Diet Books - 10 Greatest in 2020, Why Read Them Now

Diet Books – 10 Greatest in 2020, Why You Should Read Them?

What are the ten greatest diet books in 2020? Do you want to have a toned body? Or clear your skin up by cutting out the carbs and fatty substances? Or feel fantastic about yourself from the inside out! It all begins by eating healthy and consuming nutritious foods. You probably have an idea, but in reality, what you put into your body significantly impacts your weight and body structure.

People want to follow shortcuts to eat healthily and complete a diet regime successfully. However, for most individuals, articles, Google, YouTube, and books are the quickest means of finding the answers. Subsequently, there are hundreds of options available online.

There is no shortage of books that tell you the best way to diet. However, once you log onto Amazon or head to your nearby bookstore, you notice that every celebrity, trainer, doctor, and nutritionist has an opinion on weight loss.

Ten Greatest Diet Books

So how do you pick out the best diet book? We have compiled a list for you, including the texts which mention diets that burn stomach fat. You can find inspiration from these sources positively and enhance your quality of life substantially. So browse these options and choose one as you understand more about your body.

1. The Fast Diet

About the Authors

Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer have provided exceptional writing like this book. Michael received his training as a doctor at the Royal Free Hospital in London. After completing his qualification, he made many history and science documentaries for the BBC. He has worked with multiple professionals to develop shows and coverage material regarding the human body.

Mimi has worked as a writer, outlining national magazines and newspapers in the UK. Some notable names include Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and The Times.

Best Suited For

This is the best option for people looking for diet books to lose weight by eating normally. You can become slimmer and healthier by getting appropriate information from written insights. Also, if you want to discover the benefits of intermittent fasting, give this a read!

Best Point,

The book explains the method of intermittent fasting proficiently. It considers the process an optimal solution for all the weight gain-related complexities. The authors introduce the constituents of the 5:2 diet, which has transformed hundreds of individuals’ lives.

This book teaches you how to improve your health and prevent diseases such as cardiac ailments, diabetes, and much more. In addition, it provides a lifestyle change more than anything else.

Fast diet recipes and meal preparation methods offer a promising short-day strategy. In addition, there is a section dedicated to FAQs, testimonials, and reviews, so you get to know how people lost weight with the help of simple tips and tricks. In addition, the book provides an appealing graphical interpretation of typical ‘fasting meals,’ which is quite helpful for many.

The diet plans provided by the authors are far from being fake or irresponsive. On the contrary, the Fast Diet is an innovative way of thinking about food, which can go a long way for your help!

2. Eat to Live

About the Author

Dr. Joel Fuhrman is the author of six New York Times best-selling books, including Live to Eat. In addition, they internationally recognized him for his expertise in natural healing and nutrition. Being the Nutritional Research Foundation president and a board-certified family physician, he has appeared on hundreds of television shows and radio broadcasts. In addition, he has worked with professionals from effectual PBS specials, raining millions for public broadcasting networks.

Best Suited For

This book will be worthwhile if you are looking for diets that burn stomach fat or give results without feeling hungry or deprived. ‘Eat to Live’ is not just about weight loss. It is about improving your metabolism, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and more.

The six-week plan tells you the best way to diet by cutting down on sugar, carbs (pasta and bread), and oil. If you follow the explanations, you will also have to quit dairy and meat for approximately six weeks and consume more vegetables, beans, fruits, and other whole grains.

Best Point,

The best Point about this book is that it focuses on weight loss by eating organic products. The author shows you can eat unlimited quantities of raw vegetables such as steamed or slow-cooked beans, mushrooms, eggplant, onions, tomatoes, cauliflowers, carrots, and more.

Furham has also suggested taking advantage of fibrous foods and resistant starch, which keeps you feeling full. On multiple occasions, he mentioned including at least four fresh fruits daily. You can consume frozen fruits, but the book prohibits canned ones.

The level of effort you will have to give after reading this book is medium to hard. Because there are restrictions, you will consume plenty of vegetables and some legumes. In addition, there will be limited amounts of starch per meal. However, once you complete the initial six weeks, you can re-integrate meat, fat-free dairy, fish, refined carbs, and oil in adequate amounts.

3. What Are You Hungry For?

About the Author

Deepak Chopra is an American-Indian author and an alternative-medicine supporter. He is one of the most prominent individuals to support the New Age movement. His videos and books are the reason for his popularity and fame.

The author studied medicine in India before immigrating to the United States in 1970. Completing his advanced qualifications in the west, he gained a powerful position to establish a renowned health center and publish multiple books on health and wellbeing.

According to Chopra’s philosophical assumptions, quantum healing cures multiple ailments, including cancer. This mindset is visible in the book ‘What Are You Hungry For?’

Best Suited For

This book is well-suited for individuals looking for transformational and in-depth reading. If you think that weight control and obesity are some of America’s main issues that need exciting new concepts and improvisations, you will enjoy reading them.

Best Point,

What are you hungry for? As the name implies, this manual for higher health options depends on modern alternatives and mainstream medicine. The author has created a weight loss vision based on an extensive awareness of why people eat more than they should. According to his explanations, they are trying to find satisfaction and happiness in food; they use food to replace real contentment.

The author repudiates all conventional crash diets and mentions how normal eating can substantially improve a person’s health and fitness. His holistic approach supports developing mental well-being through resourcefulness and awareness by following a natural diet.

Based on Ayurveda’s Indian philosophies, Chopra insists on consuming a balanced diet, including organic foods that provide more energy. This book is necessary to find the best diet, but it also tells the reader how to prevent stress from eating and making bad food decisions. Most of the information is simple tips that work for people of all age groups.

4. Crazy Sexy Diet

About the Author

Kris Carr is among the most popular and diligent wellness activists, health advocates, speakers, and Amazon best-selling authors. She is the director and subject of Crazy Sexy Cancer, broadcast on major networks. In addition, Kris consistently lectures at wellness centers, hospitals, and institutes such as Harvard University and Natural Health Magazine.

She has appeared in several media and entertainment industry shows, including Vanity Fair, The New York Times, Good Morning America, Glamour, The Early Show, and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Best Suited For

Since Kris Carr designed the diet plans with multiple experts’ help, you can count on getting the best possible advice. The meal plans best suit those who want to opt for a vegan, low-glycemic program that stresses the body’s pH balance. However, if you are a raw and whole foods fan, you will thoroughly enjoy reading her descriptions.

Best Point,

The book comprises exciting titles, such as coffee, cocktails, cupcakes, Phabulous, God-Pod Glow, and Make Juice Not War. As a reader, you will stay engaged. Carr supports readers to go from a state of constant body damage prevention to repair and rejuvenation. It also denies myths and misunderstandings about dieting or consuming raw food items.

Crazy Sexy Diet is for those who want to become confident and beautiful on the outside and inside. She takes examples from her life as a cancer survivor and explains how personal care is possible with minimal resources. From this book, you will learn how to make purchases on a minimal budget, control grocery shopping, eat healthy on the go, and work out through the inevitably busy routine.

Kris Carr has emphasized some significant points: adding alkaline nutrients in the body, flushing stored chemicals, and waste products, installing healthy limitations to avoid stressful elements, and developing a wellness support system. But, regardless of the recommendations, it is an impressive literary contribution to weight loss.

5. The Emotional Eater’s Repair Manual

About the Author

Julie Simon is a contemporary and creative author of the two best-sellers: The Emotional Eater’s Repair Manual and When Food is Comfort. She has worked as a licensed psychotherapist and life coach for twenty-seven years and has outstanding experience working with over-eaters and obese individuals. She knows how to heal their minds and bodies by creating awareness regarding self-worth and self-confidence.

Simon has been a lifelong fitness enthusiast. She has also been a professional personal trainer for about twenty-five years, designing nutrition and exercise programs for different population groups. Being the director and founder of the famous Twelve-Week Emotional Eating Recovery Program based in Los Angeles, she offers alternative solutions to dieting by promoting body, spirit, and mind exercises.

Best Suited For

The Emotional Eater’s Repair Manual is for individuals that often indulge in overeating or snacking. If you are a habitual binge eater, you will find helpful insight in this written manual.

As emotional eaters, people turn to food to find comfort and contentment with excitement. The book rejects these destructive habits and provides suitable guidance for future improvisations.

Best Point,

The author handles and regulates the actual issue of why many people overeat in the book. She explains how calculating calories and limiting foods deprive dieters of how consequential the entire process is. In most cases, people leave food consumption altogether and resort back to fattening comfort products after a week.

Simon has developed a guide to help balance emotional responses. The book explains how people can control their spirits, emotions, and body to control the urge to binge eat. In addition, the book contains five self-care skills, body-balancing regulations, and soul-protection applications, which provide exceptional help for beginners.

If you want to set healthier boundaries for yourself and respect consumption patterns, go through the book thoroughly because it will be extremely captivating. In addition, being connected to the body and responding to applicable requirements will most likely be helpful.

6. Practical Paleo

About the Author

Diane Sanfelippo is a podcast, author and entrepreneur. She has been working in creative writing and publishing for over ten years. Being the founder and owner of Balanced Bites and the New York Times best-selling book Practical Paleo, she has worked hard to earn her position in the market.

Through her endless efforts in designing books and multiple nutrition programs, Diane has helped hundreds of individuals change their lifestyles and eating habits. She has learned to gain confidence by finding innovative life elements, whether starting a business or addressing health issues by consuming nutritious foods.

Best Suited For

This book is for those who want to read the absolute truth about the food and packaging industry. The author starts by mentioning how our ancestors did not need any lessons on nutrition and healthy eating. She then compares how the younger generation faces different brands and stored food items, which is confusing and unclear.

If you are looking for the best tips and guidance measures, this is the book to pick up! You can learn about diets that burn stomach fat and the best diet without starving. Sanfelippo outlines how to attain optimal health without counting calories or feeling deprived.

Best Point,

Practical Paleo is a publication with over 120 workable food recipes, all of which have natural or organic elements. The best part is you know about common food allergens, including FODMAPs and nightshades. The guidance is through meal plans, which take into consideration people of all ages and genders.

The book considers people with complicated issues, such as individuals with autoimmune conditions, diabetes 1 and 2 with hypoglycemia., chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure and cholesterol, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. With the help of this resource, you will surely be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition, there is a section that contains questions and answers on how a transformative lifestyle can benefit you.

7. French Women Don’t Get Fat

About the Author

Mireille Guiliano is a French-American author and creative writer. She is passionate about introducing the world to inventive notions and explanations. Guiliano started her career as a multi-lingual translator, including her work with the United Nations. During her work experience with the Champagne News and Information Bureau, she got most of her writing inspiration and exposure.

Her best work in “French Women Don’t Get Fat” sold over 450,000 copies from December 2004 to April 2005. In addition, they translated it into multiple languages for international people to comprehend and understand. Overall, during the time of ten years, it sold over three million copies.

Best Suited For

Out of all the diet books to lose weight, this recommends chocolate, cheese, and wine. So, this book is the ultimate option if you are looking for an easier way out of your unhealthy lifestyle.

The author mentions all the prominent elements and constituents that a diet requires. But it also sheds light on how you can enjoy the transformation and get in better shape without worrying too much.

Best Point,

‘French Women Don’t Get Fat’ provides insight into weight loss success. It does so by mentioning the consumption of high-quality food in smaller portions. It highlights the significance of selecting food items based on quality instead of quantity. Stating the obvious, some chapters provide information on weight training and performing light exercises.

This book is fascinating because it explains what you can eat and cannot. During the first two days of following the routine, you will go on a semi-fast, consuming only soups and water. Then, you will gradually add different components, such as fish, fruits, vegetables, and juices.

The author recommends consuming various food elements, including seasonings and herbal products throughout the diet planning. The designed menus have simple components. For instance, the breakfast routine includes yogurt with strawberries or bread with coffee or tea.

The best part about this book is that there are no particular restrictions. Once you have changed your eating habits, you will control your portions and eat things other diets do not recommend.

8. Gluten-Free Every Day

About the Author

Robert Landolphe is an author, researcher, and creative writer who completed a Certified Culinary Arts Instructor program at Central Connecticut State University. He worked with an extensive group of food-related professionals, including wedding coordination and banquet management. He has vouched for and actively supported the constituents of a gluten-free lifestyle.

Landolphe has worked with multiple media outlets and publications to create awareness regarding a healthier lifestyle. In addition, his local appearances have included discussions with celebrities on food-related issues and misconceptions. For his efforts and contributions, he has won significant awards as well.

Best Suited For

If you are into gluten-free products or want to start an eating routine without gluten-related elements, buy this book! Being a modern and inventive individual, Landolphe has introduced meal plans and practices which suit individuals of every age group.

The recipes in this book are not only delicious but also comfortable and quick. Therefore, if you are a working mom or a single father working double shifts at work and want to go on a diet, you can find reliable tips from this resource.

Best Point,

As the name implies, “Gluten-Free Every day” shows you how to reduce the quantity of wheat and other carbohydrates in your diet. This publication can bring satisfaction and contentment to anyone looking for the best diet using straightforward meal plans and recipe procedures.

The author mentions that a gluten-free lifestyle does not have to be boring. You can find creative things in your refrigerator and develop recipes for nutrition and health benefits. He has covered all food categories, including desserts and appetizers, so you do not have to worry about missing your favorite numbers. You can cook dinner rolls, toast sandwiches, and even pasta throughout the week!

9. The Plant-Based Solution

About the Author

Joel Kahn is an actively involved medical specialist and a cardiologist who practices cardiology. He has spoken about the benefits of a plant-based diet on multiple events and occasions.

Being a vegan, he provides explanations in his lectures and publications regarding living a healthier lifestyle positively. He states that plant-based eating affects global warming and can cure cancer and several autoimmune disorders. Furthermore, working with people extensively in his clinical field, he has learned compassion through more straightforward methods.

Best Suited For

This book is exceptional and exciting for those looking to ultimately shift their lifestyle to become a vegetarian. It makes some strong points regarding plant-based routines with the help of multiple references and research support. The elaborations do not condemn or attack carnivores. Instead, it clarifies how staying away from these constituents may be beneficial and less damaging.

If you are a vegan looking for diet books to lose weight, this resource will provide plenty of research and meal plans.

Best Point,

As more and more physicians are promoting grass-oriented, beef-free, egg-free foods, it is vital to remember that a vegan diet is full of surprises! With this book’s help, you can learn how to tone down, get off medication, and even decrease cancer risk.

On many levels, the author has also busted myths and postulations from different authors and researchers. For example, most people think that carbohydrates, proteins, and calcium can only come from animal-based products and food items, which is invalid.

“The Plant-based Solution” links a vegan diet and a sex drive. It also shows significant facts about brain chemistry and the use of regular vegetables in the diet. You can learn what is happening inside your body without going into more in-depth physiological details and stock up your pantry accordingly! The guidelines provide essential tips to start your transformation, including eating outside, visiting relatives, etc. Regardless of your age and gender, this book can be beneficial and insightful.

10. Dirty Genes

About the Author

Ben Lynch has worked in molecular biology for over a decade now. His doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine provides additional sustenance and value to his opinions and discussions on leading a healthier lifestyle.

Lynch has a passion for highlighting the root cause of a disease. His curiosity and interest in different conditions and ailments directed him toward discovering nutrigenomics and dysfunctions of methylation. He works internationally as a writer and researcher, working on fascinating topics such as genetic control and methylation defects.

Best Suited For

Dirty Genes is a product of a thorough thought process and analytical conceptualization. For this reason, people with a greater interest in molecular biology will find it unique and assistive.

For people who are looking for ultimate weight loss solutions, this is the best book to read! The author has a significant amount of experience in helping thousands of people. He has shown how to optimize and identify faulty genes and clean them up with customized and targeted plans.

Best Point,

There are thousands of people out there who think that losing weight is an impossible thing to do. They do not know where to start. Many believe they have faulty genes responsible for diseases and health issues that run through generations. Lynch indicates that anyone can reduce symptoms and improve their mental and physical health with the help of the right meal plans and gene identification.

This book will help you learn how to eat clean and healthy by avoiding processed and junk food. It provides different diet routines that can affect your metabolism in various ways to determine what benefits you.

Most people seeking help to lose weight think their genes have negatively affected their lifestyle. With the help of this resource, identifying such faulty elements will also be possible.

Why Should You Read These Diet Books?

If you are overweight or only looking for options to make a lifestyle change, reading a book is probably the last thing on your mind. Still, new research and developments find that simply reading or selecting a text that fits your requirements can stimulate weight loss. Moreover, reading a book can be peaceful and constructive in the present world, where everyone lives a busy life.

Reading diet books to lose weight motivates people who are idle or entirely uninterested in making a change. Simple sentences and phrases used by the authors convey useful messages without adopting a traditional and restrictive method.

People with experience in the field or who have undergone some transitional phases write most books about weight loss or lifestyle. The words of these individuals have a substantial impact on the self-worth and self-reliance of others. In addition, many women and men have found inspiration in books that design and dedicate particular diet plans.

Final Words

Reading diet books can assist those who are already living a challenging life. For parents constantly working or those living in international, remote locations, figuring out recipes and ingredients can be daunting. Diet books can point them in the directions about which products they should choose, how they should sort out the pantry, and avoid processed and canned food items.

Reading can work as counseling for people looking forward to losing weight or cutting a few pounds from their overall physique. It is a stress-free method that they can adapt to all the unconventional techniques that are out there. It can work as a part-time recreational activity for your mental well-being.

You always tell yourself how to change your habits when you read a book. However, your mind varies according to the good points and statements you read, and your interest ultimately develops toward getting yourself in the best shape possible!

With this detailed guide and review, we hope you find something captivating and exciting to introduce significant changes in your life. We wish you the best for your weight loss journey ahead! If you or someone you know is considering weight loss, share this article on Facebook or Twitter so that others can learn more about losing weight.

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