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Clean and Jerk – Use the Foundation Moves to Lift More Weight

Clean and Jerk

Weightlifting is a popular sport, but it can be polarizing. People usually believe that the epitome of weightlifting is the ‘clean and jerk’ movement, as it can help build strength and stamina. Lifts like the ‘clean and jerk’ and ‘hang clean’ are athletic movements that require a degree of athleticism. The more athletic you are, the more athletic your body looks.

Doing clean and jerk lifts will help you improve mobility, increase your lean muscle mass, and help you become a powerful athlete. Continue reading to find out how you can improve your weightlifting skills.

How to lift more weight on the clean and jerk

If you are eagerly trying to find ways to lift more weight in a clean and jerk workout, you have to conquer its two main issues. The first is to have a proficient technique to lift weights. And the second is to obtain the highest possible 1RM. The most crucial thing in weightlifting movements is that the exercises used are only to build strength. The stronger you are, the more weight you can lift.

Here are some of the moves or exercises that can help you to lift more weight.

Clean foundation moves

Lift the weight, usually a barbell, from the floor into a racked position during a clean movement. The exercises that can help with these clean moves are:

Front Squat: usually, all bodybuilders are engaged in doing squats with the bar resting on their shoulders. However, if you want to improve a clean and jerk lift, stop doing this and start doing a front squat with the bar in your hands and elbows pointed forward.

On top of this, you can also learn how to squat heavier weights. The front squat is an excellent exercise that can help you to lift more.

Clean Pull: Clean pull is similar to the deadlift. However, in the clean pull, you have to lift the weight as high as you can. This move can significantly help you when you fall under the bar in real clean. For this movement, keep the bar close to your body and slightly bend your arms.

Keep in mind that you have to use the energy of the ankle, knees, and hips to lift the bar instead of using your biceps. When you are pulling, don’t let your bar move forward. Moreover, for a great clean and jerk Crossfit, learn to control the bar instead of letting the bar control your movements.

Jerk foundation moves

Jerk starts from the point, the clean moves end. In jerk, the lifter raises the barbell overhead in a stationary position. You can learn the greatest lifts to build muscles, but here are some moves to improve jerk.

Push Press: Push press is another excellent move, especially for clean and jerk beginners to lift the bar overhead. This clean and jerk workout helps you build strong shoulders and iron core, meaning you can easily lift heavy weights.

All you need to do is hold the bar with your hands slighter narrower than shoulder-width and have a dip in your knees. Push your legs upward, feeling all the energy traveling to your shoulders. When your arms are fully extended, poke your head, and let your body take the whole weight.

Push Jerk: Push jerk is somewhat complicated and is different from the push press. The main point in the push jerk is to catch the bar with your legs. In simple words, your knees should hold some weight as the bar goes upward.

This movement ends when your arms are fully extended and you re-straighten your knees.

Final words

By doing clean and jerk workouts, we have mentioned above, you can easily lift more weight.