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  • Gunnar Peterson – Secrets of a World Class Fitness Trainer

    Gunnar Peterson is a world-renowned fitness trainer, author, speaker, creator of effective fitness programs, and developer of fitness equipment focusing on functional training. He has worked with hundreds of celebrities and athletes to help them achieve their goals. Gunnar’s celebrity list includes Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Scherzinger, Jessica Alba, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew McConaughey, Sofia […]

  • Vince Sant – How V-Shred Became a Household Name

    If you’re a fitness fanatic, Vince Sant is someone you know. He has the most popular workout program on the market today. He also has a company that manufactures supplements to help people reach their fitness goals. Scientific research shows the best way to lose weight is with a diet. Therefore, use supplements to support, […]

  • Personal Trainers – List of Skills that the Best Share

    Whether you are looking to hire a personal trainer or are hoping to become one, it is worth knowing the best personal trainer’s skills. You can avoid spending your money on a personal trainer or personal training course, which is not worth it. Instead, a personal trainer can help you on your bodybuilding journey by […]

  • Fitness Industry – 7 Myths About the Fitness Space to Know

    What are eight myths in the fitness industry you should know? Speculations about the fitness industry have increased because of the global pandemic. While some of these theories seem to make sense, others are outrageous. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to identify myths from a pool of information in the fitness industry. There are […]

  • Fitness Industry Growing Rapidly – 6 Reasons Why

    The fitness industry is one of the most valuable industries globally, and many financial experts value it at about $96 billion as of 2019. So why is the fitness industry growing rapidly? There are many subdivisions of the fitness industry, but one that is now getting a lot of popularity and recognition is the bodybuilding […]