Aviron Rower – A Complete Review and Detailed Assessment

Many people want to know about the Aviron Tough Impact Rower Series. Are you looking for an ultimate workout solution? Have you got bored with the tedious conventional means of exercise? If yes, keep reading this review on the Aviron Tough Impact Rower Series.

Aviron Tough Impact Rower Series keeps your convenience in mind. They packed the powerful equipment with various valuable options, making your workout worthwhile. In addition, the pre-programmed training does not let you get bored and provides a complete workout solution for your entire family.

They designed the remarkable Aviron Rower for quick, short, effective workouts. This rower holds up for Olympic athletes, professional rowers, and ordinary people who want to reach their fitness goals and lose weight with an efficient workout that doesn’t require long hours at the gym.

In short, they put the Aviron Rower on this planet for one motive–to “End Boring Workouts!”



Aviron Tough Impact series is a bundle of superb options which make your workout time fun. Let’s dive into some of its unique features you will not find in any ordinary workout equipment. 

1. Innovative Resistance System

It has a dual resistance system, which you can easily adjust by using external buttons and a touch screen to help you increase output. The air system makes you feel you are rowing through the water smoothly, while the magnetic resistance system offers a robust and adjustable resistance.

When designing the machine, the Aviron specialized designers knew well that most traditional rowers were loud and challenging to use.

So, they created this rower with a fan and flywheel combination, which gives the machine a more realistic feel, and uses a nylon belt in place of a chain, which helped make the rower much quieter smoother.

The dual resistance technology allows Aviron to achieve heavy resistance, a fundamental element for HIIT (High-intensity interval training). There are 16 total resistance settings.

At the highest setting, users can pull up to 100+ lbs. Each stroke offers three times the resistance of ordinary rowing machines. With this strength and power, the Aviron machine allows for short, intense workouts that deliver a mighty bash quickly.

2. VIBRANT 22-inch HD Touchscreen

Enjoy an immersive experience with this state-of-the-art equipment equipped with a high-definition touchscreen. The screen is user-friendly, so you can customize and navigate the interface in real-time. You can enjoy workouts, critical statistics, and much more on this excellent touchscreen.

The display is vibrant and large enough to provide a mesmerizing visual experience. As a result, you can enjoy animated multiplayer video games with your friends and family. Above all, the good news is that you can adore watching YouTube throughout the exercise.

3. Engaging Audio Quality

Engineers equipped the Aviron Tough Impact Series rowers with dual speakers. The speakers are powerful and make your overall workout experience worthwhile. In addition, you can watch YouTube video tutorials, play games, and listen to your favorite playlist, all at ease with your home.

4. Design

The engineers created the Aviron Tough Impact Rower Series with the best results. It ensures maximum resistance and durability. As a result, the equipment is lightweight and sturdy simultaneously.

The impact series rower, specifically designed for home use, has a space-saving folding design equipped with four wheels that ensure easy mobility and storage.

Also, they fit it with a resilient industrial-grade whisper Poly-V Belt which does not require additional money for repairs and maintenance.

Another unique feature of the belt is the quiet operations, unlike ordinary belts, which make too much noise. In addition, the ergonomic, comfortable seat and adjustable foot pad make the exercises easier.

­The other Aviron Tough series Rower is a high-strength commercial-grade rower made to endure frequent usage at fitness facilities. It has a high-strength aluminum frame construction which engineers made to take 230 kgs of user weight.

In addition, the industrial Poly V-Belt ensures quiet operations and industrial-grade sturdiness you cannot compare with ordinary rowers. The tough series rower has an ergonomic seat with rear support and a sweatproof display, but it is not foldable.

5. Complete Visibility

Aviron Rower records all your activities, like the history of your workouts, the customized profile settings, metrics, achievements, and rewards to motivate you more to achieve your fitness goals.

It also keeps records and a history of your friend’s workout achievements so that you may compete with them and stay motivated.

6. Customizable Workouts

The engineers involved in the construction and design of this fantastic rower better know about the unique workout needs of fitness fanatics, so they have designed it with the option of a customizable workout so that you may set and achieve your personalized fitness goals.

Thus, it is not just for one person but offers free unlimited profiles through which multiple users and family members can enjoy an effective workout.

7. Amazing Virtual Destinations

Rowing will be more fun with the fantastic virtual destinations Aviron Impact series rower offers. It does not matter if you have never traveled to some of the world’s most mesmerizing waterways, lakes, and rivers because Aviron takes you to places. You can row through some unexplored destinations through the Aviron Impact series Rower and enjoy your workout to the fullest.

8. Watch Video Tutorials and Follow Friends

Sometimes, it is a hassle to set up such a piece of gym equipment or start over. So, the Aviron Impact series rower comes with video tutorials and a guide to learn how to set up the devices and begin with the exercise. It guides you about the exercise techniques so that you may carry out an effective workout.

Another value-added feature of the Aviron Impact Series Rower is that you can follow your friends, track their successes and achievements, and keep yourself motivated with competitive workouts.

9. Workout Types

Aviron Impact Series Rower promises to make your workout enjoyable, exciting, and practical, so it offers six types of exercises. You can row through the world by traveling to its leading destinations, enjoying unexplored beauty, and working out. It is ex equipment for gamers because it makes you work out by offering games to outrun hungry wolves and zombies.

They equipped it with pre-programmed training profiles designed by athletes and specialized fitness trainers, helping you achieve your fitness goals effectively.

It offers a data-driven workout to improve your performance, endurance, and strength using statistics. It also gives you the challenge to compete with your friends and the professional Olympians and athletes.

Additional Features

In addition, Aviron Impact Series Rowers have many other competitive features that add great value to their utility. These features include;

  • 4GB Ram
  • 32GB eMMC flash storage to store unlimited data, profiles, songs, videos, and games.
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac for fast connectivity
  • 2-megapixel front-facing CAMERA
  • Speakers 2×2 watt stereo
  • Processors ARM 2.0Ghz dual-core and 1.5Ghz quad-core

OS Android 7.0

  • Performance Monitor 

Why Should you Choose Aviron Impact Series Rower?

If you are a fitness freak with good fitness equipment know-how, you have many options available in the market. Right?

Then why should you choose the Aviron Impact series rower for the workout? To address your concern, they researched extensively and found a few reasons you should stick to buying Aviron Impact Series Rower.

High-Strength Modern Equipment

As you have already come across the features, you can better understand how advanced and powerful the Aviron Impact series rower is. We packed it with a bundle of features that differentiate it from the ordinary rowers available in the market.

It is a well-designed combination of durability, strength, performance, and convenience, providing an effective workout, fun, and entertainment.

Strength Training

You won’t find a more versatile rower – at the highest resistance levels, Aviron builds strength. Choose a workout program and let Aviron guide you through a HIIT-style workout that takes you on and off the rower.

Let Aviron’s AI automatically adjust your resistance or adjust the resistance using the touchscreen. It provides you with the best strength training you always wish to get.

Low Impact Exercise

Rowing is a low-impact exercise. It is an excellent workout for anyone with joint pain, and we highly recommend it as an exercise for post-knee surgery patients. There is brief pressure on the joints as we perform the rowing in one fluid motion, meaning no jolting or sudden force.

However, don’t confuse the word’s low impact with low intensity. Rowing can be as intense or easy as you make it through the incredible adjustable Aviron Rower, where you can set the resistance according to your need!

Lower Body Workout

Buttocks and calves. Build muscles and burn fat with the incredible Aviron Rower Impact series. The legs are the largest muscle group, and working out these muscles provides a powerful workout to help you burn more calories.

Upper Body Workout

We can thoroughly work the upper body out when using the rowing machine. One can expect to work the shoulders, upper back, and lower back muscles.

So those are the directly targeted muscles, but the hands, wrists, and arms get a workout, as well as the biceps and your core.

It offers a great Cardio Workout

Working out on a rowing machine gets the heart rate up. By tweaking the resistance, you have the power to control the heart rate zone and your workout. Cardio workouts have countless benefits, and one can expect a massive jump in your overall health by incorporating cardio exercise into your routine.

Burn More Calories

Rowing burns more calories per minute than running, cycling, or swimming, so Aviron Rower offers practical exercise without letting you work out excessively.

It offers a Full-body Workout

Aviron Impact series rower offers a full-body workout. It does not target a single group of muscles but all nine significant groups of muscles and significantly impacts your body, helping you achieve fitness goals. The target muscles are;

  • Quads
  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes
  • Lats
  • Core
  • Shoulders
  • Triceps
  • Biceps
  • Back


  • It is durable and sturdy.
  • Water-resistant and sweatproof body and touchscreen
  • Easy to transport
  • It does not occupy much space
  • Equipped with modern features,
  • Comfortable ergonomic seat and footrest.


  • It is expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a Rower without a membership?

Yes, you can use the rower but can only access one basic workout program.

Does the rower require internet? If so, how fast?

Yes, the rower requires Wi-Fi connectivity to access the workouts; however, the speed does not matter.

What are the weight restrictions?

The tough series rower can accommodate a maximum weight of 507 lbs. The Impact series rower can endure weight up to 397 Lbs.

How are the camera and microphones used?

Then you can use the camera to take profile and quick victory photos for the online competition.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, there is a 10-year warranty for the frame and a 2-year warranty for the moving parts.

Does it come assembled?

No, the rower does not come assembled. However, it is straightforward and takes hardly an hour to build.

Final Words

Aviron Impact Series Rower is state-of-the-art exercise equipment that can take your workout experience to the next level. It is a power-packed combination of modern features and resilience, which proves to be an excellent bet for price and utility. Also, we hope Aviron Impact Series Rower will not let you regret the buying decision.

In the comments section below, let us know about your experience and suggest the latest trending equipment you want us to review in the next blog.

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