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Category: Olympic Style Weightlifting – How to Perform World Class Lifts

  • Olympic Weight Lifts – Use for a Competitive Edge In the Gym

    The Olympic weight lifts are the most complex and oldest. But, there is a reason they have withstood the test of time. Two words come to mind: EXPLOSIVE POWER. The motions require you to perform complex moves and a great deal of athleticism to complete. So if you want to look athletic with more explosiveness […]

  • Clean Exercise – Kinesthetic Benchmark for Athleticism

    Are you interested in learning more about the clean exercise? Variety is the spice of life, but not for exercise. It’s easy to get bored with your fitness routine if you’re constantly doing the same exercises. But what if I told you there was one exercise that could help improve your strength and flexibility? The […]

  • Olympic Style Lifts – Why Add Athletic Exercises to Workouts

    Have you ever thought about trying Olympic-style lifts for your workout? In recent years, we have seen a massive rise in the popularity of Olympic lifts for workouts. However, don’t believe that you need Olympic strength to reap the benefits of these movements. Let’s look at Olympic lifts in this article and why you need […]

  • Olympic Lifts – An Intro to an Olympic Weightlifting Program

    What are the best Olympic lifts and lifting programs? Real competitive Olympic weightlifting uses only two lifts: the snatch and the clean and jerk. Thus, both are explosive lifts that require a full range of motion and multiple joints (knees, hips, shoulders, etc.). Also, these lifts require you to move a barbell loaded with a […]

  • Hang Clean – How to Perform Olympic Lifts with More Power

    Do you want to know more about the hang clean? You can lift more weight on the Olympic-style hang clean with the proper adjustments. Of course, we are all familiar with traditional squats, deadlifts, and bench-press methods. We have done these or some of them in our lives. However, few of us are familiar with […]

  • Clean and Jerk – Foundation Move to Lift More Weight

    Weightlifting is a popular sport, but it can be polarizing. People usually believe that the epitome of weightlifting is the ‘clean and jerk’ movement, as it can help build strength and stamina. However, lifts like the ‘clean and jerk’ and ‘hang clean’ are athletic movements that require athleticism. Therefore, the more muscular you are, the […]

  • Olympic-Style Lifts – How to Improve Pull and Catch Phase

    How do you increase your power on Olympic-style lifts? If your fitness and athletic goals include speed, flexibility, coordination, force, power, and total body strength and muscle, then Olympic-style lifts are your best training option! Why should you practice the two Olympic-style lifts – the ‘Snatch’ and ‘Clean and Jerk’? They engage and train all […]