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Bodybuilders are one of the most body-conscious people, so diets, supplements, and fitness are booming. Fitness fanatics know that there’s an enormous amount of information out there about getting fit and losing weight: magazines, books, websites, and videos all provide us with helpful (and not-so-helpful) advice. Where bodybuilders differ is that they take the bodybuilding approach to fitness. They like to build muscle rather than burn body fat, so their diets are usually different from those of the average person trying to lose weight.

Frequency: Pros train daily (some may not train some days), but the body is never over 48 hours away from a workout. Intensity: Pros lift heavy weights with low reps, although workouts are designed around the body rather than weight. The pros try to push their body’s limits without risking injury.

Progression: bodybuilders try to improve their body’s performance, increasing weight when possible. This is important because training shouldn’t be about how much weight you can lift; it should be about whether the body can do more than before.

Repetition: Pros repeat exercises, such as bench presses, for three sets of 8-12 reps.

Bodybuilders eat more than regular people trying to lose weight. The goal isn’t to burn body fat but to build muscle and increase the body’s overall strength and metabolism. For bodybuilders to put on muscle, they need a high intake of bodybuilding-friendly foods, supplements, and bodybuilding training plans. Bodybuilders may bulk up by eating large amounts of energy-rich food such as chicken breasts, tuna steak, and brown rice, or they may cut fat by eating fewer carbohydrates and sugars with plenty of lean protein. In addition, some bodybuilders like to take bodybuilding supplements (such as whey protein) to get the bodybuilding fuel they need without eating as much food as they would otherwise have to. Finally, bodybuilders will often drink a pre-workout supplement before training, which helps them push their body’s limits and deal with fatigue.