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  • Olympic Weight Lifts – Use for a Competitive Edge In the Gym

    The Olympic weight lifts are the most complex and oldest. But, there is a reason they have withstood the test of time. Two words come to mind: EXPLOSIVE POWER. The motions require you to perform complex moves and a great deal of athleticism to complete. So if you want to look athletic with more explosiveness […]

  • Swimmer’s Exercise – A Quick Guide before Adding it to Workouts

    The swimmer’s exercise gets its name from performing swimming movements. Therefore, you will need to alternate raising your limbs, just like you would do while swimming. Here are some basic facts you need to know about this exercise before you add it to your workout routine. How to Do? Start from the floor face down. […]

  • Jackknife Exercise – Target the Abs and Lower Back

    One of the best ways to get in shape is by trying new exercises. The Jackknife exercise is a brilliant choice, and it’s even better when you combine it with sit-ups. Jackknifes work your core muscles and train your lower back muscles, often neglected in workouts. However, jackknives require more than just a suitable form: […]

  • Crab Walk Exercise – This Move Improves Overall Strength

    Crab walk is a super-intense, core, and full-body exercise in which your weight is the resistance. As a result, you will get to burn fat and tone the shoulders, arms, back, abdomen, hamstrings, and quadrilateral muscles of your body. You may feel a little awkward when you first try this movement. Also, this is because […]

  • Exercise – Simple Ways for Seniors to Get Fit

    Are you a senior looking for a simple exercise that you can do to improve your life? We are sure you know that exercise is a great way to improve your health and vitality. But what if you’re over 60 years old? You might think it’s too late, but there are easy ways seniors can […]