At TF Clark Fitness Magazine, we strive to spread ideas and inspire countless people worldwide to believe in themselves and achieve their goals. Motivation and confidence are key in working out and maintaining a healthy diet. Therefore we provide the latest information to motivate, inspire and educate others as they attempt to succeed with a fitness goal.

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My name is Terry Clark, and I’m the TF Clark Fitness Magazine publisher. I am a math professor, writer, and a 55-year-old certified fitness trainer. Review my author page on Amazon and my profile on LinkedIn. I have always been a fitness and health advocate and take pride in helping others to improve their lives through fitness and nutrition. As a publisher, I use my fitness and math knowledge to keep our readers well-informed.

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Our mission at TF Clark Fitness Magazine is to create value and a thriving environment for our readers through reliability, integrity, and quality. We strive to exceed our reader’s expectations at every level, leading to sustained fitness, long-term growth, and results. Our content focuses on diet, fitness, workouts, weight loss, muscle growth, healthy lifestyle, bodybuilders, results, motivation, and more.

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Terry Clark certified nutritionist ISSA, International Sports Sciences Association

Terry Clark certified personal trainer ISSA, International Sports Sciences Association

Terry Clark bodybuilding specialist certification, ISSA, International Sports Sciences Association

“My life is the canvas upon which I write my passion.”

-Terry F. Clark

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