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    Legs - How to Develop Quadriceps, Butt, and Hamstrings

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    Discover how to create a powerful physique with strong muscular quadriceps and hamstrings. Your quadriceps are the secret to your health and fitness. There are many biological functions your quadriceps carry out that involve your cells and hormones. Your quadriceps are the biggest muscles in your body and, as such, are responsible for most of your power, speed, and strength. The counterpart to your quadriceps are your hamstrings, and though they seldomly get the attention of the quadriceps muscles, they are also essential. Hamstrings act as stabilizing muscles to keep you balanced when your quadriceps exert force. The hamstrings are also a part of the posterior chain. Because it is connected to the buttocks, it is impossible to have a sexy butt without strong and explosive hamstrings. Let TFClark Fitness Magazine show you today how to build big, strong legs that are sure to impress. The leg category provides information on the thighs, hips, anatomy, secondary muscles, exercises, and workout programs.