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Category: Muscle Growth Journey

  • Addicted To Steroid – 7 Things to Know About Anabolic Steroid Addiction

    Can you get addicted to steroids? Unfortunately, we live in a society where most people do not know the basics about substance abuse. The basics include how drug companies develop them, the effects, and obviously, the treatment. We even do not know the name of the substances for which we can create an addiction. The […]

  • How to Best Use (NEAT) to Build Leg Muscles

    How do you use non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) to build leg muscles? I analyzed the measurements from week twelve of my journey during week thirteen. My gains exceeded my expectations except for my legs, which had the smallest increases. The legs are a unique group of muscles. Your lifestyle affects your leg muscles more than […]

  • Measure Outcomes – Build Muscle by Making Adjustments

    How do you determine what to measure to build muscle? Before you measure, decide what you want to measure. It would be best if you based your measurement on your goals. What are you trying to do? Do you want a massive chest, flat stomach, or enormous arms? Everyone is different because of genetics and […]

  • Home Workout to Build Muscle – Use Consistency and Compliance

    How do you build muscle with a home workout? This week my muscle gain journey was about mental toughness. Let’s see how to build muscle with a home workout.

  • Muscle Growth – How to Overcome Challenges with a Workout

    This week I normalized April 12, 2020, my muscle gain journey. Like most people, I decide based on my experiences. With limited weights and equipment, my focus was on my form, diet, and sleep. Subsequently, I am playing to my strengths and what I have at my disposal. Working from home, I have the time […]

  • Emotions – How to Increase Motivation for Muscle Growth

     During week nine, April 05, 2020, my muscle gain journey was like a roller coaster ride. My emotions were all over the place and that affected my workouts and muscle gains.

  • Bodybuilding – What to Focus on for a Home Workout

    How do you focus on bodybuilding with a home workout during a crisis? Unfortunately, I still live in an environment controlled by coronavirus. But yet, know that you can do bodybuilding with a home workout quickly. The virus affects every aspect of my muscle gains journey, from the foods I eat to the exercises I […]

  • Limited Equipment – Build Muscle at Home on a Low Budget

    he assessment for week seven of my muscle gain journey was interesting. The elephant in the room was the coronavirus. Like most others, I have been confined to my home. The gyms are closed and my access to the equipment I need was limited. I do have a bench, dumbbells, barbell, and 150 lbs of weight. I just completed my strength and endurance training phase during week six. If you have been following my blog, then you know I believe you have to get stronger to get bigger.

  • Muscle Size – Use Power to Create Muscle Hypertrophy

    How do power increase fitness and muscle size? During week six of my muscle gain journey, this is a question I must answer. I am done with my strength and endurance training. To look athletic, you must be athletic, and to be athletic, do athletic things. By increasing your strength and power, you can build […]

  • Plateau – How to Overcome It Faster While Building Muscle

    How do you overcome a plateau while bodybuilding? During week five, March 08, 2020, of my muscle gain journey, I focused on overcoming a plateau.  I had a great week, according to my Saturday measurements. At this point, I have reached a plateau. When a plateau is reached, muscle size and strength converge and correlate. […]