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Leg Day – How Does this Workout Improves Your Sexual Performance?

Leg Day Workout Sexual Performance

While physical activity, in general, can be quite beneficial to your sexual performance in the bedroom, many tend to neglect the infamously dreaded leg day. It’s understandable, however, for those who work out to skip leg day; it’s painful, it’s difficult, and it doesn’t translate directly to your upper-body aesthetic.

Or so you may think…

While those who work out tend to prioritize their upper body for physical appearance purposes, leg day can have a drastic impact on your overall physique and performance in bed.

Not only does it provide you with a stronger base when lifting to allow for heavier loads which, of course, translates to a better physique. Training legs boost natural testosterone levels; a hormone that has a direct correlation with exercise performance, among other things.

Exercise performance aside, leg day boost libido, vitality, and sexual performance. We can attribute this to several factors.

In this article, we’ll be discussing how physical activity and, more specifically, leg day can improve your sexual performance in the bedroom. If you’re ready to take your bedroom game to new levels, keep reading!

The Benefits of Leg Day for Sexual Performance

While many of the benefits that we discuss you can also experience from general physical activity and exercise, it’s doubly true when it comes to leg day.

In fact, leg day has been shown to elicit more of these benefits and in a more powerful & prevalent way than a typical bout of upper-body exercise or cardiovascular activity, for example.

In what follows, we’ll discuss how each of these benefits plays a role in sexual performance.

Below are the Benefits of Leg Day:

  • Improves Physique and Overall Strength
  • Increases Stamina & Endurance
  • Supports Natural Testosterone Production
  • Aids in Hormonal Balancing
  • Produces Nitric Oxide and Improves Blood Flow
  • Builds Confidence
  • Improves Overall Athleticism and Performance
  • Reduces Stress & Anxiety
  • Boosts Mood and Increases Libido & Vitality

As you can tell, exercise offers a wide range of mental and physical benefits, many of which are sex-enhancing. For those that suffer from sexual drive, erectile dysfunction, or poor sexual performance, exercising may be the solution.

Causes of Poor Sexual Performance

If you are someone who lacks sex drive, suffers from ED, or simply thinks that their performance in bed is poor, it may be caused by several factors.

Maybe you lack confidence in your physical appearance, resulting in poor performance in bed.

Perhaps you’re stressed and anxious from outside factors like work and relationships, resulting in mood fluctuations and thus poor performance in bed.

Maybe you have a hormonal imbalance, resulting in poor blood flow and thus a lack of drive and sexual performance.

Or maybe you simply struggle with the stamina and athleticism required for a quality sexual experience.

Whatever the case, exercise, and more specifically, leg day can immediately alleviate many of these symptoms of poor sexual performance; boosting libido, improving your mental, physical, and emotional state, and ultimately improving your sexual performance in the bedroom.

Eliminating stress, for example, has a direct impact on libido. Boosting nitric oxide production directly improves blood flow to the sex organs and thus heightening your overall sexual experience. Improving your confidence by improving your health and physical appearance also plays a major factor in your performance in bed.

Thankfully, leg day, the ultimate natural testosterone booster, stimulates all of these benefits.

Leg Exercises for Improved Sexual Performance

Building strong legs can directly increase testosterone in men. This, for obvious reasons, is a great start to arousal. Moreover, leg day also promotes strength, hip mobility, and flexibility, all of which allow for a greater range of sexual positions in the bedroom.

Not “in the mood”? No worries.

Take a visit to the gym before you visit the bedroom, hit an intense leg workout, and allow the endorphins to set the mood!

So, you may now be wondering what leg exercises are most optimal for improving sexual performance in the bedroom? Below are the top three leg exercises that you can implement consistently to boost your performance in the bedroom (or wherever you plan on getting it on…):

  • Heavy Squats – Don’t neglect the squat! It’s hard, it’s tiresome, and it’s heavy. But for those with low t-levels, lifting heavy is the solution. With that said, there is no better movement than the compound squat. Squats also improve blood flow to your sex organs.
  • Lunges – If you’re going for a full-blown, high-intensity leg day workout, you can’t leave out the lunge. Whether you use dumbbells or a barbell, the lunge is going to elicit much of the stimulus as a squat does.
  • Deadlifts – Another multi-jointed compound exercise effective for boosting testosterone and thus improving performance is the deadlift. Much like the squat, the heavy deadlift is essential for those suffering from poor performance in the bedroom.

While these are of course not all of the leg exercises you should be doing for improving sexual performance in the bedroom, they’re certainly the most important and effective.

If you can’t perform any or all of these movements due to injury or limitation, no problem. There are many alternatives, substitutions, and hack machines that you can perform in its place.

In Summary

Leg day is an extremely important aspect of your overall fitness regimen. Without it, you’re simply missing out. Moreover, if you’re someone who struggles with sexual performance, or you’re simply looking to improve, leg day is the solution.

Don’t be the guy who skips leg day. Not only will you look like a beast on the top and a twig on the bottom, but you’ll be leaving valuable gains, both in the gym and in the bedroom, on the table.

Get after it!

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