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Fitness Experts – Who Are the Top 10 Experts in the World?

Who are the top 10 fitness experts in the world? Are you looking for a way to change your nutrition, fitness, and overall health? Fitness and health rituals can dramatically transform your life overnight.

As a result, your self-care habits turn into a must-have obligation. Indeed, protecting your physical and mental well-being is essential by nature, but you don’t have to force yourself with optimized workout routines.

Never beat yourself up over your health and fitness determinations; instead, use your time wisely to realign your health-related goals with a more effective and positive attitude.

Here Are the Top 10 Fitness Experts in the World

This guide talks about the world’s best fitness experts and their mantras when achieving fitness goals. Read more to get inspired. Find out how your fitness can develop with a healthy lifestyle.

Gunnar Peterson Celebrity Trainer

1. Gunnar Peterson

Gunnar Peterson is one of the most popular fitness experts and personal trainers, with most of his clients being professional athletes and celebrities. Apart from being a fantastic fitness expert, he is also the Los Angeles Lakers Director of Endurance and Strength. In addition, his commercial and residential gyms are well-received in the United States and worldwide.

He is widely recognized for his functional training and professional skills and pledges to implement innovative fitness tactics among his clients and followers.

With over 28 years of experience in the industry, his energetic style, endless energy, and proficiency are continually adding to the effectiveness of his work that his clients enjoy the most.

Gunnar owns and operates a privately owned facility where he usually takes up to 9 clients daily. He is also the developer of Core Secrets, an 18-DVD fitness system featuring body-part and full-body workouts to fortify your body’s core. In addition, his book called “The Workout” is all about his fitness secrets and training. Also, this book is currently helping millions of people maintain and create a positive mindset.

His primary focus is on function and functional training modalities. As a personal trainer and fitness expert, Gunnar Peterson tries to do one-on-one sessions with his clients. He has worked with almost all the known celebrities and athletes from the NBA, USTA, NHL, NFL, NCAA sports, and professional boxing. Many TV and film stars also seek help while preparing for their roles.

2. Adriene Mishler

Austin’s famous fitness writer, actress, entrepreneur,  international yoga teacher, and fitness expert wants to get health and fitness into every home. She also owns a viral YouTube channel called Yoga With Adriene.

Her online video community surpasses more than eight million viewers while providing high-quality strategies and practices on mindfulness, fitness, and yoga at zero cost. She inspires people regardless of age, gender, shape, size, country, and community, and she is here to stay!

Google recognizes her YouTube channel as one of the most searched workout channels globally, getting her health and wellness awards yearly.

She is also the creator and developer of the FWFG (find what feels good) program. It is an online library of fitness lifestyles, and yoga encourages people toward health and well-being. This online session provides up to 35 hours of non-stop, exclusive videos for her followers. You can quickly return to your true self through her approaches and expert fitness advice. Her methodologies offer a way to see the world like never before, so you act, live, and breathe with much more awareness.

Her YouTube channel started in 2012 and has gathered more than 7.2 million subscribers worldwide. The best thing about her fitness tactics is that they are specific and personalized according to hobbies, professions, and health conditions. Not to forget her massive collection of fitness practices designed and created to help beginners.

Her affordable and accessible alternative to gym settings is undoubtedly the only great option for people serious about their fitness and health.

3. Daniel and Kelli

This team of fitness experts thinks health and fitness must be available to everyone. However, Daniel and Kelli learned that there is a deficiency of reliable fitness and health information and many fitness fanatics are more focused on their appearance than being fit. Daniel has over 20 years of experience, while his wife, Kelli, has about 14 years of experience in the health and fitness industry.

This northwest couple aims to make fitness reasonable, attainable, and approachable to their clients.

They own a Fitness Blender, their virtual workout empire, to help people live a happy and healthy life. Both of them have been ruling the YouTube fitness scene for many years. They have made over 600 workouts, weight training, yoga, HIIT, and Pilates videos. The best thing about these fitness experts is that their content is free; almost anyone can visit their site and find what they are looking for.

The most noticeable thing about this couple is their approachability. Almost all of their sessions have a realistic approach, making their work achievable and completely trustworthy. In addition, they have the willingness to put their followers first. So, they give amazing full-length workout videos, effective workout programs, expert meal/ health/nutrition, and fitness information without charging a penny.

Daniel and Kelli have also made many best-of-lists, such as Forbes, Buzz Feed, and People’s magazine. Apart from their website, they have a book and clothing line.

4. Cassey Ho

Cassey Ho is among the most famous American fitness experts and social media entrepreneurs. She owns a YouTube channel and her website called Blogilates, achieving fitness goals, healthy eating, and a fit lifestyle. In addition, this 30-year-old fitness expert and YouTuber promotes how rest plays an important part in wellness.

For Cassey Ho, fitness and health are more than just workout sessions; it is also about resting well and eating well. She is also a fitness instructor, which she never wants to leave! When she teaches and instructs her clients, she connects with them. With her countless videos and expert advice sessions, she has become a role model within the fitness industry.

She broke the rules and used pop music during her regular classical Pilates sessions, unlike any fitness expert before her.

Thanks to her innovative ideas and unique choreography, her followers enjoy the fun of working out. Her POP Pilates sessions are the first building block of the infectiously motivating world of Blogilates. It is now a live class and an internationally renowned certification program with a revolutionary partnership with “24 Hour Fitness”. Through this collaboration, POP Pilates is the official Pilates format for all of their gyms in America.

Apart from her YouTube channel, she has also written a best-selling fitness book called “Hot Body Year Round” and produced her activewear brand Popflex.

She was featured in many magazines and media outlets like Cosmopolitan, People’s Magazine, The Steve Harvey Show, and The New York Times. Her latest venture and photoshoot is with Health Magazine. But, until now, her most challenging body transformation program until now is PIIT28 (Pilates Intense Interval Training Workout). It is an equipment-free program that takes about half an hour to give her followers remarkable physical and mental results.

5. Harley Pasternak

Harley is a Canadian personal trainer, fitness expert, motivational speaker, and fitness author. He is best known for his books, such as “The 5 Factor Diet” and “The Body Reset Diet,” along with Harley’s many celebrity clients. In addition, he is a Master of Science in nutritional sciences and exercises physiology. Pasternak is also licensed by the American College of Sports Medicine and The Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology to serve as a fitness expert and nutritional scientist to his clients.

As a fitness expert, he works with many Hollywood stars like Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Halle Berry, Robert Downey Jr., Gwen Stefani, and Adam Levine. He is currently starring in a show called “Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian” on channel E. In addition, his worldwide speaking appearances are in over 30 countries for multiple health/fitness organizations and government bodies.

His innovative approach to effective body workouts has earned him great fame worldwide.

The intelligent tactics and techniques inspire millions to get excited about being fit again. As a result, his clients have more knowledge and control over their bodies and are undoubtedly in the best shape. Harley’s 5-factor world diet is one of the most famous fitness programs. It shows that dieting and being healthy don’t have to be boring! His clients enjoy the most delicious meals on earth and still lose weight to stay fit.

According to his fans and clients, Harley Pasternak knows the secrets behind achieving an incredible physique and making workouts entertaining. You will get the most results in the least amount of time without feeling like you are following a diet chart.

6. Alice Liveing

For those who don’t know Alice Liveing, she is a personal trainer, fitness expert, best-selling author, and blogger. Alice holds a passion and desires to educate people worldwide on health and fitness. After experiencing a massive lifestyle change and discovering an extreme passion for mental and physical well-being, she became a fitness expert.

Alice is currently working as a fully qualified coach in a London gym called Third Space, where she helps women embrace their workout sessions rather than consider them a chore. She has three sell-out collections regarding her fitness wear brand at River Island, Primark, Herbal Essences, and Samsung. Alice Liveing has appeared on multiple leading applications, such as 3X Women’s UK Health Cover star and NY Post, a monthly fitness columnist through her global reach.

At first, she might appear more or less like a typical fitness expert/influencer, but her clean eating fitness trend has built her immense success.

She has received severe backlash in the past, but she tries to overcome everything and flourish in the industry. Alice loves to talk about food trends, healthy lifestyles, fitness approaches, and accountability as a fitness expert.

She is well aware of her impact on her followers’ lives from her interviews. Her mantra is straightforward; trends may come and go, but one must adapt and make the best out of every circumstance. Alice has given her followers four crucial years of her life and is now on a mission to explore everything from fashion to fitness, a healthy lifestyle, etc.

7. John Berardi

John Berardi is a nutritional biochemist, licensed exercise physiologist, fitness expert, and co-founder of Precision Nutrition. From 2012 to 2013, many experts ranked him as one of the top 100 most influential people in the fitness and health industry. In 2015, he again won the title of one of the most brilliant fitness coaches in the world.

Through his online platform and best-selling books, he has helped more than a million people change their routines and reach their desired fitness objectives. In addition, he has given his expert advice and training to countless beginners and professional athletes who are now playing the best sports in their life and earning medals and honors because of their great fitness.

His best-selling nutrition books are Metabolism Advantage, Gourmet Nutrition, The Essentials of Nutrition And coaching, and The Precision Nutrition System. In addition, his expertise and research cover a vast range of approaches, such as online coaching.

For the past 20 years, he has traveled to different countries and regions to teach people about fitness, health, and nutrition sciences through conferences and live sessions.

Apart from Precision Nutrition, John Berardi is also the founder of Change Maker Academy. It helps people change their lives and turn their love for fitness and well-being into solid perseverance and a successful career. His followers and clients can read countless articles he wrote for every magazine/site covering fitness and nutrition for guidance. He is also an advisor to Equinox, Apple, Nike, and Titleist.

8. Jordan Syatt

This 21-year-old nutritional consultant, fitness expert, and strength training master holds many experiences, certifications, licenses, and services. His primary focus with his clients and followers is weight loss, excellent athletic performance, and mass gain.

He is the owner and creator of a website called and owns three IPA powerlifting world records. In addition, he has been featured in multiple publications, including Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Fitness, and

His website is the central platform for offering science-related, user-friendly, valid fitness information to hundreds of people worldwide. In addition, he has written over 100 articles and e-books with complimentary online consultations on a one-on-one basis to help people achieve their desired fitness goals.

His personal experiences have enabled him to deliver easy-to-understand and accurate information to his followers.

Through his constant hard work, he can manage his website, work with online clients daily, and actively participate in powerlifting projects. By achieving so much at such a young age, he is incredibly proud of himself for living an everyday life while pursuing his dream as a professional fitness expert.

He has a straightforward approach toward fitness and health, which almost everyone thinks is needed in the industry. Jordan is always confident, up-front, and direct with his advice/explanations and gets significant results for his clients in real time.

He continuously strives to provide his followers with precise, clear-cut information that immediately applies. For Jordan Syatt, You can achieve fitness and performance-based goals by maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle. For him, long-term success only comes to those who know how to be flexible in their lifestyle.

9. Kayla Itsines

As a personal trainer and fitness expert, she has supported and educated hundreds of people worldwide in their fitness journey, especially women. Presently, she is known as one of the most influential fitness experts globally, with a mission to help many women achieve their ideal health and fitness level.

Many people have made sustainable and permanent lifestyle changes through her bikini body guide and best-selling books.

Kayla made her online programs flexible; clients can perform them at home or the gym. With her expert advice and knowledge, you can learn how to increase your strength and fitness via regular workout sessions. Her BBG Stronger and BBG programs include warm-up sessions, audio/video cues, and unique challenges to train her followers; however they want despite being a beginner.

This Australian author and fitness expert also has her meal planning and workout application, Sweat With Kayla, which generates more revenue than her fitness books and website. She credits her fame and success to her followers and their health journey rather than her input. Her motto is to keep attention on the overall transformation of the body rather than appearance. She does not believe in promoting irrelevant stuff or anything else that contrasts with her lifestyle.

The client’s fitness goals are constantly developing, so they need her programs to feel their body become better and stronger as they progress. Kayla Itsines encourages women to get stronger one week after another, accumulating fitness goals. For people who are ready to take on fresh challenges and step up their fitness game, Kayla Itsines and her programs have them covered.

10. Yasmin Karachiwala

Yasmin Karachiwala is India’s most sought-after fitness trainer, nutritionist, and fitness expert. Her country recognizes her as the pioneer of Pilates with 25 years of experience in the field. She began her career as a verified group aerobics instructor, then got into professional weight training and fitness teaching.

Yasmin is a celebrity fitness trainer and expert with clients, including Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif. She knows how to work with different body types and transform them into the best shape. Also, she manages her fitness studio, Yasmin’s Body Image, which she founded over 12 years ago.

Her studio is open to people from all walks of life, not just celebrities. She works with a group of certified trainers and helps her clients achieve practical and realistic goals.

According to her, no individual can look like the other, but they can still get to know their body kind work hard from the inside out with perseverance and consistency to look their best in no time.

For Yasmin Karachiwala, genuine fitness and health come from following a combination of food, workout, and lifestyle. Here, every factor must work together to achieve the preferred fitness goals. She shows a beautiful and positive attitude while working, making training more enjoyable. She adapts to different things and keeps changing her sessions according to the client’s mood and energy so they still achieve their expected results.

Yasmin Karachiwala is probably the only fitness expert in India who can make you feel you can achieve anything. She continually desires to learn, grow, and improve her work and tactics. However, she is already the best for her clients!

Fitness Trainer Motivation

What Can You Learn from Them?

Let’s inspect some insightful strategies and tips that we have learned from these fantastic fitness experts.


You cannot control everything in your life, but you can manage your diet, sleep, exercise, and positive behavior! We have learned one thing from every fitness expert on this list: focus and motivation. Stay focused on what you do and stay motivated to repeat positive behaviors to make your fitness path easy to follow.

Eating Healthy

Almost all these fitness experts tell you that healthy eating is the backbone of any fitness goal. Food is the main thing that fuels your systems and helps you achieve your desired fitness goals. Without quality foods and proper nutrition, you are more likely to stall than achieve success with any fitness program.

Stay Active and Strong

It should never be about forcing or pressurizing yourself to attain a perfect physique but about engaging your thoughts in the entire transformation process. Also, strength is the keystone of physical activity. Power helps make your body durable during workout sessions. Always follow strength training exercises at least two or three times a week. Try to add external load and focus on your range and technique.


Everything in life seems good when done moderately. However, being fit is more than looking good and losing extra fat from your body. Fitness and health should be a part of your routine and life. It must work out and challenge your body to achieve more every day. If you develop good habits, your success is guaranteed.

Prioritizing Things in Life

Prioritizing your life is the key to health and well-being. Every fitness trainer suggests taking a step back and assessing essential things for you. Make fitness a part of your life. Good fitness improves the quality and longevity of your life. Regardless of your demanding personal and professional lives, a fitness fanatic must prioritize what matters the most.

Care for Yourself

All the best fitness experts recommend taking care of yourself first. A journey towards health and fitness requires your complete focus and excellent nutrition. Prioritizing first and taking care of your needs so you can contribute generously toward your mental, physical, and spiritual health. If you are happy, you can take care of your loved ones. When you do small things right, it helps you reach big goals.

Plan Before Executing

Before starting with a diet plan or a fitness program, understand the concept of nutrition and exercise. You can execute your goals more efficiently once you know how the field works. Like other situations that you come across, understand what it takes to reach a goal.

Focus on Quality and Not Quantity

The fitness journey of all these fitness experts is based on quality, not quantity. They care how focused, intense, and determined their clients are while working out! Fitness experts never recommend shortcuts; don’t go against science, and you can achieve actual results in no time.

It Is Not Always Fun

While working out, fitness experts look like they are having a blast, but their job is not always fun. They spend hours trying to perfect moves for workouts. Also, they attend different conferences to learn new things. Subsequently, they practice everything before making their videos.

Know that the journey towards fitness and wellness is not easy.

There Is Always More to Learn

Unlike other tasks you know and can repeat daily, fitness is continually developing. Therefore, to guarantee the best workout experience, you must learn new things for the rest of your life. Also, this is the only way to improve your skills after investing time, money, and energy.

Stay Consistent and Compliant

For every fitness expert and trainer on this list, consistency and compliance are crucial to achieving the desired results. You cannot work out one time every other week to stay fit. The key here is to remain consistent and compliant if you wish to achieve your program’s long-term results. Never let go of the critical things to you; always try to stay unfailing regardless of your situation.

Final Thoughts on the Top 10 Fitness Experts in the World and What Can You Learn From Them

When you cannot lose weight or get motivated, you can use a fitness expert to get results. The fitness industry is growing, with many fitness experts launching their websites. Never have so many fitness experts shared tips, tricks, and fitness journeys to inspire people to get fit. Other great fitness experts are Phil Goglia, Vince Sant, Chloe Ting, Lucy Wyndham-Read, Duffy Gaver, and Ayda Field.

Our top ten fitness experts globally have a long list of clientele and followers worldwide. With thousands and millions of viewers, all these experts reach their targeted audience. They use social media platforms, meal plans, and personalized workout sessions to reach audiences.

Follow them if you want motivation, new workout routines, and complete body transformation techniques. They can help you reach your goals. Also, if you or someone you know is considering bodybuilding, share this article on Facebook or Twitter so that others can learn more about building muscle.

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