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Chloe Ting – 20 Things to Know Before Subscribing to Her Workouts

Chloe Ting Workout Program

The Chloe Ting Workout provides an accessible approach to working out. This review discusses Chloe’s workouts and who should try them. We also summarize the benefits and setbacks that subscribers encounter while training with Chloe Ting. To benefit long-term from training, you must connect with it and the trainer on a motivational level. Therefore, we also provide insight into how Chloe Ting, the person, became Chloe Ting, the fitness trainer, and motivator.

Is the Chloe Ting Program right for you? Ting, a famous, long-time fitness coach, caught the eye of millions of subscribers with her workouts. She uses simple and easy steps to motivate her followers and keep them coming back for more. As a result, Chloe quickly became the standard-bearer for home workouts.

What Chloe workout is best for you?

Chloe Ting took the online fitness world by storm. In 2020, when the world shut down because of the pandemic, fitness went online. As a result, more people than ever were quitting their gym memberships and looking for ways to stay fit online.

In fact, according to a survey conducted by the fitness app Freeletics, 52 percent of Americans are working out at home, and the average person used two fitness apps and did four online fitness classes during the lockdown. Another study supported and published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine that a population-level interest in exercise peaked at an all-time high in April 2020, a couple of months into the lockdown.

So who is Chloe Ting? What workouts does she offer? Which Chloe Ting workout is best for you? We’re going to do a thorough analysis of all of this and more, so keep reading.

Chloe Ting Workout Photos

Who is Chloe Ting?

 When you Google Chloe Ting, you’re going to encounter questions like “Is Chloe Ting really Chris Hemsworth’s trainer?” and “What is Chloe Ting’s net worth?”. This 35-year-old YouTuber and fitness personality has a net worth of well over $2 million, in line with her shocking total view count on YouTube of over 2.28 billion. Chloe ting was born April 9, 1986, in Brunei, Australia, where she went to high school but later moved to Melbourne, Australia, at the age of 16.

Ting study business statistics at Monash University after finishing high school. She earned not one but three degrees from there. Later on, she also earned a Master’s Degree in Philosophy. The most notable connection between Chloe Ting and Chris Hemsworth is that they both come from Australia. Before starting her YouTube Chanel, she worked as an actuarial analyst. Chloe, the actuary, published a thesis on financial markets and presented as a chairperson at the Australasian Finance and Banking Conference.

It suffices to say – Chloe Ting has made a name for herself in the online fitness space. But how?

Chloe Ting started her YouTube channel in 2011. Initially created to discuss fashion and travel, by 2017, her focus had shifted to fitness. Her August 2019 video, “Get Abs in Two Weeks,” went viral, and as a result, the Chloe Ting fitness brand was born.

Chloe Ting is a fitness trainer who specializes in weight loss and pregnancy. Her blog provides helpful tips for people struggling with their own weight, as well as those looking to get back into shape after having children. She also offers meal plans and recipes on her website for beginners who are just getting started or need help to create healthy eating habits. They featured Chloe on The Doctors, Extra, and The Huffington Post.

By the time summer 2020 rolled around, mid-pandemic, Ting’s “Two Week Shred Challenge” gained enormous popularity on TikTok, allowing her to garner over 20.4 million YouTube subscribers.

Chloe won a Streamy Award at the 2020 streamy awards for the Health and Wellness category. She was also a finalist in the Health & Wellness (Creative & Media) category at the 2020 Shorty Awards and a finalist in Best Online Entertainment at the 2020 A.A.C.T.A. awards. Social Media made it easy for a youthful-looking, well-organized, brilliant, savvy businesswoman with fantastic body measurements and experience to rise to the heights of the fitness industry. She used YouTube and TikTok single-handedly to earn the keys to the fitness kingdom.

Nowadays, Chloe Ting enjoys over eight million views per day on her workout videos, putting her in the top one percent of views in the global ranking. She provides videos on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitch, and chloeting.com, while her Instagram channel offers workout videos, before and after photos of her followers, diet meals, and fitness infographics. In addition, Google’s 2020 trends roundup shows that her no-equipment workouts were the most searched for across the U.K. and U.S. Impressive stuff.

Aside from her work life, according to an article published earlier this year by The Wiki Feed, Ting broke up with her long-term boyfriend Adrian, a fellow YouTuber. She loves traveling and fashion and shares a deep connection with her family. Chloe Ting, age 35, sits atop of the fitness industry as a new-age pioneer.

Young People Having Fun

Who is Chloe Ting’s audience?

As stated in an article by The Churchill Observer, over 40 percent of Ting’s audience are women between 18 to 24. That being said, she drew both men and women alike to her workout videos for their accessibility and upbeat energy. One of her most viewed and inspirational short videos on TikTok involved working out beside a 70-year-old woman.

Chloe knows her audience exceptionally well. She understands they want to workout at home in a short amount of time with no expensive equipment. Also, most of her videos feature jumping accommodations, so you don’t wake up your downstairs neighbors or family. That makes Ting’s videos perfect for an audience of teenagers and college students looking for a discreet way to work out.

Based on the type of videos she is most known for – her ab challenges – it’s clear that both men and women can follow her videos and people of all ages. But what other workouts does Chloe Ting offer?

Which Chloe workout is best for you?

Go to Chloe Ting’s YouTube account to check out the type of workout videos she offers. If you have a specific goal in mind, you can peruse her playlists for particular workouts that suit your goal. She dominates the market with a wide range of workout programs. The Chloe Ting Ab Workout list includes Summer Shreds, Hourglass Programs, and the Chloe Ting 2 Week Shred. Also, the Chloe Ting meal plan complements each workout to help you get even better results.

If your goal is weight loss…

To generalize, Chloe Ting’s channel predominantly focuses on weight loss. She has a lean, shredded physique, and we could say that this is the basis of her appeal for many women. Many women aspire to her fit physique, which explains why her most popular videos are about fat loss or getting abs. The benefit of this is that if your goal is weight loss, you’ll be able to find hundreds of Chloe weight loss workout videos to follow.

For example, the newest playlist is a 2 Weeks Shred Challenge 2021, which includes:

  • Weight loss workout
  • Ab workout
  • Lower body workout
  • Upper body and core workout
  • 25-minute full-body workout

 If your goal is muscle building…

Fitness enthusiasts perform Chloe Ting’s workouts at home, using just their body weight. However, if you want to build muscle, this will only help you if you are a beginner. For intermediate and advanced lifters, bodyweight-only workouts may not gain the muscle mass they after.

That being said, after crawling through her videos, we found a few videos that focused on muscle building. For example, this 15-Minute Full-Body Workout To Get Fit. The video is part of her Get Fit Program, which you can do with or without dumbbells.

For the sake of building muscle, if you still wanted to follow Ting’s workouts, you could implement progressive overload by increasing the dumbbell weights you are using. The workouts themselves include key compound lifts like squats and overhead press, so you will enjoy muscle growth by gradually increasing the amount of weight you are using for the workouts.

If your goal is getting abs…

You have come to the right place! Chloe Ting and ab challenge are two synonymous terms. Search #ChloeTingChallenge on TikTok or Instagram, and you’ll find thousands of before and after pictures, training updates, and workout videos from keen fans.

The Two-Week Abs Challenge has 400 million views on YouTube. It’s a 10-minute workout you must follow daily for two weeks straight. In addition, we recommend you do cardio for at least 20 – 30 minutes three days per week.

Do the Chloe Ting workouts work?

Here’s the thing: are you going to get abs in two weeks by following a 10-minute workout? It’s unlikely. If you have a low body fat percentage, practice excellent form, and have a clean diet, you may see some impressive ab definition after following this challenge. On the flip side, if you’re overweight and new to exercise, it’s unlikely that in two weeks, you’ll get abs. There is no emphasis in this challenge on changing your diet – and we should all know by now that we make abs in the kitchen.

Chloe Ting’s videos are accessible, motivating, and easy to follow. Wherever you’re at in your fitness journey, you’ll benefit from watching these videos for a bit of boost.

Chloe also offers her followers a meal plan and exercise calendar on her website, chloeting.com.

Chloe constructed her workout as an exercise calendar. The calendar provides you with many levels and uses a S.M.A.R.T. goal approach to help you achieve premium results.

The first week of the workouts starts light and simple. Once you level up, the intensity of the sessions picks up. After that, the rest of the sessions use optional moves if you wish to extend the routine. This allows you to stick to low-impact versions of the moves until you get stronger. Also, the cool-down videos are optional but recommended.

Home Workout Diet Plan Chloe Ting Program


The Chloe workouts have improved fitness and general wellness. Look at these thirteen proven benefits that give you the most value.

1. Free of cost

This advantage of the Chloe Ting Workout speaks for itself. You don’t have to pay a penny to try the workout and get results. If you dislike the program, then you move on with your money tucked away.

2. Intentions

The program motivated thousands of successful followers to lose weight. Many subscribers vouch for the results they achieved with the workout. They continue to share their exercise routines with the rest of the world and inspire others to join in, which allowed Chloe Ting to build an entire community with her moves. We can see how the charm of free, home, and zero equipment motivated many.

3. Easy to follow

Chloe plans her program and sessions in a way that you can follow right away. The videos use a convenient step-by-step approach. The best workouts allow you to follow along without putting too much thought into the next step. With the Chloe Ting Workout, you can get moving and stay moving.

4. Short sessions

Use the workout to complete your daily exercise routine in as little as 10 minutes. A 10-minute workout may seem unrealistic. But it’s time and intensity that determine results. When you work out less, then you must increase the intensity of the workout. Training only brings results when it causes you to sweat and increases your breathing.

5. Well-structured

The program uses time and activities in a way that helps you follow along and get results. It comprises 21 exercises (30 seconds on) and two back-to-back exercises (10 seconds off). All the workout sessions follow this format. In Chloe’s videos, she also gives you a preview of her next move, so you get to see the next exercise in advance.

6. No equipment

It would be best if you had a yoga mat to complete Chloe Ting’s abs workout. Some of the best fat-burning activities do not need equipment. A high-intensity interval training can use body weight to burn stomach fat.

7. Variation

If you want to target your abdominal area to develop a six-pack, there are four sets of muscles that you must use. With the workout, you get to enjoy various exercises. The exercise routines ensure you work the right muscles. Chloe works to fix the crucial areas while still keeping the sessions non-repetitive. Thanks to her program, you only get to repeat each exercise twice.

8. Consistency

Consistency is essential to losing weight. The idea of a “two-week” program will keep you on track. The key to any fitness program is consistency and compliance. When you eat less and move more, you can quickly burn body fat.

9. Timer countdown

When you are a low-energy person, it’s easy to slack off. Luckily for you, there is a countdown clock in the top right-hand corner of every video. The watch reminds you of how much time you have until the next exercise. For further convenience, every Chloe Ting Workout session uses a 5-second buzzer to remind you when you have  5 seconds left. Tools like timers and online calorie calculators keep you on task.

10. Chloe trains you

The videos provide online exercise sessions, guaranteeing that you get to see Chloe performing the exercises. You can even see that she also struggles to get through the process. This transparency is more than enough to give you hope and motivation. Everyone appreciates a trainer or fitness fanatic who performs the exercises. It also helps that she encourages you to complete the activities the right way.

11. Great for all fitness levels

Another noble thing about the Chloe Ting Workout, it is suitable for people from every age group. You can do the sessions with your friends and family members. Your fitness level does not matter. Chloe has variations and modifications for each of her moves so that you can go for high or low impact.

12. Informative, engaging, and effective

All the videos in this 2-week shred plan are an ideal blend of informative and appealing. The moves are a mixture of Pilates and H.I.I.T., meaning that you can easily do the exercises in a small apartment.

13. A complete package

Chloe did not reinvent the wheel. She uses traditional exercises that you can find in other workout programs. But the big difference is that she has combined them in a doable, digestible package. This strategy helps people stick to a consistent routine and get results. Chloe does an outstanding job of motivating you to complete the workout and come back for more after the rest days.

The moves might be a little difficult for beginners, but they are not impossible to achieve. So if you are looking to have fun, get results, and reach your fitness goals, the Chloe Ting Workout is for you.

Woman performing a plank

The Chloe Ting Workout is not without flaw. Look at these seven setbacks that might give you a reason to pause.

1. Too many planks

For some viewers, the only thing wrong with the workout plan is the number of planks that Chloe asks you to do. These moves repeat throughout her videos. You may become tired of performing planks repeatedly. Too much of anything when you feel exhausted can become tedious and cause you to lose interest. But the planks are an excellent exercise that burns fat and improves your athletic performance.

2. Lack of form

Many people have also complained about a lack of guidance and proper form. They claim that Chloe Ting is not a certified trainer. A beginner who does not know how to work out might struggle with her routine.

Our recommendation is to take things slowly at the start of a new workout. This way, you get to learn proper form during exercise before speeding up and increasing your intensity. Also, people with health complications should consult their physician before signing up.

3. Not challenging

The Chloe Ting Workout does not provide a challenge for experienced people. Her workouts are suitable for beginners who wish to get into fitness and see quick results. Once your body adjusts to the exercises, you will not get the same results.

5. Fast-paced

A fast-paced workout can overwhelm a novice because it takes time for the body to adjust to speed and new routines. The breaks Chloe gives you between the moves are also short. You can always hit the pause button and start over when you are ready.

6. Excessive

Four videos per day are a deal-breaker for many. It seems excessive even for the advanced-level subscribers. You can opt to do only two videos a day if four feel a little over the top.

7. Clickbait

Do not expect magic to happen. Chloe uses her titles for clickbait. She is very open about this and has a disclaimer explaining that it is for SEO purposes. It is still misleading for many viewers. But, if you follow the workouts the correct way, you will get impeccable results.


ab workout Chloe Ting Program

Why does a workout program work? Why does it not?

With the Chloe Ting Workout, you can see visible abs within weeks. Another glorious thing about her plan is the way it shifts your mindset toward health and fitness. Finally, it’s a workout plan you will want to perform daily.

Throughout the sequence, Chloe claims the moves might be more challenging for novices. However, with regular sessions, your body will gain strength and adjust to the routine. Start the last day with a full-body workout (50 minutes). This way, you can get through the parts that might seem impossible to achieve.

With regular exercise, you will notice a change in your body. The Chloe Ting Workout will boost your endorphins and adrenalin. But, of course, results take time. Getting in shape does not happen overnight. It takes about six weeks to see results on the best workouts. You will get to see your abs as the weeks go on if you stick with it.

So, should you try Chloe’s workouts or keep it moving?

This program helps novice and inexperienced people burn stomach fat. Because the process is speedy, quick, and gets right to the point. After the first few exercises, you will notice your abs working. You should start seeing results in about four weeks. So, it is all about your dedication and commitment to the workout plan.

Pair this workout plan with other programs and a sensible diet to get the best results.

If your primary focus is to work on your abs, then it is a fail-proof method. Chloe’s charisma and personality keep you interested and engaged during the workout. Try her program and see if you connect with her training style. The key to burning stomach fat is motivation.

Experienced and advanced people need to look elsewhere for results. Also, the disabled and those with health complications might want to seek help elsewhere. But, while professionals might need to look elsewhere, Chloe’s workout can help the inexperienced.

Before starting, however, it’s essential to set realistic expectations for yourself. Know that no plan can get you perfect abs in two weeks unless you already have a low percentage of body fat. Our suggestion? Pair the workout with the meal plan. With the right combination of exercise and diet, you will see your six-pack abs in no time.

The Chloe workouts work because it motivates and keeps people engaged.

By eating less and moving more, you can reach your fitness goal. Both the Chloe Ting Workout and Chloe Ting Meal Plan use a fun approach to help you burn stomach fat. But, you can do the same thing by playing sports or signing up for an outdoor hobby.

Chloe Ting has been a huge part of the fitness industry for years. We know her as an international YouTube star and influencer, with millions following her on social media. Besides being one of the most prominent women in online fitness marketing, she also offers personal training sessions that have helped people from all over the world get into shape and lose weight. If you’re looking for someone who will help you get rid of your stomach fat, try a few of these workouts here or check them out on TikTok (Chloe’s profile). Let me know about your experience in the comment section below!