Senior Citizen workout

What Is the Best Type of Workout For You as You Age? Getting old is like a nightmare for many people, as our bodies and health start to decline. Yet, for some, old age is a perfect time to relax and enjoy their retirement. Whatever your point of view, your senior years will be more enjoyable if you are in sound health. 

Senior citizens who wish to enjoy their old age should engage in regular exercise. While regular exercise is recommended at any age, it is essential for staying healthy as you age.

You can enjoy your retirement if you exercise correctly and regularly. The right exercise can help prolong your lifespan, but the wrong exercise can shorten it. You certainly don’t need to go through every exercise routine you come across on the internet to stay healthy.

To get you started on a good program, I will share some exercises to help senior citizens and those to avoid.

Workout for you as you age

  • Water Aerobic: This is one of the most widely recommended activities for senior citizens. It helps with arthritis and body pain without overloading your joints, as you are supported by water.
  • Stretching/Flexibility Training: Exercises that involve stretching help seniors to stay active and flexible. Regular stretching also helps you avoid injuries, body pain, and tiredness.
  • Yoga: Yoga is another highly recommended type of exercise for older people. When done correctly, it helps to relieve stress and some pains in the body.
  • Walking: Walking might not seem like a “proper” exercise, but it helps you stay active. The muscles weaken as we age, but walking keeps them alive and busy.
  • Pilates: This is a low-impact exercise that can help with breathing and balance, which is ideal for older people.
  • Dumbbell Strength Training: This exercise helps curb the signs of diabetes, osteoporosis, back pain, and depression. It also helps in weight control and increases metabolism.

Workout you should avoid as you age.

  • Running: Running requires energy and strength most senior citizens lack. Besides, as running puts a considerable load on your joints, it can lead to fractures and other injuries.
  • Sit-ups: They are not recommended for the elderly due to the stress on the back and neck.
  • Toe Touches: This exercise puts too much pressure on the lower back.
  • Deep Squats: Not recommended due to excessive weight on the knees.
  • Bench Press: The force on the shoulders may cause injuries in older individuals.
  • Leg Press: Places too much pressure on the knees, usually already weak in the elderly.
  • Deadlift: Most seniors would not be able to withstand the force on the lower back.
  • Rock Climbing: While you may benefit from being outdoors, this is a risky activity that puts too much pressure on shoulders, knees, and core.

Diet for senior citizens

A healthy and calorie-restricted diet can play a vital role in enjoying retirement and old age for an older person. What you eat at an older age can quickly strengthen or damage your body system. Eating a wide range of healthy meals can help accumulate the nutrients you need. Here are the main food groups you should consume:

  • Lean protein (lean meats, seafood, eggs, beans)
  • Fruits and vegetables (think orange, red, green, and purple)
  • Whole grains (brown rice, whole-wheat pasta)
  • Low-fat dairy (skimmed milk and its alternatives)
  • Drink plenty of water

To stay healthy, older individuals should also limit their sodium and sugar intake while focusing on foods with plenty of fiber, vitamin D, and vitamin C.

In sum, to make the most of your retirement, you must engage in a series of exercises that keep your body system alive and active. If in doubt, consult a fitness trainer to guide your exercise routine.