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Whether you are a novice to fitness looking to make improvements to your life and get healthier or you are an experienced lifter looking to hone in on more specific areas, TF Clark has exercise and nutrition content for you. We created TF Clark to provide a supportive and knowledgeable community for people looking to revolutionize their lives through weightlifting, aerobics, nutrition, and more.

Targeted Areas

We cover multiple areas within the fitness industry. Below are some examples of popular categories. Be sure to browse through our entire database.

Diet and Nutrition

Working out is only part of the battle with becoming healthier. A proper diet and consistent nutrition are both essential, especially as get older and our metabolism slows down. We have science-backed articles explaining different types of diets, health supplements, and more.

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Workout Regimens

Whether you are targeting losing weight, building muscle, bodybuilding, functional muscle improvement, or another niche area, our writers have articles breaking down different workout routines for each. 

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Holistic fitness isn’t limited to just physical wellness. We have articles detailing how mental fitness connects to your overall well-being, detailing techniques for creating an intentional, constructive workout program that hits all areas of fitness. 

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Motivation, and more importantly discipline, are two significant factors in finding success with your fitness journey. TF Clark provides a community of other fitness-forward individuals all sharing the same mission – leading healthier lifestyles. 

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A Resource for All Things Fitness

My mission is to give fitness enthusiasts a resource for important and helpful information about different areas of fitness. As a certified trainer, I’ve been dedicated to fitness for a long time. 

Please contact us for assistance navigating the site or to learn more about an area of fitness. 

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