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What role does healthy eating play on a fitness journey? What is “healthy” for food? Well, that’s an interesting question. Today’s common idea is that “healthy” means low-calorie or diet food – foods that are not fatty, sugary, etc. Though, this common idea is very modern. For example, healthy foods of the past have been things like meat and dairy products, whereas healthy foods today are typically vegetables and fruits.

Is healthy dieting just about counting calories or not? Or is healthy eating something more than that? In these articles, we’ll discuss healthy eating, healthy foods, and healthy diets. We’ll also discuss the nutritional aspects of fitness journeys so that you have the most information possible!

At its core, healthy diets are about maintaining your current weight or losing unwanted weight healthily. So this means avoiding behaviors like skipping meals, not getting enough sleep, and avoiding healthy food groups such as dairy products. There are also healthy food habits that can help your fitness journey in other ways too. For example, healthy eating habits like meal planning and meal prepping keep you in control of what you’re putting into your body in terms of calories/macros, which keeps your healthy eating on track. So healthy food is a huge part of fitness journeys because it helps keep your body healthy and feeling good, which can help you be more comfortable exercising and weight training.