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This tag provides articles on metabolism, the most important factor for fat loss and building muscle. But what is it? The metabolic rate is how fast your body can process energy. About four organs use 51% of all your body’s energy.

Do you know the four organs that decide if you can build muscle or burn fat?

The four organs that burn the most fat and determine how much muscle you can build are the heart, kidneys, liver, and brain. The heart is the center of the circulation center, while the brain determines the production of hormones. Consequently, the kidneys and liver act as cleaning agents. These four organs determine not only your metabolism but how healthy and fit you can become.

Fitness Calculator

You can use a fitness calculator to estimate your metabolism. Because your metabolic rate is the calories your body burns to stay alive, it can be determined based upon your size, age, and weight. The calories your body uses to keep you alive define your metabolism. One number can define it.