8 Ways to Stay Cool During the Night and Sleep Better

8 Ways to Stay Cool During the Night and Sleep Better

Are you looking for ways to stay cool during the night? Sleeping soundly at night is tough if you get too hot, especially during the summer when temperatures can remain above 70 degrees Fahrenheit at night. If you want to create a more relaxed sleeping situation to ensure you get a good night’s sleep, here are some tips to help you stay cool.

1. Avoid eating before bed

Some triggers can make it harder to stay cool while you sleep, and eating is one of those triggers for many people. Try to change your diet to avoid eating before bed, especially for enormous meals like dinner. Instead, have a light snack a few hours before bed. Also, this can help satisfy your hunger without making you too hot or uncomfortable when it’s time for bed.

2. Avoid alcohol before bed

Another trigger that can make you too hot to sleep is alcohol. We often associate drinking alcohol with increasing your body temperature, so drinking before bed is one of the worst ways to stay cool at night. Instead of alcohol, try switching to a caffeine-free tea or simply drinking water to wind down at night.

3. Use a fan

Ways to Stay Cool During the Night Fan

Try a fan if you’re having trouble sleeping because it’s too hot. Fans don’t cool the room down, but the breeze they provide makes you feel cooler. There are tons of other fans out there, and you don’t have to point it directly at your face to keep yourself cool. Simply running a pedestal fan in the room can create enough breeze to cool you down at night.

4. Try a different comforter

Believe it or not, your bedding has a significant effect on how cool you can stay at night. If you’re using an oversized, thick comforter, it’s no wonder you’re getting too hot when you sleep. A cooling comforter can help you stay cool at night so your sleep doesn’t get interrupted. Other cooling bedding options can help you prevent overheating at night.

5. Use cooling pillows

If your head gets too hot from your pillows at night, try switching to pillows made from cooler materials. You can avoid investing in a whole new set of pillows by simply opting for pillowcases made from a cooler material. No matter what pillows you buy, chances are you’ll still have to flip them once or twice every night.

6. Consider a cooling mattress

Your body can create a lot of heat when it contacts your mattress, so avoid unnecessary heat with a cooling mattress. Like cooling comforters and pillows, they made these mattresses from special materials that don’t absorb your body heat and allow more airflow. A cooling mattress is the way to go if you can’t sleep well at night because you’re too hot.

7. Freeze your sheets

Are you looking for a way to beat the heat at night without spending money on new bedding? One thing you can do is freeze your bedsheets before you go to bed at night. Throw your sheets in the freezer, let them cool down, and then toss them on your bed before lying down at night.

8. Shower before bed

When your skin and hair are dirty, staying cool is hard. Make sure you take a shower before bed, even if it’s just a quick shower to rinse some of the dirt and oil off of you.

People everywhere struggle with getting a good night’s sleep due to heat. So if you’ve been having trouble staying cool at night, upgrade your bedding and get creative with some of these tricks.

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