Chloe Ting's Abs Workout - How to Sculpt a Six Pack

Chloe Ting’s Abs Workout – How to Sculpt a Six Pack

How can you sculpt a six-pack stomach with Chloe Ting’s abs workout? Chloe Ting has taken the internet by showing people an effective way to shed weight and make abs.

In one of her fitness challenges, she claimed this workout would help them create six-pack abs in two weeks. She successfully netted over 200 million views on her video, and people are showing their transformations to her on social media accounts.

Chloe Ting Celebrity Fitness Trainer

If you are looking for an effective way to build six-pack abs in 2-weeks, then Chloe Ting’s abs workout is the routine. Also, training combined with a diet and the best women’s multivitamins will keep you healthy and fit. So let’s get into the details of this intense workout.

Chloe Ting’s Abs Workout Explanation

If you inspect her workout challenges of Chloe, you can find one thing in common with her videos. Chloe makes the complete process look easy by doing it effortlessly. She also makes programs for other body areas to target other muscles. As a result, trying different workout routines can tone your body without using expensive equipment.

You only need a mat to attempt this abdominal workout and are ready. However, this workout program is 11 minutes and involves 21 exercises. Therefore, it would be best to try it for over two weeks for excellent results.

Ab Workout Challenge Details

  • Leg raise clap for 30-seconds
  • Reverse crunch for 30-seconds
  • Spiderman plank for 30-seconds
  • Crossbody mountain climber for 30-seconds
  • Russian twist for 30-seconds
  • In and out for 30-seconds
  • Plank with hip dips for 30-seconds
  • Plank jacks for 30-seconds
  • 100 for 30-seconds
  • Crunch for 30-seconds
  • Up and down plank for 30-seconds
  • Plank for 30-seconds
  • Heeltap for 30-seconds
  • Bicycle crunch for 30-seconds
  • Reverse crunch leg extension for 30-seconds
  • Straight leg crunch for 30-seconds
  • Up and down plank for 30-seconds

The workout allows you to take a 10-15 second break after every 2-exercise. You should have your drinking water nearby and a fresh towel because you will need it. It’s essential to keep hydrated throughout any workout to get maximum results. Dehydration can cause your body to become fatigued.



When you attempt Chloe Ting’s abs challenge, it is essential to stay consistent. All workouts depend on you staying consistent for the best results. Once you are into the routine, Chloe does an excellent job of keeping you motivated and engaged. With every increasing level, you can feel the intensity and every day encourages you to stay fit. You will start with the light exercises and then progress to more rigorous activities. After getting into the intense workout, rest on the 7th day and stretch your body.

This abs workout will help you shed weight quickly from your abdomen, and you can see the visible difference in the first 6-days. It’s an inspiring workout because it enhances metabolism.

This workout challenge will keep your pH level balanced and your muscles active. The gradual work-up meets you where you are and allows you to grow with the workouts. Chloe Ting becomes your trainer while you are attempting this workout. Personal trainers use an extensive knowledge frame to get results from a workout. Everyone can benefit from a personal trainer; it never hurts when they don’t cost you anything.

Another significant benefit of Chloe Ting’s abs workout is you don’t have to travel or pay a gym fee to try it. The training saves you time and money while providing the convenience of a home workout. Choose a spacious place at your home and start building impressive abs in just 2-weeks.

Workout Mirror


Every workout routine has limitations to keep users safe from mishaps or injuries. Usually, these challenges are intense and require impressive energy to complete until the end. Chloe Ting’s abs workout is suitable for people who go to the gym regularly and do challenging exercises. This challenge is not appropriate for pregnant women and even post-delivery. People should avoid this workout routine when undergoing massive surgery and never attempt it without a doctor’s consultation.

Another limitation is that the workout is static, and a novice will struggle to change the training. Of course, some people will need modifications because of constraints, but only experienced people will know how to make those modifications to continue to use the workout. For example, if you have bad knees, back, shoulder, or neck or are just out of shape. But, again, an experienced person might change the exercises, using similar activities, time on task, and rest time.

How to Use it For the Best Workout?

If enrolled in another program, put it on the back burner until you see how your body responds to this workout. Also, you can incorporate some exercises from Chloe Ting’s abs workout into your training.

Suppose you are doing cardio regularly but want to invest additional time to strengthen the stomach, then try some exercises Chloe Ting offers. You can select targeted activities from the challenge and add them to your workout routine for the best results. For example, this abs workout is only for toning the abdomen area, but it can be a foundation or just part of your regular workout.

If you use equipment to work out, this program will provide you with a new switch-up as it only uses body exercises. While on this program, make sure you combine it with a compatible diet and biological activities, such as standing and walking frequently.

Who Is It Made For?

The first factor your workout result depends on is genetics. Everyone can’t have six-pack abs within a limited period, especially when not following a good diet. This abs workout challenge suits all people obsessed with body toning and currently working out. If you are an absolute beginner, go for the dead bug, which will calm your neck and back. Give time to your body and let it adjust before elevating your workout routine.

To get the visible results in two weeks, you need to focus on body fat percentage and reduce it as much as possible to uncover your abs. Abs challenge by Chloe Ting is suitable for people in good shape and who know their bodies well. However, even though Chloe Ting is your trainer, she cannot see you or know your health and fitness history.

A big part of working out is adjusting how your body responds to a workout. Some novices can overcome the lack of experience with discipline and a strong will. However, if you are a highly motivated person who learns quickly on your feet, this workout is for you, no matter your experience level. But eat well and get a good night’s sleep before and after your workout.

Final Thoughts on Chloe Ting’s Abs Workout – How to Sculpt a Six Pack

You don’t have to feel demotivated if you take a while to burn stomach fat because some people’s genetics require more time to burn fat. By staying consistent during Chloe Ting’s abs workout challenge, you can achieve the results in your own time. The program will eventually alter your body by reducing dangerous fats.

The body needs some fat to function correctly. Each of us is different, so as long as you feel healthy, try the workout, but be happy in your skin. Whether this challenge will work for you; depends on the situation you are starting from. If you are already slim, then  2-weeks are enough to achieve the defined abs. Also, using a device such as a breath meter can help you track your results better. If you or someone you know is considering weight loss, share this article on Facebook or Twitter so that others can learn more about losing weight.

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