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Category: Emotional Health – How to Focus on Your Feelings

  • 7 Reasons Why Matchmaking Services Are Worth It

    Matchmaking services are a much-needed solution in a world where people are too busy chasing dreams and pursuing different goals. There is hardly enough time to engage socially or form relationships with people handling two to three jobs. The process can be stressful for those who want to get into serious relationships that lead to […]

  • Did Stress or Culture Cause Will Smith to Slap Chris Rock?

    Did emotions, stress, or culture cause Will Smith to slap Chris Rock? This question has been up for debate since the incident occurred. Some people argue that Smith’s actions were due to stress and culture, while others believe it was simply an emotional outburst. No one can say what caused Smith to hit Rock, but […]

  • How Does Stress Affects Muscle Growth and Strength Training

    Would you like to know how stress affects muscle growth? The modern world is becoming more and more aware of mental health problems. They can increase stress levels, which ultimately leads to increased anxiety levels. Stress is also a sign of exhaustion from daily chores and work. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, which hit the world […]

  • 5 Natural Ways to Fight Stress

    Are you looking for natural ways to fight stress? Life is stressful. If you develop a few ways to cope with triggers, it may be easier to manage stress levels and reduce anxiety in certain situations. Some ways to fight stress in natural and healthy ways include: 1. Breathing Many therapists and counselors will tell […]

  • 7 Social Benefits Of Exercise – It’s More Than Fitness

    Regular exercise will improve your physical health, lower your blood pressure, and build stronger, more toned muscles. What about the social benefits of exercise? We know that exercise is essential for our physical and mental health throughout adulthood. However, keeping regular exercise a priority becomes more challenging as we grow up. After all, as adults, […]