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A fitness journey begins with fitness, simply defined as your body’s movement. These movements begin small, but over time they can lead to large-scale changes – such as increasing muscle mass or losing weight. You can move your body with power, speed, flexibility, endurance, agility, or strength to complete a task. When you first set out on a journey, you might be overwhelmed by all the different paths that you can take. What fitness goals you set for yourself and where you go to get your fitness information will depend on several factors, such as your fitness level, your time, commitments, and even your personality.

What fitness goals should you set? One of the first things that people do when they start a journey is to set goals. Some goals are more common than others, but what is important to remember is that your journey should focus on achieving your goals. If you have just started a journey, then it might seem unclear what fitness goal you want. This can be completely normal – after all, fitness journeys are often spontaneous, and fitness goals can change as you move forward.

In order to start a fitness journey, do not feel pressured into immediately achieving fitness success. Frequent failures, as well as successes, often characterize fitness journeys. You might have success with weight loss one week only to gain it back the following week. In this situation, what is essential is that you do not give up on fitness completely. Learning fitness lessons from your journey can help you avoid this problem, as journeys are all about building skills that will prevent future failures on fitness journeys.