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Hang Clean – How to Perform this Olympic Style Lift with More Power

hang clean

You can lift more weight on the Olympic-style hang clean with the right adjustments. We are all familiar with traditional methods like squats, deadlifts, and bench-press. In fact, we have done all of these or some of them at some point in our lives. Not many of us, however, are familiar with Olympic lifts or Olympics weightlifting.

It is an international sport where lifters are usually competing in two Olympic power lifts; ‘snatch’ and ‘clean and jerk.’ This sport has gained popularity over the past few years due to an increase in warehouse-style gyms.

These exercises can do a fantastic job of strengthening your body. Why do you want to complete Olympic-style lifts? Olympic-style lifts are athletic moves that require a certain level of athleticism. The more muscular you are, the more athletic you look.

This article will explain the Olympic lift program to show how you can lift more weight on the Olympic-style hang clean.

Hang position

Before explaining our main topic, Olympic power lifts, let’s first understand what hangs ‘clean.’ Clean is a movement where you have to take the weight from the ground onto the shoulder in one smooth motion. It is always better to perform this move at the gym, where all the necessary Olympic equipment lifts are available.

Hang is a spot present above the knees, which your barbell will pass when you take it from ground to shoulders. Keep in mind that this position is much similar to deadlifts.

How to lift more weight on the Olympic style hang clean

You can only learn to lift more weight on the Olympic-style hang clean if you know the proper technique. Therefore, have a look at the Olympic lift program to lift more weight. Your trainer can also help you to reach the goal.

●     Hanging or start position:

The first position to perform an Olympic lift starts from a hang, or a hinge, against the ground. This hanging position is similar to the position when you prepare to jump. It will help you to use your hips for the lifting bar. Moreover, try to avoid technique mistakes by not lifting the bar high.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and hold the bar. Now bend at hips until the bar is above your knees. Now bend the knees slightly and keep your back straight. You can also learn to build big arm muscles from this.

●     Extending or jumping with the bar:

From your hang position, slowly extend by creating upward momentum using hips, knees, and ankles. Keep your foot flat for a stable base. Make sure you jump forcefully while extending.

In the meantime, shrug your shoulders towards your ears and jump as high as possible. Bring your barbell upward. On landing, bend your knees slightly.

●     Catching or final position:

Now, as the bar is moving upward, weightlifters try to catch weight using their chest, but this doesn’t seem right. Try to keep your arms relaxed and use them to guide the bar. Don’t make the mistake of moving the bar away from your body.

Keep the bar as close to your body as possible. If you have done this step in the right manner, you can quickly rack the bar in your arms. Start with beginners’ weightlifting workouts, then move on to advanced.

Final words on Olympic style hang clean.

Olympic lifts are not impossible, and you can easily lift heavy weights if you learn the right techniques and tricks.