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Category: Kid Fitness – Teaching Physical Education Early Increases Lifespan

  • How to Best Stay Safe While Playing Sports at Any Age

    Are you looking for the best sports safety tips for your kids at any age? So many people play sports: all age ranges, genders, and everyone in between. There is always at least one sport everyone can play, so it is such a popular pastime for people. This article will look at some things you […]

  • How to Create Mental Health Awareness Events for Children?

    How can you create mental health awareness events for children? Mental health awareness events can raise awareness of mental health issues. To do this, you’ll need to decide on a format for your event and where it will occur. The next step is to understand children’s rights with safeguarding and mental health. Finally, plan how […]

  • How Much Physical Activity Do Children Need?

    How much physical activity do children need? Physically active children have a better mood. In addition, studies have found that physical activity can increase endorphins, reducing stress and anxiety. Children’s weight is also affected by exercise. Recent data suggests that the amount of time spent viewing TV plays a role in childhood obesity rates. Mothers […]

  • How to Teach a Child to Eat Healthy With These 5 Steps

    How do you teach your child to eat healthily? Ensuring your child eats healthy can be arduous when you have a picky eater on your hands. This article will give you five steps to teach your child how to eat healthy so they won’t grow up with unhealthy habits! Teaching your children the importance of […]

  • 5 Healthy Habits Students Should Build to Maintain Fitness

    What five healthy habits can students build to maintain their fitness and well-being? To put it bluntly, student life is chaotic and stressful. Hectic schedules and endless responsibilities prevent millions of students from being able to take care of themselves. This issue isn’t a result of laziness. Instead, the everyday pressure of life causes a […]

  • Football – Teach Kids How to Best Play Contact Sports

    Football is a glorious sport where the players are constantly moving. It’s exciting to watch and can be pretty intense. But, if you’re like many parents, you might wonder how you can teach your kids to play football if they are interested in playing the game. We will discuss some tips to help you understand […]

  • Calisthenics – Prep Kids for Future Resistance Training

    How should parents use calisthenics to prepare kids for resistance training and to teach them about physical education? Kids are getting taller, stronger, and more agile than ever. Unfortunately, they’re also becoming heavier- sometimes, they’re overeating sugar or not enough protein. When these children hit puberty, they’ll be at risk of obesity, leading to diabetes […]

  • Five Smart Tips for Staying Healthy as a Student-Athlete

    Everyone wants to be a student-athlete, but that’s until you know about their many responsibilities. First, student-athletes have to stay on top of their game academically and athletically. There is a lot of pressure as an athlete to stay healthy and fit, but it can be challenging with all the stress from schoolwork and practices. Do […]

  • Why Is Physical Education in Schools So Important?

    Do you know why schools must focus on physical education? Schools are unique places where teachers develop the very foundation of a child’s mindset. A child learns countless skills, from bookish knowledge to extra-curricular activities as he moves through the grades. While every skill is essential, physical health is vital, and schools need to teach […]

  • Teenagers Weightlifting – Does It Actually Stunt Growth?

    Does weightlifting stunt a teenager’s growth? First, the risk concerns parents about how weightlifting affects a child’s growth. It is a common myth that working out and weight lifting stunts a child’s growth, but no evidence-based science supports weightlifting stunting a teenager’s growth. But there are several health benefits of weightlifting early if done correctly. […]