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Category: Sports – How to Quickly Get in Shape the Fun Way

  • Tyron Smith of the Dallas Cowboys Out With a Hamstring Injury

    Tyron Smith of the Dallas Cowboys Out With a Hamstring Injury

    How did Tyron Smith of the Dallas Cowboys Injure his Hamstring? If you are a die-hard Dallas Cowboy fan, then you know Tyron Smith. It seems like every year, he has some freak injury that causes him to miss part or all of the season. To be exact, he has been injured for the last […]

  • Mountain Biking: Tips on How To Stay Safe While on a Ride

    Mountain Biking: Tips on How To Stay Safe While on a Ride

    Biking is a great form of exercise that helps you get outside. Mountain biking may be dangerous at times, but it will be fun with the right safety measures.

  • Why It’s Important To Wear Shoes Specific to the Sport

    Why It’s Important To Wear Shoes Specific to the Sport

    Learn why it’s so important to wear shoes specific to the sport so you can remain safe and healthy, no matter what sport you participate in.

  • Top 5 Exercises To Best Improve Your Golf

    Are you looking for the best exercises to improve your golf game? Golf isn’t known to be a muscly sport, but neglecting strength training could be a mistake! Of course, you don’t need to go crazy in the gym, but working on building strength can hugely positively affect your golf swing. Not only that, but […]

  • How to Best Stay Safe While Playing Sports at Any Age

    Are you looking for the best sports safety tips for your kids at any age? So many people play sports: all age ranges, genders, and everyone in between. There is always at least one sport everyone can play, so it is such a popular pastime for people. This article will look at some things you […]

  • Nutrition Tips for Football Players – How to Eat Like an NFL Player

    Are you looking for nutrition tips for football players? All athletes need to look after their bodies and make sure that they are at their optimal condition for the exertion that their chosen sport demands of them. But football requires a specific diet and lifestyle because of the toll the game heaps upon the player’s […]

  • 5 Ways Athletes Can Make Extra Money and Keep Competing

    Can athletes make extra money and keep competing? The biggest fear of every athlete is finding a job after college. The biggest dream for every athlete is to go professional, but the truth is not everyone goes into the NBA, NFL, or other major sports leagues. Not every sport has a professional association either. Whether […]

  • Durable – Why Running Backs Don’t Last Long in the NFL

    Durable running backs are a dying breed in the NFL. Every year, we see one of the top running backs get injured and never return to form, or they get released from their team because of an injury. Also, this is due to them being hit many times during a season. We define durability as […]

  • Poker – How Can Mental Games Improve Health

    Poker is a card game that has become popular among the masses. Millions of people play this game every day, and it has been considered a mind sport because of its immense physical and mental demands. People who have been dealing with depression, anger, stress, or other mental conditions can benefit from poker playing in […]

  • Sports Injuries – How to Get Back to Full Fitness Quickly

    In the world of professional sports, there are countless examples of heroic recoveries when athletes return from potentially career-ending sports injuries and get back to their best. But most spectators don’t realize the extent of the work behind the scenes and the mental and emotional challenges that professional athletes endure at these times. It can […]