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Lucy Wyndham Read – The State’s  Most Watched Fitness YouTuber

Lucy Wyndham-Read

Who Is Lucy Wyndham-Read?

Lucy Wyndham-Read is a YouTube lifestyle, motivator, and fitness expert. She is currently on a mission to help the world stay fit. Her channel is the most-viewed channel on YouTube right now. It proves to be the most effective platform to keep millions of people healthy and fit at home.

Besides being a YouTuber and fitness expert, she also publishes nutrition, health, and fitness videos. Lucy Wyndham-Read is an outstanding writer as well. Some of her most popular books include Walk Slim, HIIT- High-Intensity Interval Training, The Women’s Fitness Book, and The No-Gym Workout.


At the age of 19, despite a girly image and constant bullying, Lucy wanted to take on the ultimate challenge of being a part of the British army. She joined the army in 1989 and began her initial training with QARANC (Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps). During the first gulf war, her training was interrupted, after which she went through retraining as a dental nurse.

Lucy described herself as a very reserved, quiet, and shy girl whose family was taken aback by her decision to join the army. But with her hard work and skills, everyone quickly saw the skills and potential that the British army provided her. Lucy routinely drew upon her army training in the future.

The initial training days were extremely rough for her. The training gave Lucy the basis of her determination. The grit that became part of her character came from her time in the military. Lucy did not want to do most of the training activities, but she realized how it changed her mentally and physically. But most of all, the training made her extremely proud of herself and augmented her impulse to accomplish much in life.

Lucy believes that the set of skills she took from the army will stay with her forever.

She now knows that it is not about giving up. Consequently, always knowing that you are much stronger than what you appear provides her imagination to achieve her goals.

Lucy Wyndham-Read is currently working as a qualified personal trainer, nutrition and weight-loss guru, pre and post-natal fitness leader, aerobics instructor, and children’s health/fitness specialist. She has been in the industry for over 25 years now. Lucy has a wealth of experience that creates extraordinary results.

In her workout sessions, Lucy has helped millions of people worldwide. Her YouTube channel has over 1.6 million subscribers and 217,102 million views overall. Lucy also frequently appears on different TV channels and has her own column in Feel Good You magazine. Moreover, Lucy often appears in different publications like Glamour, ELLE, Red, OK, Stylist, You, and Cosmopolitan.

Lucy Wyndham-Read 7 Minute Workout

The 7-minute workout program by Lucy Wyndham-Read is, by far, one of the most popular exercises and fitness videos on YouTube. It is apparently the most viewed workout video ever, with a massive following of 47.5 million views. Despite your fitness level, age, or body shape, this one-week 7-minute program, along with Lucy’s diet recipes and positive mindset, is enough to make you love your body and believe in yourself.

Take seven minutes of your day and follow her exercises to feel best about your body and get in shape. Lucy’s supporting recipes further augments the positive impact of the sessions. You don’t need any equipment. The exercises are straightforward and highly effective, whatever your physique and health level is. The best part, you only need 7 minutes of your day to work the magic.

Through this program, Lucy wants her fans and followers to love their body and feel great. These seven workouts that are all exclusive to her book speaks to real fitness enthusiasts. All the sessions are validated through illustrations for people of all ages, sizes, and shapes.

Try the exercises for one week alongside healthy recipes to get impressive results.

Lucy Wyndham-Read’s Free Home Workout Classes

Lucy Wyndham-Read has her free home workout classes for a more one-on-one, personal fitness training vibe. Unlike other online classes, her videos range from short to long. They are great for people of all fitness levels.

Recently, Lucy has started uploading more covid-19 related content like virtual walking sessions for people who cannot go out due to pandemic. The fact that her videos are solo gives her an edge over others and make her videos distinctive from all.

Apart from giving exercise tips and teaching you how to stay fit, she gives out a piece of her positive personality and motivational life-force to make you smile through the journey. Lucy’s videos are so direct that her followers feel as if she’s teaching them directly at one point. With her free classes, you will never feel like you are in it all alone!

Lucy Wyndham-Read’s Online Personal Trainer

This British fitness guru’s online personal training program is the fastest way to achieve premium results. No matter where you are in the world or whatever your fitness goal is, Lucy can help you via her personally designed online plans where she works out with you to help achieve desired goals.

To start the process, Lucy sends you an online fitness questionnaire, which helps her prepare a customized designing program to suit your requirements. Her plans are sure to meet everything you desire, from the time you need to spend on exercises to workouts that meet your fitness goals and the days you train to achieve fitness. All you have to do is follow the plan and watch the video links to her YouTube channel to reach an ultimate fitness level. The best part of this plan comes with a free five-day healthy eating plan to ensure you get through your journey quickly.

Lucy Wyndham-Read’s Lifestyle Guide

Her lifestyle guide is all about feeling and looking your best. There are hundreds of pages full of information to educate you about everything you need to know to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Subsequently, In this guide, Lucy covered everything from weight loss, toning, fitness, well-being, health, confidence, fashion, and even beauty. This is an instant map that allows you to start a healthy new lifestyle today.

Lucy Wyndham-Read’s Men’s Online Weight Loss Course

This course by Lucy Wyndham-Read is a day by day guide for fitness enthusiasts looking for a simple workout session to shed weight. Also, it focuses, teaches, and educates you on three aspects that you need to quickly and successfully eliminate extra body weight.

The areas Lucy has focused on in this program include exercise, mindset, and nutrition. Through this 21-day weight loss course, she offers full support to the adherent, so you stay in shape for life.

Lucy Wyndham-Read Books

She has written fitness and weight loss books such as:

  • 7-Minute Body Plan: Real Results in 7 Days
  • HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training
  • Body Toning for Women
  • An Unfit Mother: How to Get Your Health, Shape, and Sanity Back After Childbirth
  • Walk Off the Weight
  • Running For Beginners
  • Total Body Plan
  • Best Arm Toning Exercises For Women
  • 5:2 Fast Diet Recipes
  • Cure Belly Fat
  • The Fastest Diet and Workout Ever

Lucy Wyndham-Read Weight Loss Bundle

To make her followers shed weight fast and easy, her weight loss advice is easily available as a bundle package and includes:

  1. Healthy eating eBook (helps you find easy ways to create tasty, healthy and low fat/carb and low calories meal plans)
  2. Four week lose belly fat eBook step by step plan (use this guide to complete every workout session and watch your weight drop instantly)
  3. Walk slim (this 16-minute full audio coaching takes you outdoors for a calorie-burning walking workout session)
  4. Home circuit e-cards (make fitness exercise fun for you and make your own calorie-burning front room circuit class)
  5. Relaxation (the basic calming words and mediation techniques to get through the journey)

Some other bundle packages available for purchase are:

  • Healthy lifestyle bundle
  • Get summer-ready bundle
  • Spring bundle look your best
  • The overhaul bundle
  • Menopause weight loss and health bundle
  • Ski fit bundle

Lucy Wyndham-Read’s Clothing Line

For Lucy Wyndham-Read, a great workout wardrobe can do a lot more than make you look good. So whether you are jumping, lunging, squatting, or doing any other kind of exercise, she has a robust selection of exercise gear for your everyday needs to give a finishing touch to your successful workout session.

Lucy’s performance clothes are made with highly technical fabric. She owns a stylish yet very muted range for her followers that’s perfect for outdoor and indoor use. In general, this clothing line is undoubtedly ideal for health-conscious people who want to invest their money in high-quality apparel that remains comfortable throughout the exercises.

The fan following of the brand is devoted for a reason, and once you have gone to Lucy Wyndham-Read for fitness attires, you will never go anywhere else.

Tips And Tricks By Lucy Wyndham-Read

By far, Lucy is the only fitness expert who has managed to gain one million subscribers and 128 million views on her YouTube channel, i.e., LWR Fitness, within 3 years of being in the industry. Lucy Wyndham is famous for handling all of her content creation and social media engagement. Consequently, considering her followers’ across different platforms, Lucy is pretty successful in the health and fitness industry.

Let’s take  a look at some of the tricks and tips by the fitness guru:
  • Always focus on your fitness and not aesthetics. Improving your speed, performance, consistency, and flexibility is far more effective than constantly looking at yourself in the mirror. Using Lucy Wyndham-Read’s books, your body and mind will change quickly, and your aesthetic will begin to follow as well.
  • Keep your focus on your fitness journey and not the results. Lucy Wyndham-Read and her channel are all about what you should do today. It is never about a one-time thing. Cultivate good habits with a routine because the small changes you make today will add up to big changes over time.
  • Try to celebrate your lifestyle choices like getting in good shape, healthy eating, or doing great workout sessions.
  • Never think about a distant goal that could cause frustration. Because changing your body is an ongoing process that takes time. Every person is different, so better to take one day at a time and progress from it.
  • Use attentive movements to make every action a workout for you. To do this, you can choose a correct series of movements defined in Lucy’s fitness books.
  • Suppose you want to start with any of her exercise programs, set clear goals before starting. Doing so can make your workout sessions fun and enjoyable.
  • Please choose the right diet as it can make or break your ultimate fitness goals. With Lucy Wyndham-Read’s diet plans, eat proper calorie intake, and add all the beneficial values to your nutritional regime.

Final Thoughts

Ex-Army officer Lucy Wyndham-Read is an author of multiple best-selling books with publications selling in more than 25 countries worldwide. Though she specializes in women’s fitness, some of her stuff is about men’s weight loss and fitness journey. With her talent, skills, and massive fan following, she is the woman who can reshape your body immediately!




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