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Have you ever imagined yourself with massive arms and shoulders? Tree trunk thighs and boulders for calves? It’s time to stop dreaming and start bodybuilding like professional bodybuilders. How should you start? If you are 16 years old, you can throw dumbbells and barbells around the gym, eat an endless supply of pizza, burgers, and milkshakes, and pack on the mass and muscle. Unfortunately, we are no longer 16, and this approach would add a few muscles under layers of fat. Bodybuilding requires the right weight training program, the proper protein-rich diet, and much rest to achieve the best results.

To maximize your results, you need to understand the biological process behind muscle and muscle growth. Including how your body adapts to the stresses of lifting a heavyweight, what your muscle is made of and how it recovers and grows. With this information and your individual goals, you can build the most suitable bodybuilding program tailored to what you need to reach your goals.

Muscle growth is known as hypertrophy, which is caused by an increase in cell size, or in this case, an increase in muscle fibers. When you train to add muscle, new muscle fibers are not created. The heavyweight you use forces the muscle’s fibers to adapt and grow. As you train the muscle, it becomes slightly damaged and grows microscopically larger as it is repaired when you rest. Therefore, rest and recovery (paired with adequate protein intake) are vital to the bodybuilding (hypertrophy) process. Bodybuilding requires heavy training, a high-protein diet, and rest and recovery.