Nine Workout Ideas to Tighten Saggy Skin

Nine Workout Ideas to Tighten Saggy Skin

Are you looking for workout ideas to tighten saggy skin? Glowy flawless skin is every women’s ultimate goal. People do everything from adopting a healthy lifestyle to buying insanely expensive skincare routines. But what about the skin below your face?

What happens when you achieve the target of losing those extra 10 or 20 kilos but are now stuck with all that loose skin? During our weight-loss mission, we often forget about developing loose skin, which isn’t all that of a foreign concept.

Luckily, surgical or non-surgical, there are several ways of getting rid of that saggy skin. Keep reading to learn more.  

Why Do You Have Saggy Skin?

A hardcore weight loss regimen isn’t the only thing to make your skin touch the ground. Several women suffer from saggy skin after delivering a baby, and getting your old body back is a gigantic task.

Loose skin can also be the result of aging, and it’s mainly due to the loss of two essential proteins. These are the collagen and elastin created within the middle layer of your body’s skin. Even reading about it is making your skin gain an inch closer to the floor?

Well, don’t worry; saggy skin isn’t something that can’t be reversed. If not anything, you can always go for safer surgical options. For instance, saggy breasts are a common problem, and sometimes nothing works – except surgery.

You can learn more about breast augmentation surgery here to tighten up those breasts, add volume or tone them up. Fortunately, until you get your mind and money fixed for the surgery, here are a few workout tips for tightening your skin.

1.  Add More Muscle:

Experts say that leaving a bit of fat or mass would help you achieve a better body shape than losing it all. Your odds are better for skin tightening if you remain below the 30-pound limit. Above that, the chances for your skin to do that on its own diminish significantly.

So, one of the better ways to deal with saggy skin is to add muscle to support your stretched skin. Your skin will look plump if you keep the sustainable body level fat, typically between 14-22%. You should focus on strength-training exercises for building muscle and lean mass for your skin.

Strength training for all parts combined with cardio workouts will do wonders for tightening the skin.

2.  Work Those Legs:

Leg exercises are great for putting your stomach back in shape, especially those side blobs. One of the best exercises to tighten that abdomen is air bike crunches. All you need to do is to pull your knees towards you as you lie on the ground with bent elbows and the palms of your hand under your head.

You can try other varying positions, such as pulling your right elbow towards your left knee to join them as you lift the shoulders upward. A few of these bad boys daily will push all that mass back inside.

3.  Dust Up Your Dumbbells:

As mentioned before, strength training is the key to getting rid of saggy skin. It’s best to start with some dumbbell overhead triceps extension. Apart from the stomach, one of the worst areas for saggy skin is around your upper arms.

So, what you need to do is to build up your triceps with this easy exercise. Hold one end of the dumbbell with both hands and let the other hand hang behind your head.

Slowly press the dumbbell behind your head and extend your elbows straight up. You can add variations to the position but don’t forget to do at least three to four sets of 12 reps.

4.  Push-ups Are The Way To Go:

If you were thinking of skipping out on push-ups for your training session, think again. Want tightened skin? You’ll need the good old plank to do that.

Try out the classic wide-hand and feet-together position and avoid sagging your back. If you want your push-ups to add value to your regimen, then at least go for 15 reps and try to line up your chest’s midline between your thumb as you go up and down.

You can try several push-up variations, but as long as you’re doing them, you’ll get saggy skin back to normal in no time.

5.  Work It Out With the Barbell:

Fat can grow in the oddest places, so we will go all out and cover every possible area. We’re talking about back muscle and fat here, and the best way to tackle this is with the old-fashioned barbell row. It’s a great exercise for supporting the saggy skin on your back; you only have to keep up with your fixed or loaded-up barbell.

So, start by slightly bending your knees as you keep your legs about hip-width length apart. Keep the barbell in front of you and hinge at the hips as you reach down to grab it with your preferred grip. Keep your spine neutral and your hands at a shoulder-width distance, and start lifting the barbell off the floor.

We suggest using 10 to 12 reps if you’re working with light to medium weights. Don’t forget to lower the bar slowly as you put it down after tapping it on your chest.

6.  Tone Your Belly:

The only place saggy skin hurts the most is probably your belly. We aren’t saying you’ll get a toned abdomen like Bella Hadid, but it does help to focus on that particular area. For instance, simple exercises like air biking, squats, crunches, side bridges, and even leg lifts can get your belly flap in place.

You don’t need to do all of the exercises at once but set about 15 to 20 minutes daily for some of these exercises. You can also add pelvic thrust to your training session as it helps to tighten the abdomen muscles.

All you need to do is to lie flat on your back and get your legs up at 90 degrees. Once you achieve that, raise your waist from the floor and repeat.

7.  Massage Also Works Wonders:

Everyone gets a cheat day once in a while, right? So, when you’re feeling under the weather, you can always settle for more relaxing options. Women with post-delivery belly flap are also recommended body massages for tightening the loose skin. That’s why it’s best to do at least set two days aside for a full body massage at home or a spa.

You should use essential oils or regular options like mixing coconut oil with some camphor and crushed rose petals for the best results. You can also try moisturizing your body in combination with massaging. One of the better ways of keeping that skin alive is to keep it hydrated both inside and out.

8.  Try Out the Classic Push-Pull Workout:

If your saggy skin came from losing too much weight, you have the stamina for all sorts of regimens. So, we’d recommend going for the classics, not because it’s easy but super effective. Bench press and deadlifting are a magical combination for lifting your back, arms, stomach, and pretty much everything.

These two exercises can create high metabolic changes, promoting better hormone production. In other words, your whole body can achieve better shape with these exercises.

So, start by doing a few free moves or cardio exercises before moving on to deadlift sets, and try going for a few heavy weights. You’ll need two warm-up sets of 12 reps with a minute or two of rest.

You should then move on to five work sets of 6-8 reps with a maximum two-minute break. The same goes for bench pressing, but you should move the sets up to 15 reps with the same amount of rest in between.

9.  Don’t Skip the Small Things:

While strength training, massages, and pumped-up exercises are great for removing loose skin, let’s not forget the little things. For instance, your hard day at the gym won’t mean anything if you aren’t getting enough sleep or taking the right supplements.

Do not reduce your sleep, especially if you’re on a hardcore weight loss routine. You can also give your skin much-needed collagen and elasticity through supplements. It’s best to take vitamins E, A, C, K, and B-Complex in combination with healthy foods for firm skin. Adopt a healthy lifestyle that says no to excessive drinking, smoking, and fast food.

Conclusion of Workout Ideas to Tighten Saggy Skin

Your body needs all the attention it can get if you don’t want to carry that extra fat in buckets. It’s never too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle combined with targeted practices to achieve your desired body shape. But don’t sweat it; even if you follow the above tips, you’ll be free of saggy skin.

We hope you learned how to use a workout to tighten saggy skin from this article. If you think we missed something, please tell us in the comments below.

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