting – Does It Actually Stunt Growth?

    Does weightlifting stunt a teenager’s growth? First, the risk concerns parents about how weightlifting affects a child’s growth. It is a common myth that working out and weight lifting stunts a child’s growth, but no evidence-based science supports weightlifting stunting a teenager’s growth. But there are several health benefits of weightlifting early if done correctly. […]

  • Fitness Strategy – How to Cut Fat and Gain Muscle?

    Can you cut fat and gain muscle at the same time? Shredding fat and gaining muscle simultaneously can challenge you and is achievable. We are going to talk about this question that is common among people striving to achieve fitness goals. But unfortunately, people rarely understand the science behind gaining muscles while cutting fat, making […]

  • How Many Pounds of Muscle Can Be Gained in One Year?

    How many pounds of muscle can you gain in one year? Gaining muscle is different for everyone and varies from person to person, affected by many other factors like hormones, environment, diet, exercise, sex, age, and calorie intake. People who are fitness fanatics always want to gain muscles fast. Thus, it is always a curiosity […]