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These tags provide articles on fitness and how to get in better shape through dieting and exercise. Fitness defines how fit the body performs physical activities that require speed, power, strength, flexibility, or endurance.

While dieting gives the body the resources it needs to perform at top levels, exercise causes the body to adapt to routine activities that increase speed, power, strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Consequently, fitness comes from dieting to exercise and exercising to diet. In other words, the diet must match the exercise and other activities and vice versa. The most important aspect of getting in shape is that it increases your life’s longevity and quality. When you are is in shape, you have a more optimistic, energetic outlook on life. Fitness makes everything better. When you are in shape, you can party, work, play, and even sleep better. TF Clark Fitness provides the latest articles on how to get into shape to enjoy your life and have a longer life.