Why Personal Trainers Need Digital Business Cards

Why Personal Trainers Need Digital Business Cards

Do you know why personal trainers need digital business cards? The demand for personal trainers has risen as health concerns continue to mount. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industry will grow by 15 percent by 2029. But, with the ever-increasing competition globally, how can your training business remain on the radar? 

Digital business card: Your competitive advantage

 Try using a common and straightforward yet modern and helpful marketing strategy. Also, this means directly reaching out to your potential customers by sending them business cards—in digital form. This way, you can market yourself professionally as a personal trainer while reaping several benefits. Now, let’s discuss why digital business cards for personal trainers are a must-have.

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1. Speak intentionality and professionalism

 Sharing your digital business card directly with your potential customers equates to approaching them. And that you’re personally and proactively introducing yourself and your business reflects how intentionally you can deliver your services.

 Likewise, formally introducing yourself and your services through a digital business also makes an excellent impression. For example, providing your essential contact details to your target customers first rather than bombarding them with all your services’ details during your first interaction or e-meeting speaks a lot about your professionalism.

2. A cost-effective yet creative way to grab attention

Unlike the physical version, you don’t need to spend on digital business cards because their production doesn’t entail printing costs. In addition, there are many web and mobile applications where you can edit and personalize your business card for free. So, if hiring a professional designer is not an option, you can opt for free business card editing sites and software. 

You can use these websites and software to support images, video, audio, animations, and other branded graphics. As a result, you can seize this golden opportunity to pique your target customers’ attention.

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3. Helps increase retention

Many studies show that 88 percent of physical business cards are discarded. Also, this mainly happens not because of the lack of interest of the recipient but because of storage reasons. There’s also the possibility of misplacing it, so it seems nowhere to be found when needed.

With digital business cards, you make production seamless and make it easier for your recipients and target customers to locate your business card. Plus, they’re less likely to be deleted from their inbox.

4. Easy to access, store, and edit

You don’t need to worry about making copies of your business card for business events. Instead, you have to hold your smartphone. Then, a few taps will allow you to access or share your digital business card. It also made storage easy because you can save it on your camera roll.

What makes a digital business card even more practical is that you can edit it on the go. You can already make edits and save your layout instantly by simply opening your editing app.

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5. Can keep them coming back

Digital business cards can also double up as appointment cards, helping you encourage your clients to keep attending your sessions effectively.

You can try incorporating a loyalty scheme to keep your existing customers returning. For example, you can opt to digitally stamp or sign their cards every time they book a training session with you. Then, rev this up by offering them a discount or freebie once they’ve reached several classes.

6. Environmentally friendly and sustainable

We save two trees for every 100 customers using digital business cards. Also, by shifting to digital, you get to protect more trees and conserve the environment.

With digital business cards, you don’t have to pay for and consume a lot of paper, ink, and even electricity. So, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone—you get to save your money while saving the planet. 

7. Interactive

What better way to engage your potential customers than provide them with an off-center business card? With digital, you can customize your business card and make it responsive. Also, this means that it will direct those who have your card to make calls, send emails, and visit your website or social media account with just one click. Thus, you can connect and inquire quickly and hassle-free with your potential customers.

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8. Allows unlimited sharing

Imagine attending a business event and meeting many potential customers and partners. This opportunity may prompt you to pull out your business cards and hand these out to them. Unfortunately, sometimes we either forget to bring our business cards or only a few of them, causing possible significant opportunities to slip away from our hands.

Good thing; this is nearly impossible to happen with digital business cards. You can share them via your mobile with the surrounding people anytime and as much as possible.

Final thoughts on why personal trainers need digital business cards

Before designing your business card, here’s advice: prioritize clarity over anything else. Personal trainer business cards have become essential to fitness businesses. The same goes for personal trainer biographies to fitness trainer employees, as the industry has grown by approximately 4.3% over the last five years.

For the elements, the details you can commonly find in business cards include your name and position, email address, phone or mobile number, social handles, logo, and company name, if any. You can also reinforce your branding by incorporating your business’ tagline if you have one. Make sure you stick to your existing branding in colors, fonts, elements, and layout. Make it your goal to keep your digital business card and message clear, understandable, professional, and attractive.

It’s vital to employ a tactical yet straightforward marketing strategy—like sharing digital business cards—to bolster your business’s growth. Search engine optimization is also another strategic approach you can explore. Check out SEO for health and wellness professionals to find out. Finally, by shifting from physical to digital business cards and optimizing your content to engage your existing and potential customers, you’ll be on the right track to generating more leads and loyal customers.

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