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  • 7 Weight Training Exercises for Women Bodybuilders

    When it comes to weight training for women bodybuilders, there are a lot of misconceptions. Some think lifting weights will make you “bulky” and manly. This is simply not true! Lifting weights can help you achieve the opposite effect–a sleek, toned physique. And after women make their bodies even more toned, many want to get […]

  • How to Increase Natural Testosterone Levels

    How do you increase your natural testosterone levels? One of the most important things to consider is your hormones for building more muscle. This is crucial because hormones drive muscle growth. In particular, anabolic hormones like testosterone, growth hormone, and insulin increase the size of the muscles. So if you can get more of that, […]

  • 5 Reasons Why Alcohol Will Destroy Muscle Gains

    Do you want to know why alcohol will destroy your muscle gains? Every day, we hear comments from aspiring bodybuilders worldwide about alcohol and muscle gains. We are sorry, but too much alcohol will destroy your muscle gains and fitness goals. Although, of course, almost everyone loves to drink alcohol because it helps you relax. […]

  • What Are Some Harmful Bodybuilding Myths that Still Exist?

    What are four harmful bodybuilding myths that you should quickly dismiss? If you are serious about your bodybuilding journey, you need to follow scientifically-backed research. Bodybuilding and fitness is literally a multi-billion dollar industry. There are many products and experts looking to exploit your enthusiasm. If you don’t stay educated you may end up falling […]

  • Nick Walker – How to Use Pain to Make Bodybuilder Gains

    Nick Walker is a competitive bodybuilder, first from the United States, who competes against the world’s greatest bodybuilders. He won the 2021 Arnold Classic, the world’s second most renowned bodybuilding competition. The Mutant is his nickname. Someone assaulted him as a youngster, making it difficult to believe anyone after such trauma could succeed. Also, this […]