HIIT - How to Sculpt Muscles with a Workout Program

HIIT – How to Sculpt Muscles with Your Workout Program

You might have heard of HIIT but don’t know what it is and how to use it to your advantage. HIIT, which stands for High-intensity interval training, is also known as high-intensity intermittent exercise or sprint interval training. It is a workout program that is gaining a lot of attention due to its ability to help you lose weight and build a muscular body.

HIIT workout programs happen to be some of the most time-efficient ways to exercise. A HIIT workout can last between 10-30 minutes. Regardless of how short the time you put into a HIIT workout program, you can be sure of getting results quickly.

HIIT can be a work routine with a short burst of intense exercise and involves intervals.

It features anaerobic exercises, after which a short rest break. What differentiates HIIT from other workout routines is the short timeframe needed to complete a workout.

You can carry out many activities while in a HIIT workout. These activities include sprinting, biking, jump rope, or other bodyweight exercises. No matter what HIIT exercise you undergo, there must be a short period of rigorous training to boost your heart rate.

HIIT is a reliable program for shedding fat and building a good body shape. HIIT has proved that it helps millions lose weight, develop muscles, and it can work for you.

How to sculpt your body with a HIIT workout program

For weight loss or muscular development, HIIT training can help you sculpt your body. Here is a quick HIIT workout program for weight loss:

Sidewinder mountain climbers:

Starting in a full push-up position, you’re going to jump those feet up as close to that left hand as you can. Then directly back to the push-up position, then up to the right as far as you can. Finally, keep alternating sides back and forth. Try to keep it as even as you can on each side.

Toe touch jacks: 

It is done almost identically to a regular jumping jack, but at the bottom, when your arms and legs come together, you’re going to squat down and touch those toes and then come back up again. Please add extra effort to the jumping jack.

Here is a quick HIIT workout program for muscle building:

High Plank to Low Plank:

Start on all fours, then move into a low plank position. The next thing is to ensure your core is tight and your back is straight. Place one hand on the floor and push up into a high plank position. Then return to the low plank position while placing your arm on the floor. You must do this training at a steady pace.


You start by standing tall, then drop your hands down towards the ground while bending your knees as your palms touch the ground. Next, jump your feet backward quickly and lower to the bottom of a push-up position. Next, push back up while jumping your feet forward between your hands. Now immediately jump straight off the ground, land softly, and repeat.

Final Thoughts on How to Sculpt Muscles on a HIIT Workout Program

You can benefit from an instructor’s guidance when trying out HIIT training to sculpt your body. This helps you avoid some injuries that can occur during the training. Also, consult your doctor before starting any new workout program. 

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