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Category: Fat Loss Journey

  • Vacation Fat Loss – How to Manage a Diet and Have Fun

    How do you manage your fat loss journey while on vacation? Being on vacation in the midst of a fat loss journey is a dilemma. After working hard and achieving positive results, later comes a vacation. Vacations present many challenges to a fat loss journey.

  • Managing Calories – How to Best Reach a Fat Loss Goal

    How do you manage calories successfully to burn belly fat? The answer may seem simple, but it is not. A calorie is an energy unit that defines food, activities, body weight, and body fat. During week six, April 30, 2018, I managed calories to turn the fat loss into a science of my fat loss […]

  • Calorie Restriction – How to Burn Belly Fat Coming and Going

    How do you burn belly fat? The best results from a diet come from reducing calories and increasing activities. I evaluated the previous four weeks and stuck with what works. I lost belly fat, reduced calories, and increased my activities by eating less and moving more. It’s best to know how your body responds to […]

  • Diet Fitness – How to Eat to Better Health

    On week four, April 16, 2018, I focused on the diet of my fitness and fat loss journey. In week four, I set weight loss goals that lead to significant outcomes. I also lowered my calorie intake by eating foods dense in nutrients, avoided empty calorie foods and processed foods, and drank plenty of water. […]

  • Math Diet – The Numbers that Cause Fat Loss

    While fat loss is essential, getting the correct number of nutrients and calories in meals is critical for a healthy immune system and gut biome. In addition, fat loss should never occur at your health or fitness expense. So how can you use the timing of your meals for fat loss? During week three, I […]

  • Healthy Habits – How to Cause Fat Loss

    How do you research foods that improve fitness and cause fat loss? During week two of my fat loss journey, I researched activities that will enhance fitness. The study was based on my observation of other people. You can learn a lot just by watching people. I placed people into two categories based on their […]

  • Food Hunger – How to Fight Cravings with a Diet

    How do you use food to fight hunger and improve your health and fitness? During my most recent fat loss journey on March 26, 2018, I kept a journal of my experience with foods that fight hunger and lead to fitness. My fat loss journey lasted for 21 weeks. This blog is about that experience […]