A Closer Look at How IFBB Pro Bodybuilders Train

A Closer Look at How IFBB Pro Bodybuilders Train

If you have wondered how often IFBB Pro Bodybuilders train to get their amazing physiques, this article is for you! We will take a closer look at the number of hours spent in the gym, the volume completed during a workout, the number of sets and reps performed, and the type of workout program used by these athletes.

The Number of Hours Spent in the Gym

IFBB Pro bodybuilders typically spend between 4-7 hours per day in the gym. This includes both resistance training and cardio exercises. This can be broken down into two sessions per day or one very long session, depending on each individual’s preference.

It should also be noted that professional bodybuilders usually only work out Monday-Friday with Saturday and Sunday off for relaxation and recovery.

The Volume Completed During a Workout

When it comes to volume (the total amount of weight lifted) during a workout session, IFBB Pros tend to keep it high.

To give some perspective, a typical pro bodybuilder might do 15-20 sets per muscle group with 10-12 reps per set using heavy weights. This volume allows them to push their muscles to grow while maintaining good form throughout each set.

The Number of Sets and Reps

In terms of sets and reps, pros usually stick to a range of 10-12 reps per set with 6-8 total sets for each muscle group. This ensures they get an adequate volume with enough intensity for muscle growth without risking injury from overtraining or poor form.

For example, if an individual were working out their chest, they might do three sets of 12 barbell bench presses followed by three sets of 10 incline dumbbell presses followed by two sets of 8 decline dumbbell flyes or cable crossovers.

This type of protocol allows them to hit all parts of the chest while still giving them adequate rest between sets so they can complete all movements safely and effectively.

The Last Word on A Closer Look at How IFBB Pro Bodybuilders Train

It’s clear that IFBB pro bodybuilders put a lot into their workouts but done correctly, it pays off! They ensure adequate rest days between workouts to allow time for proper recovery and focus on proper form when lifting heavy weights to prevent injury.

Ultimately this combination leads to success in achieving those desired results – increased muscle mass with minimal fat gain! So if anyone ever wonders how often these athletes train, you know! It takes hard work, but it’s worth it!

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