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Natalie Jill – Age in Reverse, the Secret Behind Her Fitness

Natalie Jill perfected age in reverse. Imagine if you earned a degree in health sciences and built a global fitness empire. Then you hit ‘rock bottom’ to fight your way back to the top again.

That’s the life of celebrity Natalie Jill, a renowned fitness trainer and a thriving sports nutritionist–an inspiration for gym enthusiasts. You can learn many lessons from Natalie’s life story. Use her journey to top-tier fitness training as motivation for your never-ending perseverance. Also, exercise combined with a diet and the best women’s multivitamins will keep you healthy and fit.

Early Life of Natalie Jill

Jill’s early life exposed her to anxieties and apprehensions because she dreamed bigger than those around her. When she was 8-month pregnant, she worked as National Sales Manager in a Medical Device Company. Natalie enjoyed life but faced many challenges. Yet, she used every opportunity to learn and grow.

Her marriage created many challenges and disagreed with her spiritual journal. Natalie divorced and gained up to 50 lbs during the intense pregnancy sessions. She was deeply immersed in the loneliness and stress of financial issues that made it difficult for anyone to smile. Natalie experienced the challenges of dealing with life and people even more. Yet, she knows how to fight and never lets her challenges stop her.

Natalie Jill lived in California during her early life while her family and friends lived on the East Coast. After giving birth to her daughter, her financial condition grew worse. The housing and stock markets crashed, and her savings vanished with them. As a result, Natalie made some tough decisions. But lucky for her, she knew how to make tough decisions. She married her business associate, Brooks Hollan, in 2015.

Natalie’s life mirrored the story of David and Goliath. So how did Natalie Jill tackle those insurmountable odds? Let’s get right into it.

Personal Profile of Natalie Jill

An intelligent, determined, quick, and resilient person, Natalie Jill used a charismatic personality to conquer the world. She used an optimistic perception to make the most of every situation. Her character makes it impossible to count Natalie out. Natalie knows how to reach her goals while making her family a priority. Natalie took the proper steps to get the perfect house, an excellent job, and a great husband. She battled some injuries in her personal life, specifically back pain, which she overcame to become a fitness expert.

Natalie Fitness Journey

One day, Natalie accidentally saw her physique in a mirror, realizing she needed a change of direction. ‘I ate a lot of junk, wasn’t active with 60 pounds of extra weight,’ says the fitness champ. So Natalie started mapping out the solution by developing a winning fitness gaming plan.

Natalie knew how to reach her fitness goals and let nothing get in her way. She used her firm determination as her driving force. Natalie eventually made the changes she needed to make. Natalie employed a clear vision with a relentless attitude to execute it. Getting in shape requires powerful motivation and is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-specific (S.M.A.R.T.) Goals.

Natalie started her fitness journey and took it one day at a time. She used behaviors to drive outcomes. Natalie listed her goals and then tied her daily actions to those goals. As a result, she regained her body by making nutrition and fitness a priority and lifestyle. That’s the secret to her success.

She opted for the experience approach by using lifestyle, community, and knowledge to stay consistent and have fun. Natalie did not take shortcuts. Instead, she shared her fitness journey with her friends and family. Try some of Natalie’s strategies to reach your goals. You can reach your goals by following in the footsteps of someone who did what you want to do.

Natalie’s Career

Natalie earned a bachelor’s degree in health and Human Performance from the University of Maryland. After remaining persistent and making intelligent decisions, she worked as a successful certified Functional Fitness Trainer and Master Sports Nutritionist. Some of her certifications include the following:

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Effective Executive Speaking
  • Certified Licensed Sports Nutritionist
  • Resistance Training
  • Certified in Health Advocacy
  • Fitness Evaluation
  • American Marketing Certification in Sales Training and Sales Management

The Dawn of Her Success–Workout and Nutrition

Natalie took a knowledgeable approach to health and fitness. Like most experts, she believes in research and education. Natalie follows and reads fitness magazines like everyone else. She uses motivation and community to reach her goals. Natalie also uses fitness and healthy pictures on a vision board in her kitchen to stay on top of her diet. She uses the correct initiative steps to focus on her fitness goals–building the perfect physique.

Natalie adopted an intelligent technique that many can follow–eating right and burning calories by staying active. Also, she does not run a marathon or do fad diets–undoubtedly, she uses a realistic approach. Use Natalie’s workout routine and diet to get in shape.

Workout plan – 60 Pound Weight Loss!

You don’t need a gym membership or a pricey fitness class with Natalie’s workout. You also don’t need to invest in heavy-duty exercise equipment. Natalie uses a sensible approach to working out. She uses her body weight for resistance, undoubtedly the key to muscle building.

Natalie follows a well-planned workout plan, and she mainly does strength-training exercises. Apart from building muscles, Natalie knows how to get results quickly. Natalie Jill’s diet and workouts caused her to age like fine wine. She only keeps getting and looking better as the years go by. Natalie does a great job of showing people how to build muscle as they age.

Natalie mainly uses squats, pull-ups, triceps, dips, and planks for her strength-building exercises. An interesting thing! Unlike many renowned fitness champs, she does not spend hours working out. ‘Just a 20-minute workout daily is all you need if you exercise regularly,’ says the fitness champ Natalie Jill. Astonishing, isn’t it?

Natalie built a gorgeous body with a healthy, muscular look. Some tips she uses to get in great shape include:

  • Firing up the body’s metabolism
  • Sculpting and toning thighs and arms
  • Burning stubborn belly fat
  • Lifting the booties (squats) and breast (tricep dips)
  • Getting the energy right back

Diet Plan – Natalie Jill’s Vigilant Nutrition

Workouts don’t give results unless you couple them with a healthy and well-balanced diet. Natalie stays true to her diet and strongly follows this mindset throughout her journey. She introduced complex carbs, lean proteins, and healthy fats to her diet. Adding avocado or olive oil for healthy fats and grilled chicken and fish to her diet provided Natalie with the tools to build her ideal physique.

She uses berries and veggies to keep her hunger down and calories controlled. She recommends apples with some chocolate for snacking. Make sure you eat dark chocolate with 80% or above cocoa when you eat chocolate. And one exciting thing she revealed in an interview is that she eats nutritious food first, so there’s less room for processed food. Undoubtedly, Natalie knows how to use the most sensible approach to live a healthy lifestyle.

Natalie avoids processed foods and uses nuts, seeds, fruits, and veggies to complete her diet and control her appetite. She knows how to build a diet and physique! She never shortcuts her pre-workout and post-workout supplements. Take advantage of Natalie’s diet tips to get results. Just use a few tweaks here and there to take your diet to the next level.

Let’s explore Natalie’s fantastic menu!

Starting from breakfast, Natalie prefers smoked salmon and mixed berries–nutrient-enriched food.

Chicken, bone broth, vegetables, salads, the avocado were part of her lunch. Before the workout, she preferred protein powder, water, and some fruits. She always eats vegetables, grilled fish, and sweet potatoes for dinners.

Her snacks included seeds, nuts, raw veggies, and peppers.

Natalie’s Jill Successful Fitness Career

Today, Natalie is the founder, C.E.O., and Owner of one of the most successful fitness platforms, Natalie Jill Fitness. People love her unique and quick workout approach that can be done anytime, anywhere, and even within seven minutes. That’s amazing! Because you certainly don’t need any equipment for burning fat or building muscles. That’s the secret behind the remarkable success of her fitness platform.

1n 2011, after the establishment of Natalie Jill Fitness, she discovered her techniques for planning a personalized workout routine and weight loss programs. Use Natalie’s perfect body transformations and complete step-by-step nutrition plans to make your fitness dreams come true. Everyone knows about Natalie’s effective workouts and diet for burning fat–the reason behind her popularity.

Now her business reached the seven-figure mark from a seven-day Jump Start System. In addition, Natalie made her debut in fitness modeling with incredible results and worked as a personal trainer.

When Natalie turned 49 years old, she did not experience a downfall or lack of enthusiasm for her fitness. Instead, Natalie lives a bright and exciting life with her well-developed fitness career.

After launching her fitness brands, she reached the pinnacle of success. The world knows a good deal when they see it. So many people love Natalie’s brand because it works. You can fool most people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people most of the time. So try Natalie when you need a quick workout at home without weights.

What makes Natalie Jill So Special?

Natalie’s journey to success wasn’t easy at all. Despite her financial crisis, she dealt with many other problems. Natalie nourished and cared for her family while building an incredibly successful career and lifestyle.

She remained adamant and steadfast on her journey, despite frequently dealing with an environment of discouragement and seclusion. Natalie worked her butt off to get to the top. And so can you. Find a couple of best practices and work them hard and consistently.

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