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If you’re a fitness fanatic, Vince Sant is someone you know. He has the most popular workout program on the market today. He also has a company that manufactures supplements to help people reach their fitness goals.

Scientific research shows the best way to lose weight is with a diet. Therefore, use supplements to support, not replace, your diet. For example, eat protein from chicken, beef, and fish. When you can’t get enough protein from food, use protein powder.

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With a Hollywood-worthy story of how he became successful in the fitness industry, Vince quickly became a household name for everyone who wanted to get fit. Read more about this fitness trainer’s journey.

Vince went from being overweight with high blood pressure to getting in the best shape of his life. He also developed the most impressive six-pack. Now he runs a multimillion-dollar company!


How Did Vince Sant and V-Shred Become a Household Name?

Vince Sant may be a familiar name to you. If not, then indeed, his V-Diet fitness program is one that you know. The V-Diet weight loss system launched Vince’s nutrition company, known as V-Sculpt, in 2010.

The company developed into a success story when Vince became a household name. However, Vince Sant’s story is quite interesting because he didn’t start as an entrepreneur or a weight loss expert.

Weight Loss Journey –

Vince became overweight at 315 pounds. He was on the brink of type two diabetes. Vince credits his wife with inspiring him to lose weight through dieting and exercise. Her inspiration led to Vince’s initial workout program after he lost nearly 100 pounds.

Vince shared his fitness secrets by opening the doors to his gym. He decided he would help others achieve their fitness goals as well.

Vince no longer coaches people. Instead, he focuses full-time on making supplements, workouts, and diet programs. Vince Sant encourages others to live a healthy life through his blog, Vince’s lifestyle.

Social Media –

Vince Sant is a fitness guru who uses social media to inspire others to lose weight. He does this through his blog. Many people know Vince because of his powerful presence on YouTube. But who has not seen one of his videos where he talks about getting shredded?

Vince also uses his social media platforms to keep fans up-to-date with the latest news. He offers a lot of contests on his Facebook page to keep fans motivated.

Vince also hosts events for both men and women who want to get in shape. In addition, Vince’s website is on all things fitness. He wants people to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Support System –

Vincent is a steward of the fitness and health industry. Thus, he offers tips on how you can improve your lifestyle through dieting and exercise. However, Vince always tells his fans they can’t do it alone.

Vince says it’s best to complete your fitness journey with others. Everyone needs a support system that encourages them to do the right thing. Vince encourages fans to participate and share their better health and fitness suggestions.

Quality Products –

Vince Sant’s company offers many products to help people with their health and fitness journey. For example, those needing help managing their weight use Vince’s diet programs.

Also, those who want to improve the effects of Vince’s workout program use his supplements. Thus, Vince offers muscle-building supplements such as Vince Test. It is his number one selling supplement.

Vince also provides a workout series called Vince Shredded, Vince Total Body Transformation Series, Vince Lean System, and the Vince Dymatize. In addition, people who like to work out with Vince can join Vince’s lifestyle Bootcamps.

Furthermore, Vince hosts events for those who love his workouts. Also, his fans can purchase Vince’s workout DVDs to work out with him. Finally, Vince has a fitness clothing line, Vince Active, which encourages people to stay fit and stylish.

How Did Vince Become a Successful Fitness Trainer?

Like most successful fitness trainers, Vince uses his personal experience to help others with their fitness journey. In addition, Vince uses charisma to motivate others with know-how and personal experience. Vince has an engaging personality and is an asset in the fitness industry.

Fitness is a simple process that involves eating healthy and exercising. What makes them so complicated for many people is emotions.

Most people struggle to stay consistent on a fitness journey. However, great trainers like Vince Sant and Chloe Ting know how to motivate people on a fitness journey. If you do the work, you will get the results.

Fitness is about moving more and eating right. The best programs encourage you to do more. When deciding if a program is right for you, make sure you like it and can follow it.

Also, it is crucial to relate to the trainer and admire their fitness journey. It’s easier to follow a program when you speak the same language and share the same dream as the trainer. Finally, emotions play a significant role in completing a fitness journey.

V-Shred Workout –

Don’t call it a P90X clone, but you’ll love this muscle-building routine. Vince designed the V-Shred workout program to reshape the body and add muscle.

Vince created this program based on his training philosophy: heavy weightlifting combined with explosive power moves and core training.

The V-Shred plan helps build muscle while decreasing body fat. It’s an advanced muscle-training program that will challenge you to the core. So you can judge for yourself. Here is the V-Shred Workout:

  • Monday – Chest and Triceps, Abs 1-2 Exercises (12 total) Circuit 3 times with 30 seconds rest between sets.
  • Tuesday – Back and Biceps, Ab 3-4 Exercises (14 total) Circuit 4 times with 30 seconds rest between sets.
  • Wednesday – Legs and Shoulders, Abs 5-6 Exercises (12 total) Circuit 3 times with 30 seconds rest between sets.
  • Thursday – Off from weight training.
  • Friday – Chest and Triceps, Ab 7-8 Exercises (14 total) Circuit 4 times with 30 seconds rest between sets.
  • Saturday – Back and Biceps, Abs 9-10 Exercises (12 total) Circuit 3 times with 30 seconds rest between sets
  • Sunday – Off from weight training.

Tips and Tricks –

Many of Vince’s workout programs involve supersets. A superset requires a trainee to alternate between two exercises without rest. Also, there should be a short transition time to move from one exercise to the next.

After pre-exhaustion, Vince’s programs use isolation exercises to work the muscles further. Thus, you start with compound exercises before completing isolation exercises in this training circuit. It’s easier on your nervous system and can prevent injury.

You can replace any of these exercises with similar ones provided in the program or that you prefer. The key to any workout is consistently following principles like progressive overload and a periodization plan while using the correct form on each rep.

Also, find a challenging weight for the recommended reps. Finally, most workouts require you to rest for 2 minutes between circuits. This type of workout will keep your heart rate up. Also, it will improve your metabolism, causing you to burn more calories.


The Last Word On How Vince Sant and V-Shred Became a Household Name

Vince Sant is a fitness trainer who believes that nature designed the human body for movement. As a result, he teaches people to be more responsive. Also, he encourages them to achieve their fitness goals through exercise and diet. What can you learn from Vince Sant? Vince shows us how to get excited about a fitness journey. Don’t underestimate the power of motivation. The crucial factor in any fitness journey is consistency. And guess what drives it? Yes! You guessed it, motivation.

Staying with and reaching a fitness goal is easy when you love what you do. When you first see Vince, the first thing that jumps out at you is his passion for fitness. No matter how excited you are at the beginning of a fitness journey, an experienced fitness fanatic knows you will need to rediscover your motivation. Vince works hard at keeping people motivated. He gets it! You can connect with Vince via social media or his blog. Have you tried any of his workout principles? Let us know in the comments below so others can benefit from your experience!

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