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Category: Workout Programs – A Guide Map to Health and Fitness

  • Why It’s a Good Idea to Look in the Mirror During a Workout

    It’s a good idea to look in the mirror during your workout, but it takes confidence and focus. How will you know your actions are paying dividends if you’re not watching? That’s why finding your angle and watching yourself is essential. Looking in the mirror lets, you see the angle of your back or arms […]

  • Mechanical Drop Sets Are Best For Bodyweight Training

    Are you curious about how to use mechanical drop sets for bodyweight training? If you’re looking to build more muscle, burn more fat, and get into the best shape of your life, bodyweight training offers an awful lot. Thus, this is a way to work out and train anywhere, build a better strength-to-weight ratio, and […]

  • How to Complete a Bodybuilding Shoulder Workout at Home

    Do you love the look of well-defined, muscular shoulders? Unfortunately, few people have the time or money to visit a gym regularly. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get great shoulder muscles! This article will give you a home bodybuilding shoulder workout you can complete with dumbbells. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s pump […]

  • The Best Shoulder Workout to Build Mass for Beginners

    Are you looking for the best shoulder workout to build mass for beginners? Shoulder workouts are a great way to add mass and definition to your upper body. But, it’s tough to know where to start if you are starting. This article post will outline the best shoulder workout for beginners. This workout will help […]

  • Start Weightlifting – What Steps Do You Need to Take

    So you are just starting weightlifting and want to know the most important steps to take. Don’t worry; you have come to the right place. This article will give you a guide map for the steps you need to take when starting a weightlifting program. There is a ton of information about starting weightlifting on […]

  • Bodybuilding Workout Plan – How to Pick the Right One

    Do you want to know how to choose a bodybuilding workout plan that helps you reach your fitness goals faster? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! This article will discuss some of the critical factors you should consider when selecting a bodybuilding workout plan and some tips and tricks for making the […]

  • How to Select the Best Bodybuilding Workout Routine

    Would you like to know how to select the best bodybuilding workout routines for your fitness goals? If so, continue reading this article. We can divide bodybuilding workout routines into bodyweight exercises, weightlifting, and cardio. Bodybuilding Body Weight Exercises Bodyweight exercises are bodyweight squats, pushups, sit-ups, planks, and lunges. You can do these exercises at […]

  • Ectomorph Workout – How to Build Muscle with this Body Type

    Do you want to use an Ectomorph workout to build muscle? This article is for you if you are an ectomorph and have been working out without results. We characterized ectomorphs by having a small frame, long limbs, and trouble gaining weight. They often have fast metabolisms and find it challenging to put on muscle […]

  • Compound vs Isolation Lifts: How to Maximize Muscle Gains

    How do you use compound and isolation lifts to build a workout plan? Many people want to know which lifts are best to build muscle or burn stomach fat to reach a fitness goal. There are many different kinds of lifts that you can do to build muscle. Compound and isolation lifts are two of […]

  • Periodization – A Killer Way to Build a Workout Program

    Do you want to build lean muscle mass? First, you must create a workout program that reaches your goal. Periodization has been proven time and time again as one of the best ways to increase your strength, endurance, and agility. However, it’s not enough to work out – you have got to have a plan […]