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Michael Jordan – How to Perform the Sexiest Man Alive Workout

Michael B Jordan
Michael Jordan, born on February 9th, 1987, an American actor, works hard to impress his loyal fans. He uses his muscular body and charisma to showcase his talents on the big screen. Michael built his body with a world-class workout and diet. Many fans know Michael because of his memorable role in the Black Panther. Michael also works as a producer to broaden his career.
In 2020, People’s magazine titled Michael as the Sexiest man alive. The New York Times ranked him #15 among the 25 greatest actors of the 21st century. Time magazine noted Michael was also among the 100 most influential people in the world. We always use our favorite celebrities to get inspired by our fitness. Michael Jordan inspires millions of people to reach their goals. Let’s get into the personal and professional life of Michael Jordan. Also, we will use his diet and workout program to inspire and inform our fitness journey.

The personal and professional life of Michael Jordan

Jordan spent his early years in Santa Ana, California, and then moved to Newark, New Jersey. Michael went to Newark Arts High School, where his mother worked as a counselor. He loved playing basketball. In an interview recently, Jordan said the kids he grew up with sold drugs and stole cars. He started his career at 10 by participating in newspaper ads. From there, he developed the confidence to step in to show business.
In the nineties, he appeared in a minor role in the Cosby show. Later in 1999, he earned a role on The Sopranos that made him famous. After that, people recognized him in Hollywood as a newcomer. In 2001, he appeared in the movie Hardball starring Keanu Reeves and Diane Lane. Also, for his role in this movie, he earned praise from several magazines.

In 2003, he grabbed a role in the Soap Opera, All My Children, and worked there for three years.

He won the Soap Opera Digest Award for being an exceptional actor in a daytime series because of his performance. Also, he won the NAACP Image Award. In 2006, he left the soap and bagged a role in an Indian movie, Blackout. Later, he worked on several projects that caught the attention of his fans. He worked on shows like Cold Case, CSI, Law, and Order: Criminal Intent.
In 2009, he earned a role on the Emmy-winning series “Friday Night Lights.” Michael played the role so well that critics and other media members praised him. Because of his performance, movie executives monitored him for more parts.
In 2013, Michael Jordan got another role in a well-known tv series, “Parenthood.” Once again, he earned the praise of the media for his performance. He played a 22-year-old African American who got killed, which resonated with his fans.

He also earned a role in a couple of movies, including Red Tails and That Awkward Moment. But his big breaks came in The Chronicle and Fantastic Four.

In 2015, Michael Jordan united with Director Coogler to work on Creed as a part of the Rocky franchise. For this role, he spent a year with trainers and athletes to build his body. After the release of Creed, he earned a nomination for an Oscar. Also, Hollywood named him an upcoming star. However, Michael said in an interview that he wanted to see himself moving from an actor to a producer.

In 2018, he bagged a role in Creed II and became famous for his heart-throbbing performance.

Michael Jordan achieved his major break in Black Panther. The film grossed sales of one billion dollars in three weeks. Another factor that caught the fan’s attention was that most of the cast was black. As a result, the film broke into many stereotypes.
In 2018, he worked in another movie, “Fahrenheit 451,” which allowed him to play a different role. Critics left comments about the plot and the actor. Michael Jordan moved on from the film. Shortly, he announced he would direct “The Stars Beneath Our Feets” (novel adaptation). Michael also produced the “Liberators,” a story about world war II. In 2019, Michael worked with Jamie Foxx in the movie Just Mercy” and played a lawyer.
Michael Jordan made his mark in Hollywood, and everyone recognized him. Because of his strong acting performance, he continues to impress Hollywood. From actor to director and producer, Michael Jordan made significant strides. He inspires people worldwide with his dedication, commitment, and determination for success.

Inspired by the novel “Without remorse,” his latest movie failed to release in 2020. However, the film should release in 2021 once society gets a better grip on Covid.

They will reunite Michael Jordan with Director Coogler for the fourth time in “Wrong Answer.” After that, he bagged a role in “Blood Brothers” based on a vampire story. Currently, Michael works on David O. Russell’s untitled drama. Along with Michael, other cast members include Christian Bale and Margot Robbie.
For Creed II, Michael Jordan worked out for four months before shooting the movie. He spent over 9 hours building his body. Michael’s trainer not only tried to make him muscular but also more athletic. The trainer wanted him to move like the character he was playing. It took a complete commitment for Michael Jordan to get into shape for Creed II. Thus, Michael got into shape on time because of his dedication and determination.

dumbbell barbell

Try Michael Jordan’s workout routine:

Monday: chest, shoulders, and triceps. Warmed-up routine – SMR stretch, a mile jog, and jump rope for 10 minutes.
Monday’s Workout:
  • two sets of 12 reps – Machine Shoulder Press, Dumbbell Flys, and Skull Crushers
  • three sets of 12 reps – Lateral Raise, Weight Tricep Dips,
  • four sets of 12 reps – Dumbbell Incline Bench Press and Dumbbell Shrugs
Tuesday: legs and core. Same warm-up routine.
Tuesday’s Workout:
  • three sets of 12 reps – Leg Curls and Leg Extensions
  • three sets of 15 reps Decline Sit-Ups and Hanging Leg Raises
  • four sets of 12 reps – Barbell Squats
  • three sets of 20 reps – Seated Calf Raises and Machine Standing Calf Raises 
  • three sets of 20 seconds – Planks
Wednesday: biceps and back. Same warm-up routine.
Wednesday’s Workout:
  • three sets of 12 reps – Underhand Barbell Row, Barbell Curl Weighted Pull Up, and Hammer Curls
  • three sets of 15 reps – Hyperextension
  • four sets of 12 reps – Lat Pull Downs and T-Bar Row

Michael Jordan used a 3:2 split to build muscle fast

Friday: chest, shoulder, and triceps. Same warm-up routine.
Friday’s Workout: 
  • three sets of 12 reps – Bent Over Reverse Flys and Rope Press Downs,
  • three sets of 15 reps – Close Grip Push-Ups and Regular Push-ups
  • four sets of 12 reps – Seated Dumbbell Press and Dumbbell Bench Press
Saturday: Posterior Chain. Same warm-up routine. 
Saturday’s Workout:
  • two sets of 20 reps – Machine Standing Calf Raise
  • three sets of 12 reps – Close Grip Lat Pull-Downs, Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlift, Barbell Hip The Thirst, and Dumbbell Curls
  • three sets of 20 reps – Seated Calf Raise
  • four sets of 12 reps – Deadlift
Once you try Michael Jordan’s workout, see results after three weeks. Along with Michael’s workout regime, try his diet as well. Without consuming the correct diet, it’s not possible to see changes in your body. The proper diet causes you to burn stomach fat and helps you to get into shape.

Michael Jordan

Now let’s look at Michael’s diet. First, use the diet program Michael Jordan adopted for Black Panther and Creed.

  • First Meal – oats, one small bowl of rice, a whole egg, and whites of six eggs
  • Second Meal – a glass of protein shake and steel-cut oats
  • Third Meal – ground turkey, 7  oz of sweet potatoes, a small bowl of green vegetables, one small cup of rice, 8 oz of chicken breast
  • Fourth Meal – ground turkey, one small bowl of rice, 7 oz of sweet potatoes, 8 oz of fish
  • Fifth Meal – a glass of protein shake and steel-cut oats
  • Sixth Meal one cup of green vegetables, one tsp of coconut, 8 oz of chicken breast ground turkey, and olive oil with one teaspoon
Along with his diet, Michael Jordan also took supplements to meet his protein goals. He consulted with his trainer on how much protein he needed. The right amount of protein can build muscle, and too much can put stress on vital organs.

We can learn much from Michael Jordan, one of Hollywood’s sexiest men.

Michael’s hard work and commitment to excellence remind us of what it takes to achieve our goals. He proved himself to be a star actor who plays versatile roles. In bodybuilding, you need to be flexible to get results. Always listen to your body. Michael’s ripped body made him one of the sexiest men alive. Also, getting in shape opens doors and helps people to see you in a different light.
After seeing Michael’s performances, the fans can’t wait to see him again on the big screen. We can use Michael’s determination to exemplify what we can do when making our fitness a priority. Trying new and exciting things keeps us engaged and committed to our diet and workout. Also, identify specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-specific goals you can achieve.