Collagen Protein – Meets Many Health and Fitness Goals

Collagen Protein – Try for Your Health and Fitness Goals

How does the protein collagen meet your health and fitness goals? When you get older, you feel joint pain and many other signs of aging. Or feel like your skin is getting dull and inelastic? We have got you. Collagen is the prime reason. It is a vital protein found in your body’s connective tissues, which is mainly responsible for the health of your skin and joints. The principal constituent of your body is produced naturally in the connective tissues. Research says it makes up 25% to 35% of the whole-body protein of a mammal.

However, when you age, your existing Collagen breaks down, and the body cannot produce it naturally. So, many people switch to supplements known for making protein in the body. We see this type of protein as exogenous collagen because it comes from an external source. These supplements are readily available in the market and are adequate to cater to the deficiency of Collagen. You can cover up the deficit naturally as well. Several food items, fruits, and vegetables are rich in protein.

Let’s move toward the next section and find the food items that can help you produce protein naturally.

Fast Facts

  • Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It contributes about 25% to 35% of the total protein in the human body.
  • We abundantly find it in skin, bones, muscles, and tendons.
  • Its production declines over time, so you may encounter collagen deficiency while aging. In addition, people who smoke and have more exposure to UV rays may also face collagen deficiency.
  • It is a complex and insoluble protein. Unfortunately, we cannot absorb it so quickly, so those claiming to produce collagen-rich beauty products have false claims.
  • About 16 different collagens have unique structures.
  • Some collagen fibrils are more robust than steel.
  • People reaching 60 years of age witnessed a considerable decline in this protein’s production.
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How can you produce it naturally?

Suppose you encounter collagen deficiency followed by acute joint pain and skin inelasticity. In that case, the best way to cater is to take the natural food items rich in proline, glycine, Vitamin C, zinc, and Copper. These elements produce collagen in your body, which we naturally find in many dairy products, fruits, and vegetables.

  • Vitamin C: Citrus Fruits are a significant source of vitamin C. Citrus fruits include lemon, orange, grapefruit, etc. However, Bell peppers are also rich in vitamin C.
  • Proline: Egg white, cabbage, mushrooms, and dairy products like yogurt, cheese, milk, and asparagus are rich in proline.
  • Glycine: Glycine is abundant in red meat, sesame and pumpkin seeds, chicken, turkey, and pork skin, dry fruits like peanuts, Canned Salmon and granola, etc.
  • Zinc: Beef, pork, and lamb are rich in zinc. Milk and grains also contain zinc. Oysters, poultry, and nuts like cashews and almonds nature also fortified with zinc. We also found it in lentils, beans, chickpeas, etc.
  • Copper: Oysters, liver, Mushrooms, nuts and seeds, lobster, cocoa powder, and dark chocolate are a few food items high in copper.

What damages it?

As we have understood that collagen is the pivotal protein in the human body, it is essential to avoid the factors that cause its deficiency to enjoy multiple health benefits like stronger bones, skin, nails, and hair. Here are some factors which contribute to collagen deficiency.

High sugar consumption:

High sugar consumption reduces the amount of collagen in your body. It becomes weak and brittle because it is a source of glycation, where we produce new molecules using blood sugar and collagen, which weakens collagen.

Smoking: Smoking is harmful not only to your lungs but also to your skin and bones. The nicotine in it narrows down the blood vessels in the skin, increasing the risk of heart stroke and blocking the transportation of essential nutrients to your skin, causing inelasticity and other skin issues.

Ultraviolet Rays

Ultraviolet rays are harmful to the skin because they break down Collagen causing skin diseases. It also causes other abnormal elastin to develop in the skin, causing wrinkles.

The aging process

The natural aging process is the most spontaneous and uncontrollable reason for collagen depletion. Collagen synthesis reduces over time, due to which aged people are more vulnerable to skin and joint diseases. Collagen also reduces dramatically in women after menopause. We cannot avoid it, but we can cope with the deficiency by using the collagen supplements regularly recommended by the health practitioner.

Other Reasons

Some other reasons causing collagen reduction may be genetic changes in the body or autoimmune diseases which attack the protein.

Supplements: Can they treat or reverse the natural aging process

Collagen Supplements are a prime source of exogenous collagen synthesis. Various doctors and health practitioners recommend reducing the impact of collagen depletion caused by the natural aging process.

These supplements are clear to hydrate skin, improve skin’s elasticity, relieve joint pain, thicken thinning hair, and improve various other biological functions. However, they cannot inhibit the natural aging process but can work efficiently to keep your skin and joints relived. In addition, they offer multiple health benefits jotted below.

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Health Benefits of the Supplements

Collagen is an extraordinary protein. It has various health benefits, due to which we consider it the essential protein in the body. However, many underestimate these health benefits. Scientists are researching to discover their attributes. Some of the prime health and fitness benefits it brings are:

Stronger Bones

Collagen makes bones stronger and dense. Unfortunately, our bones get brittle as we age because collagen declines. Research says that most women encounter collagen deficiency in collagen synthesis after menopause, while we notice it drop as we reach 60 years of age. So our bones get weak and brittle over time, and develop acute joint diseases like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. We can relieve these joint issues to a large extent if we address the collagen deficiency appropriately by using supplements.

Skin Integrity

Collagen is an essential protein to keep your skin healthy. It hydrates your skin and maintains elasticity so it looks young and fresh. Those who have collagen deficiency experience wrinkled skin. However, supplements can help to cover up the deficiency.

Thick Hair

Collagen also helps to maintain the health of your hair. As collagen production declines, your body experiences hair falls and hair thinning. Therefore, men go bald, and women also experience hair fall. However, regular collagen supplements can work dramatically on the health of your hair and help you get the thickness and volume back.

Helps heal wounds

Collagen helps to heal wounds dramatically. That is why it is used to make wound dressings. It attracts the skin cell to the wound’s place to produce new tissues. It can help heal many injuries, including chronic wounds, rotting wounds, burns, etc.

Healthy Nails

Collagen also helps to develop stronger nails and make them grow faster. So people who have high collagen or take supplements regularly have stronger nails.

Increase Muscle Mass

We naturally produce collagen in the muscles and tendons. It improves muscle mass, so regular collagen supplements strengthen your muscles and increases muscle mass in your body.

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It improves Joint function and relieves pain

Collage supplement intake is beneficial if you are experiencing osteoporosis or osteoarthritis. The supplements help to relieve the pain.

Promotes heart health

One of the significant benefits of collagen is its effectiveness in heart issues. Thus, it is beneficial to cure heart-related diseases, and researchers are still working to discover its benefits for cardio-related issues.

Collagen structure the walls of your blood vessels, which carry blood from the heart to all other body organs. It keeps the walls elastic. As a result, the protein reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, in which the walls of the arteries narrow down, increasing the risk of a heart attack. In addition, it reduces the risk of arteries stiffness, so most doctors recommend collagen supplements for this ailment. In addition, it also increases the amount of HDL in your blood, which contributes favorably to your heart’s health.

However, the research is still discovering and understanding the impact of Collagen on the heart’s health.

Gut health

Some scientists believe that collagen is beneficial for gut health as well. However, we have discovered no scientific evidence yet, and scientists have researched the subject. Some doctors treat leaky gut syndrome and intestinal permeability using it.

Brain Health

Scientists are still researching the benefits, but some health practitioners say it impacts brain functionality. For example, it improves mood and reduces anxiety.

Weight loss

Experts have also associated weight loss with the use of collagen supplements. Experts say that it improves metabolism, but scientists have discovered no evidence yet to support this claim. Research is being carried out on the subject to find evidence.

Types of Supplements

We will discuss several types of collagens available, the most common types used and readily available in the markets and online stores below. One must be cautious while choosing because each type serves a different goal.

  •  We abundantly found this type 1 in the human body. It works on your skin effectively.
  • The bones contain type 2 and handle the more robust bones and joints.
  • Type 3 maintains the elasticity of your skin.
  • Health practitioners recommend type 5 to pregnant ladies because it helps grow the placenta.
  • Type 10 benefits healthy bones and joints.

Is it safe to take supplements?

Most people ponder whether taking collagen supplements works and is safe to take regularly. So, our answer is an absolute yes. We have witnessed a lot of benefits derived from collagen supplements. However, it is essential to consult your health practitioner and get the recommended supplement. In addition, some people have a concerning medical history, so they may be cautious while using the supplements without a doctor’s recommendation.

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Keto Zone Chocolate Collagen Powder

Keto Zone Chocolate Collagen is one of the best collagen supplements you will ever witness. This yummy chocolate powder is easy to use and digest because they use enzymatically hydrolyzed collagen in its production, ensuring easy digestion and absorption. In addition, they produce it in the approved facilities, providing the highest level of standards.

Keto Zone Chocolate Collagen Powder is rich in Type-1, Type-2, and Type-3 collagen, sourced from the amino acids in seafood and chicken. It effectively works on your skin, hair, and nails and brings miraculous results after regular use. It brightens skin and combats skin against wrinkles and sagging by producing elastin.

You need to take just one scoop daily, and there you will see visible changes in your dull skin, muscle mass, and hair health. You can also add Keto Zone Chocolate Collagen powder to relish a healthy drink, hot or cold beverage.

Final Words

We care about you and hope you understand how vital collagen intake is to keep your skin, joints, and hair young and healthy. We believe Keto Zone Chocolate Collagen powder can contribute effectively to your collagen deficiency.

You can freely contact us to inquire more about our products and to seek a piece of advice. Also, share your reviews in the comments section below about how you found Keto Zone Chocolate Collagen Powder compelling for your overall health.

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