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Sex life: How Intimacy Affects Emotional Health

How does your sex life affect your emotional health? Many say money is the oil that lubricates the wheel of life. Indeed, sex is the lubricant. Without sex, there can be no humans. Besides, the singular act of having sex has influenced and altered many life events in history.

As humans, we face numerous battles in life. While some are fought on the battlefield, some are fought between the sheets. These days, the battles fought in between the sheets have the most impact on our emotional health.

So what does your sex life have to do with staying emotionally healthy?! Well, fret not, as this is the only article you’ll ever need to read on taking full advantage of sexual intimacy for your emotional health.

Make satisfaction the goal.

Unless your partner is a sex god, sex with them can’t be a hit all the time. But at least sex with your significant other should support or help you maintain your emotional health. Because when your sex life is no longer satisfying, it degenerates into a perfunctory activity that bores you and only brings about feelings of discontent and resentment towards your partner. Also, this is why you must go for a sexually compatible partner and work as a team to achieve maximum satisfaction.

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Control what you can

The media provides us with the ideal standard of what a man or a woman should look like every day. Without a doubt, the media and society’s norms are wildly romantic. Also, this is why you must control what you can. By enjoying your sex life, you can improve your emotional health. Also, this will go a long way in saving you from feelings of inadequacy and all sorts of insecurities.

By controlling what you can, you love your body, accept yourself for who you are, and work on improving things like your weight, health, diet, and mindset. Only when you truly accept yourself can you enjoy the full emotional benefits of sexual intimacy. It’s time to stop seeing yourself as Shrek or Ursula when having sex.

Explore your fantasies

Why do we dream? Why do we have fantasies? The sole reason is because of the way it makes us feel after we experience it. This feeling of satisfaction and euphoria is something everyone should experience. So, as long as your fantasies are humane and your partner is comfortable, your sex life will help maintain your emotional health by contributing to your happiness.

Have a steady and healthy sex life

While some couples have sex at the drop of a clothing item, there are relationships, or ‘situationships,’ where a partner has to spin a wheel only on their birthday to get a slim chance of getting laid. The moral of the story still boils down to sexual compatibility, especially when it comes to libido.

You want to be sure that your partner matches your energy. Of course, it’s outstanding if your libido is higher, but what you certainly want to avoid is if there’s a massive gap in your sexual desires. Believe us when we tell you that it is disruptive to your emotional health when you start thinking you’re a sex animal, even when you’re not getting the bare minimum.

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Normalize finding pleasure in non-sexual activities

Physical intimacy comes in various forms. It could be as simple as holding hands, cuddling while watching a romantic movie, or going in hard with some intense PDA when you’re with your partner.

These activities also make you feel good and improve your mental health as they lead to the release of feel-good hormones like oxytocin and neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. Besides, the hiatus might be what you need to improve your emotional health and freshen up your sex life.

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The last word on how sex can improve your emotional health

While sex is unnecessary for emotional health, it can play a significant role in how you feel. When we are intimate with another person, our brain releases oxytocin and serotonin, making us feel happy and relaxed. These hormones also act as natural painkillers. If your partner rubs your back or gives you a massage after sexual activity, this will help relieve any soreness that might have occurred during the experience.

Sex should be pleasurable to both partners, but there may be times when one of them does not enjoy what’s happening because of physical problems like erectile dysfunction or lack of lubrication. If these issues persist, talk to your doctor because they could be related to severe underlying conditions like diabetes or heart disease.

The emotional benefits of sex are clear. It also positively affects your health, builds intimacy with your partner, and can even help you lose weight! So what’s been your experience? We would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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  1. Nice articulated! Sure intimacy is so important in any relation, affecting one’s mental health as well. In fact one of the main causes of erection issues could be lack of intimacy which is why one of the most popular erectile dysfunction treatments could be simply going to counselling.

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