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TF Clark Fitness Magazines provides facts about bodybuilding through articles, blogs, and videos. Discover how to build huge muscles, shape and tone them through nutrition, weightlifting, and exercise.

Finally, you can bodybuild quickly and easily with revolutionary methods proven to work.

It is not magic but science that gets you amazing results. Today you can start building the body you have always wanted. TFClark Fitness Magazine provides you with everything you need to build muscle and burn body fat fast.

Bodybuilding includes articles on bodybuilding, abs, arms, back, legs, shoulders, anatomy, and workouts.


  1. Top 8 women bodybuilders of all time (what you can learn from them)
  2. Top 8 men bodybuilders of all time (and what you can learn from them)
  3. Hypertrophy – how to gain muscle fast in one month!
  4. How do you become a bodybuilder?
  5. Want to build muscle – what are the best protein foods to eat?
  6. Protein – you need to read this. You can’t build muscle without it.
  7. Top 5 supplements for bodybuilding
  8. What is the difference between HGH and Testosterone in your body?
  9. How do your hormones help you build muscle?
  10. How do you shape a sexy round butt?
  11. Gain 20 pounds of muscle with the optimal diet and workout program.
  12. Jay Cutler Bodybuilder - Life, Career, and Workout Program
  13. Bodybuilding Diet, Nutrition, and Supplements

Abs articles:

  1. Natural activities to burn stomach fat and show a six-pack
  2. How to tone abs with leg lifts
  3. Top 3 exercises to lose belly fat
  4. Stomach fat – myths that destroy your weight loss goals
  5. How to use workout and diet to sculpt a six-pack
  6. Manage calories - best three ways to burn stomach fat

Arm articles:

  1. Bicep vs. tricep
  2. Prevent weightlifting arms from falling asleep
  3. Best workout program for the arms
  4. The anatomy of the arms and how to build muscle.
  5. How to build big arm muscles

Back articles:

  1. Workout program for the back
  2. 5 best exercises for the back
  3. The anatomy of the back
  4. How to develop a muscular back
  5. Best exercises to strengthen the lower back
  6. Glute, hamstrings, and back how to train them

Chest articles:

  1. How to build the perfect chest with dumbbell weights
  2. The anatomy of the chest muscles
  3. How to build the perfect chest without the gym
  4. What are the best exercises for the chest
  5. How do you rest and recover from growing a bigger chest?
  6. How chest exercises are performed within popular workout programs
  7. Role of secondary muscles during chest exercises
  8. How to build primary muscles of the chest
  9. How to develop a massive chest with specific exercises

Leg articles:

  1. How to tone your outer thighs and hips with side lege raises
  2. What is the anatomy of the legs, and how can you use it to build bigger muscles
  3. How to exercise the secondary muscles that support the legs
  4. How to build muscular legs with dumbbells
  5. What are the most important exercises for the legs?
  6. How to build the primary muscles of the legs
  7. How to rest and recover the legs after a workout
  8. Powerful Physique – How to train your legs to build it
  9. How to build muscular legs with just bodyweight
  10. How leg exercises are performed with popular workout programs

Shoulder articles:

  1. Best shoulder workout program – what builds powerful shoulders
  2. Are barbell or dumbbells better for shoulder growth?
  3. Shoulder exercises top 5 backed by science.
  4. What is the anatomy of the shoulders – how to use it to build muscle?
  5. How to create powerful shoulders – with these steps

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