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Greatest Compound Lifts – Top 5 to Build Muscle and Strength

5 greatest lifts How to create a power physique

How do you use the 5 greatest lifts to build muscles faster? Not all weightlifting exercises are equal. Some of the best lifts affect your body in numerous ways. If you want to grow your muscles and get that body you’ve always dreamed of, use the 5 greatest lifts. 

The squat makes the 5 greatest lifts at number one because it builds your largest muscles – your butt and legs.

Squats target your lower body muscles and act as stimulants for muscle recruitment. As this lift is quite physically demanding, you will need a warm-up first. To perform squats, keep your legs shoulder-width apart while you engage your abs and glutes. During the flexion, bring your glutes down around your ankles. Finally, squeeze your glutes and use the power to get yourself in a standing position.

Deadlift comes in at number two because it builds more muscles than any other lift.

The deadlift is a powerful exercise for building muscles as it stimulates the release of the growth hormone. You will need to load a comfortable weight on the bar to work with while keeping your feet apart and your toes pointing forward. Squat down as low as you can and explode to an upward position with the bar, remembering to keep your back straight while you lift.

As the bar gets to your knee level, push your hips forward, and contract your back. You will notice your shoulder blades getting pulled back. Take a pause and lower your weight. Repeat the movement. The deadlift is one of the 5 greatest lifts, but many people believe it can be proclaimed as the greatest exercise.

Bench Press is number three on the list because it builds more muscles in your upper than any other lift.

The bench press involving barbells is a squat for your chest with your hands down. This exercise is great if you want to build up your chest muscles. Remember not to flex your elbows while performing this exercise: they should only be flexed to 45 degrees from your core as you do the movement. This will reduce your risk of getting any rotator cuff injuries. Focus on squeezing your chest muscles as you explode the weight upward.

Military Press is number four on the 5 greatest lifts because it builds the eight muscles that make up the shoulder.

The military press is one of the greatest lifts to build muscles in the deltoid region. It targets the anterior, medial, and rear deltoid muscles in the shoulders. Remember to keep your forearms in a linear position as you elevate the bar over your head. Engage your core while you press. As you lower the bar down to your chest, make sure to keep it as near to the body as possible—concentrate on doing the lift while engaging your shoulders to the maximum.

Weighted Dips are number five on the list because they build massive arms. Who doesn’t want enormous arms?

Weighted dips are one of the best exercises to gain muscles on your arms, specifically the triceps. Building this muscle will make your arms look more prominent, as the triceps make up two-thirds of your arm. Make sure to keep your elbows inwards to keep the tension on the muscles. Remember to engage your core and tighten your abs. Choose a suitable load to enable you to get in good shape and keep your lower back free from stress.

Final Verdict

While you’re exercising, remember that balancing machines and compound-mass movements are necessary for preventing yourself from overtraining or under-growing muscles. If you incorporate all of the 5 greatest lifts into your workout program, you will see results.