Everything You Need to Pack For a Gym Workout

Are you sure about everything you need to pack for a gym workout? In any endeavor you embark upon in life, preparation is perhaps the essential element of getting it right. How often have you resolved to do something, then gone to do it and realized you didn’t have the tools? And how often have you done it to the best of your ability regardless and then realized you needed those tools?

Going to the gym is exactly like that. You can work out in your clothes, bringing nothing to the gym, but you wouldn’t. And if you wouldn’t do that, why would you throw a few items into your gym backpack and head off to a workout? The list below is everything you need for effective training and post-workout.

Hydration Important for Cyclists

Water Bottle

 In getting fit, you’re going to need to drink water. It’s no exaggeration to say that hydration makes everything easier. It lubricates muscles and joints, aids temperature control, and helps you think more clearly. Bringing a refillable water bottle means you can take on hydration whenever you need it.

Refueling Food

During or after a workout, your body needs easy-to-digest food. Food allows you to maximize the benefits of your efforts. Also, this means that pre-made smoothies – which come with sugars – are off the menu. So, too, are simple carbs, which slow your metabolism. Cooked chicken, energy bars, and bananas are all excellent options.

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Flip Flops

 No, not for use on the machines – you’ll need a gym shoe. Flip-flops are for wearing around the locker rooms, including in the shower. You don’t know how many people have been through the locker room since its last complete cleaning. But you can bet they’ve left bacteria behind them, and picking it up raises your chances of an infection.

Gym Bag For Working Out

Packing Cubes

 When you’ve finished a workout and are heading home, you need to pack all of your clothes back into your bag. If you’ve brought spares of everything – as you should in case of spillages – you don’t want to be putting sweaty, dirty gym clothes in with your clean socks and t-shirts. A packing cube will allow you to sequester the used from the fresh.

man sitting and sweating

Microfiber Towels

 A towel is essential when you’re working up a sweat at the gym. Microfiber towels are the best possible option. They are lightweight, extremely absorbent, and easy to wash. You can buy multipacks with small ones for your brow and neck and larger ones for the body.

Young Sportsman Boxing Workout At Gym Guy Punching Boxing Bag

Your Gym Clothes

You can’t work out without gym clothes. So gym clothes are a part of the list of things you need. You should bring your gym shoes in a separate shoe bag, as they’re sturdy and heavy-duty. You don’t want them crushing anything else you’ve got with you.

The Last Word on Everything You Need to Pack for a Gym Workout

So, what do you need to pack for a gym workout? You’ll want to have comfortable clothes, sneakers, a snack or an energy bar, and a water bottle. If you’re lifting weights, you may also want to bring a towel and some weightlifting gloves. And finally, don’t forget your headphones so you can jam out while you sweat! Also, don’t forget to support your workout with a proper diet and use progressive overload and a periodization plan to get the best results.

If you can remember these essentials, you’ll be able to focus on your fitness goals instead of worrying about what you left at home. Are there any other essential items that we forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments!

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