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Ideal BodyWeight Calculator

Ideal BodyWeight Calculator

Ideal Body Weight Calculator

It’s easy to find out HOW MUCH you weigh, but how much SHOULD you weigh? What is a healthy body weight for someone your height, weight, age, and gender? Maintaining a healthy weight can help you reduce your risk of a variety of obesity-related diseases including high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

Why is calculating your ideal body weight important?

While your ideal body weight may be influenced by what you see in the mirror, it is actually defined by the relationship of your height, weight, age, and gender. If you visit the doctor or you are involved in athletics or sports, you will need to know both your actual and ideal body weight. Knowing and understanding your ideal body weight can help you set realistic weight loss or weight gain goals and then meet them. It’s important to have achievable goals in a realistic and healthy range. 

How to use the ideal body weight calculator.

To calculate your ideal body weight, you will need your height in inches and weight in pounds. For example, if you are a male, 70 inches tall, and weigh 200 pounds, your ideal body weight is 155 pounds, suggesting a 45-pound fat loss goal!

Using your ideal body weight numbers.

While calculated ideal body weight is not an exact science (it does not consider your percentage of body fat or your fat to lean ratio) It does provide a starting point for diet and fitness planning. As you continue to diet and train to gain lean muscle as you reduce body fat, Once you are within 10% of your ideal body weight as calculated, you are in excellent shape when compared to most of the obese western world. Maintaining a healthy body weight by living a healthy and active lifestyle will reduce your need to worry about being underweight, overweight, or obese.

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