It’s easy to determine how much you weigh, but how much should you weigh? What is a healthy body weight for someone your height, weight, age, and gender? An ideal body weight calculator will help you maintain a healthy weight to reduce your risk of obesity-related diseases, including high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

Why is calculating your ideal body weight important?

While your ideal body weight may be influenced by what you see in the mirror, the relationship of your height, weight, age, and gender defines it. If you visit the doctor or are involved in athletics or sports, you must know your actual and ideal body weight. Knowing and understanding your ideal body weight can help you set realistic weight loss or weight gain goals and then meet them. It’s important to have achievable goals in a natural and healthy range. 

How to use the ideal body weight calculator.

You will need your height in inches and weight in pounds to calculate your ideal body weight. For example, if you are a male, 70 inches tall, and weigh 200 pounds, your ideal body weight is 155 pounds, suggesting a 45-pound fat loss goal!

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How do you use your ideal body weight numbers?

While calculating ideal body weight is not an exact science (it does not consider your body fat percentage or fat-to-lean ratio), it provides a starting point for diet and fitness planning. As you continue to diet and train to gain lean muscle as you reduce body fat, once you are within 10% of your ideal body weight as calculated, you are in excellent shape compared to most of the obese Western world. Maintaining a healthy body weight by living a healthy lifestyle will reduce your need to worry about being underweight, overweight, or obese.

Restrictions on the Ideal Body Weight Calculator

It’s essential to remember that our optimum body weight calculator results don’t apply to everyone. If your BMI is normal, you’re healthy. There’s no need to starve yourself to get to that figure. This Ideal Body Weight calculator is intended for use by adults. Consult a professional instead of using this tool to determine a child’s ideal weight range. Also, if you’re expecting it, avoid using it. Instead, make use of a pregnant weight increase calculator.

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What should my ideal weight be?

There are a plethora of methods for determining someone’s ideal weight. None of them are 100 percent correct since so many variables come into play. The ideal weight of someone with muscle mass may be higher than their test results suggest.

Besides calculating your optimum weight, our tool calculates your body mass index (BMI). However, BMI provides a specific weight range you should be in, whereas the four formulae mentioned below provide one figure to strive for. So, here are some tips to get your ideal body weight.

Cut down on sugary beverages.

Soda, juice, sweet tea, and sports drinks include sugar, adding calories without nutritional benefit. Those who frequently consume sweetened beverages have a higher risk of becoming obese. Almost all the time, stick to water or low-fat milk.

Increase Workout Intensity

Working out and working out are two very different things. Even if you work out for hours daily, you may see no changes in your body composition. However, you will benefit from pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone and running or cycling longer.

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Consistently workout

Daily physical workout helps you look and feel better while burning calories and building muscle, which may help you maintain your weight loss. Performing other activities that boost your daily exercise may have an impact. If you want to burn more calories, work out harder and include strength-training actions into your routine.

Stay Compliant

Live your life and not let a single number dictate it. Look in the mirror if you’re having trouble losing weight. You’ve been working out and eating better. Do you feel more confident about yourself? Do you seem to be in better shape? The good news is that if you answered yes to these questions, you’re on the correct road.

Avoid a Sedentary Lifestyle

Being overweight is more common among those who spend much time in front of screens. Therefore, do not allow yourself to waste excessive time on non-school activities like watching TV, playing games, or using computers, phones, or tablets.

Track Diet

Portion sizes that are too large may lead to weight gain because of the additional calories they contain. Instead, reduce your caloric intake by eating smaller amounts, particularly high-calorie snacks. Then, when you’re out to eat, split an entrée or order half and take the other half home with you.

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Drink more water

Consuming half a gallon of water daily is good advice; drink even more if you work out frequently. Remember, you only have one body. So take good care of it. You’ll feel fuller longer and have fewer food cravings when you drink water. It’ll also help your skin look better, improve circulation, and help you lose weight. Finally, reaching the ideal weight has many health and fitness benefits.

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