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  • Tyron Smith of the Dallas Cowboys Out With a Hamstring Injury

    Tyron Smith of the Dallas Cowboys Out With a Hamstring Injury

    How did Tyron Smith of the Dallas Cowboys Injure his Hamstring? If you are a die-hard Dallas Cowboy fan, then you know Tyron Smith. It seems like every year, he has some freak injury that causes him to miss part or all of the season. To be exact, he has been injured for the last […]

  • 5 Reasons Why Institutions perform Drug Testing

    Do you want to know why so many institutions are now performing drug testing? According to research, over twenty million people in the USA under twelve and above are likely to depend on a drug or abuse it. Therefore, denying the use of drugs or alcohol is a common phenomenon. However, it has been detected […]

  • Locally Sourced Food – 5 Healthiest Reasons to Choose

    Do you want to know why you should choose locally sourced food? According to statistics, the average carrot travels around 1,800 miles before reaching your salad bowl. That’s an insane amount of distance for a single piece of produce. However, it’s a reality that most of us live in. And unless we change the way […]

  • How To Reduce Carbon Consumption In the Fitness Industry

    With a new year comes a new will to exercise. But do you know the best way to exercise and reduce carbon consumption in the fitness industry? And yes, working out can increase your carbon footprint in ways you may not be aware of. Certain gym products and equipment may harm and prevent a greener […]

  • Fitness App Security Tips – 3 Ways to Protect Personal Information

    Are you looking for security tips on how to keep your fitness app safe? Staying fit and healthy has become essential now more than ever! But, with the COVID-19 virus showing no signs of going away, it’s crucial to learn how to live with it and still lead a happy and long life.  Having a […]

  • Why Personal Trainers Need Digital Business Cards

    Do you know why personal trainers need digital business cards? The demand for personal trainers has risen as health concerns continue to mount. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industry will grow by 15 percent by 2029. But, with the ever-increasing competition globally, how can your training business remain on the radar?  […]

  • Lower Insurance Costs – Here Are 5 Ways with Your Fitness

    The best way to lower insurance costs is with your fitness journey. This article discusses five ways to use your fitness journey to reduce insurance costs. It’s no secret that the cost of living is high. And with so many things to spend money on, it’s hard to figure out where you should start cutting […]

  • Gym Essentials – First Aid Considerations for Opening Day

    What are the essential gym considerations for opening day? It’s a big decision to open your gym – there are many factors that you need to consider. This article will guide you through the first-aid considerations that we think are essential for any new gym opening. Also, it will provide tips on making sure you […]

  • Fitness – List of the 10 Best Fitness Questions and Answers

    Would you like to know the answers to the best fitness questions? Fitness is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle. Scientists have shown fitness reduces the risks of certain diseases, improves your mood, and helps you live longer. However, fitness can be particularly confusing for beginners just starting on a fitness journey. Luckily […]

  • 8 Reasons Why Healthcare Advocacy is Important

    Healthcare advocacies, through their channels, provide patients and their families with exceptional help. This includes assisting them with their access to healthcare, navigating the system, preparing the resources, justifying the health inequities, influencing health policies, or educating communities so that they can drive informed decisions. In addition, as a channel for information, healthcare advocates promote […]