7 Foods That Stop or Slow Muscle Growth Completely

7 Foods That Stop or Slow Muscle Growth Completely

Which food items are banning you from gaining muscles? It would be best if you gained muscle and workout to get a ripped body. However, gaining muscle can be difficult, especially for a newcomer just getting into fitness and health.

There are various challenges involved, including what nutrition you should consume. There are so many edible items, like carbohydrates, proteins, and even drug-based things, like cannabis edibles, that make this challenge a lot more complicated.

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However, not everyone realizes that certain food items can prevent you from gaining muscle.

Therefore, if you’re hitting the gym, working out hard, getting enough recovery time, and still confused about why you aren’t gaining muscle, these food items are likely the reason. This article will discuss seven food items that prevent you from gaining muscles. If you eat one of these, you have likely found your culprit.

1. Donuts

Donuts are incredibly unhealthy for many reasons. Also, most health experts recommend ditching them, which makes it all the more reason to do so when trying to gain muscle. Donuts contain almost no ingredient that helps you gain muscle. Instead, they come with carbs and sugar that can make you gain excess fat, effectively covering the muscles you want to achieve. One donut has about all the saturated fat you should take daily. Therefore, donuts are foods you must avoid.

2. Pizza

While healthy pizza recipes are a good option, most pizzas are likely preventing you from gaining muscle. Also, this is because pizza companies load them with carbs, meaning that you will store any excess carbs as fat in your body. Restaurants top most pizzas with unhealthy ingredients that provide barely any protein, meaning that you will likely not gain much muscle post-workout. We recommend making homemade pizza with healthy ingredients if you cannot forego pizza.

3. Soda

It comes down to it; they effectively carbonated sodas with sugar-loaded water and unhealthy chemicals. You store excessive sugar as fat in your body, and caffeine in these drinks can weaken your bones. Soda can display any muscle-building food that you ingest, reducing its effects. Also, this can hamper you from gaining muscle, so it is good to ditch the sodas and opt for fresh juice.

4. Smoothies

Most people believe smoothies are always healthy and indulge in them when they think they follow a diet. However, stores fill most pre-made smoothies you buy with calories and high amounts of sugar. Your stomach converts this excess sugar into fat that will prevent your muscles from appearing. We recommend you make smoothies with fresh ingredients at home.

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5. Ice Cream

Ice cream may have some protein, but it has high amounts of calories and saturated fat, making it challenging to gain muscle. The amount of saturated fat in one serving of ice cream fulfills almost a quarter of the saturated fat recommended for your body in a day. Therefore, if you eat ice cream, this will not help you gain any muscle. We recommend eating Greek yogurt as an alternative.

6. Breakfast Cereals

Cereal makers advertise most breakfast cereals as healthy but aren’t. Also, this is because manufacturers load them with sugar. Even if they contain a good amount of fiber, the sugar can be bad for gaining muscles, so it is good to skip them for breakfast. Instead, we recommend choosing healthy cereals with high fiber and moderate sugar.

7. Muffins

Most store-bought muffins are practically calorie bombs because they contain refined white flour, eggs, and butter. These ingredients are choke-full of calories, making it difficult to gain muscles. Therefore, we recommend making homemade muffins with healthy ingredients and sizes appropriate for you.

In conclusion

Gaining muscles can be complex if you’re looking to get ripped. Just as you need certain foods to gain protein, you need to avoid certain foods, as they can ban you from gaining muscle. We have discussed a few food items in this article that you should avoid, especially if you eat them regularly. We hope this article proves helpful and aids you in your journey to get the healthy physique you want. If you or someone you know is considering bodybuilding, share this article on Facebook or Twitter so that others can learn more about building muscle.

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