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  • How To Reduce Carbon Consumption In the Fitness Industry

    With a new year comes a new will to exercise. But do you know the best way to exercise and reduce carbon consumption in the fitness industry? And yes, working out can increase your carbon footprint in ways that you may not be aware of. Certain gym products and equipment may have a harmful effect […]

  • Fitness App Security Tips – 3 Ways to Protect Personal Information

    Are you looking for security tips on how to keep your fitness app safe? Staying fit and healthy has become essential now more than ever! But, with the COVID-19 virus showing no signs of going away, it’s crucial to learn how to live with it and still lead a happy and long life.  Having a […]

  • Why Personal Trainers Need Digital Business Cards

    Do you know why personal trainers need digital business cards? The demand for personal trainers has risen as health concerns continue to mount. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industry will grow by 15 percent by 2029. But, with the ever-increasing competition globally, how can your training business remain on the radar?  […]

  • Lifting Restrictions – Coronavirus, USA Politics and Economy

    What will happen now that the coronavirus restrictions in the United States are lifting? The Center For Disease Control (CDC) reported 1,193,813 coronavirus cases and 70,802 deaths in the United States as of May 06, 2020. Now that the United States has reopened, the coronavirus will cause many cases and deaths to skyrocket. According to the latest government […]

  • Vacation Fat Loss – How to Manage a Diet and Have Fun

    How do you manage your fat loss journey while on vacation? Being on vacation in the midst of a fat loss journey is a dilemma. After working hard and achieving positive results, later comes a vacation. Vacations present many challenges to a fat loss journey.