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A gym rat performs an exercise correctly and gets the best results from the training. Working out is an art, and some people know that and love doing what it takes to build a perfect body. A gym rat knows the three stages in an exercise: concentric, eccentric, and isometric.

The concentric is the explosive part of a lift, the eccentric is the recoil, and the isometric is the pause portion of the lift. The concentric part of the lift shows the power, and the eccentric portion allows you to keep the muscle under constant tension as the isometric portion helps you reset and control the weight. Most novices do not appreciate the eccentric and isometric part but are not gym rats.

The more complex an exercise becomes, the more a gym rat embraces it. You get the best result by not abandoning the correct technique during a workout. Also, it is essential to remember that the right approach allows you to work the muscles intended.