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Category: Isolation Lifts – How to Use Single Joint Movements to Build Muscle

  • Isolation Principle – Focus on Form To Make Muscles Bigger

    Do you want to know how to isolate your muscles to make them bigger? What you need is a plan. There are many ways to go about this. Many people don’t know that your muscles are breaking down to get stronger when you work out. When you isolate a muscle group and focus on it, […]

  • Chest Fly – Isolate and Increase Chest Size in One Move

    Many people think the chest fly is useless for building big pecs, but it can be an effective isolation exercise to develop your chest muscles. Some say you need to do more than just bench presses and push-ups to see results, and this is true. We are not just saying that these two exercises are […]

  • French Press – Use an Isolation Exercise to Activate Triceps

    Are you curious about performing the French Press exercise or workout? One of the least appreciated muscles is the Tricep. It’s the largest muscle on your arm and helps you extend, or straighten, your elbow. To activate this muscle, use a French press – an isolation exercise that targets all three heads (outer, middle, and […]

  • Pullover Exercise – Best Workout for Chest, Back & Shoulders

    The one exercise you must include in your workout is the pullover. Continue to read why this isolation lift is just as necessary as the major compound lifts. Do you know how to use the pullover exercise to build a massive chest, back, and shoulders? Your body is your most priceless possession and asset, so […]

  • Isolated Lifts – How to Use the Best Three to Build Chest Muscles

    What are the best-isolated lifts to build the chest? To build the chest you must combine the right exercise with the right amount of volume and proper form. Everyone dreams of getting a bigger chest as their ultimate bodybuilding goal. There are numerous popular chest exercises performed in workouts. However, this article will specifically focus […]

  • Side-Leg Raises: How to Tone Outer Thighs and Hips

    How do you tone your outer thighs and hips with side leg raises? Most people think of the apparent muscles–quads, hamstrings, and calves for lower body training. These muscles are essential for your overall aesthetics and athleticism. But what most people forget to address are their outer thighs and hip flexors. As far as functionality […]

  • Isolation Lifts – The Top 5 Lifts that Create Fast Results

    What is the greatest isolation lifts proven to build huge biceps? If your goal is to maximize your biceps’ size and strength, you need a program built around isolation training and compound exercises. Isolation (single joint) training will stimulate maximum muscle growth and definition in your biceps. At the same time, compound (multi-joint) exercises will […]

  • Dumbbell Reverse Fly – Build a Muscular Back

    Most people know of the lats but the trap muscle covers the center of the back and neck.